The Journey Begins


“El mundo es grande pero lo tengo en mis manos.”

The world is big, but I have it in my hands. This couldn’t be truer. Everyone tells you to study. Or work. Or get a house. Or travel. Or make a family. But what should we really be doing? Doing whatever we want. That’s what.

So that’s what we did. We quit our jobs. And we made the change that we wanted.

Let’s go back to July 2017. The boxes are packed. The flights are booked. We’re ready to go. We are actually about to move country, away from our family, away from our friends, all three of them. The party is over. The leaving cards have been thrown out, but who still checks in? A handful of people.

See you later, not goodbye.

But we’re here. And we’re doing it. 

Everybody says it like it’s so easy. Just pack your bags and move. They don’t talk about the sleepless nights. The hours of planning. The job searching. Why? I guess everybody wants the picture-perfect life. The life where you pack a suitcase and your passport and you board the first plane out of your hometown and you go into the big wide world. But, it doesn’t work like that.

It’s hard. It’s straining. But it’s SO worth it. 

Nobody talks of the solitude. They talk about finding yourself. But what about finding other people? The friends that you have left behind. They’re no longer around for a ten-minute coffee catch up. Suddenly, you’re thrown into this unfamiliar home. You have to find your new ‘local’. Your new favourite clothes shop. Nobody knows you and you don’t know them. And that’s when it rings true.

You can be whoever you want. You can recreate yourself. 

I write a lot on Instagram, and a lot of people message me asking if I have a blog. So I guess this brings me to now. So here I am. An engaged twenty-three-year-old, socially awkward girl (am I still a girl? Am I to class myself as a woman now?) living in Spain. Won against my own mental health. Slightly obsessed with gaming. 100% obsessed with my dog.

And this is my blog. 

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Our new home

Lifestyle. Travel. The life in Spain. Fashion*. I hope I can share it all with you. 

Until next time,

Lauren xo

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*Can you call fashion wearing anything you find in the sales and literally leggings and a jumper every day? I hope so. 



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  1. Great post and great photographs x

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  2. I love your blog’s theme! Happy travels x

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