The Little Things

“La vida está hecha de pequeños momentos”

Life is made up of the little moments. Four years ago, on a hot summers day in Seville. After a walk around Maria Luisa Park, Alex and I stumbled across a small tapas bar, situated just outside of the Alcázar. Outside, stood a bar sign. But, this one was different. It had a quote on it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 10.51.16.png
Milagritos Bar de Tapas, Seville

I knew back then that this was a quote that I would remember forever. 

When you look back on your year, what do you remember? Maybe the big holiday. Maybe it’s an engagement. Or a friend having their first baby. Maybe it’s starting a new job. But what about all the little things, the things that make up our lives.

How can we remember it all?

This brings me to December 2016. Inconveniently, after our engagement and after our summer travelling. I came across an app, that effectively has brought meaning to the quote that has stayed with me. Simple to use. Easy to master.

One Second Everyday. 

You only have to scroll down my Instagram to notice that I love photography. I love looking at photographs. I love taking photographs and well, let’s face it, I love being in photographs. I remember being given a Barbie camera for my 8th birthday, and by the end of the day, I had used up all of the film. But, other than the home videos, I hadn’t ever thought of videos.

Not pictured: The Barbie camera used to take the photo

That was until 1SE came around.

This app helps you live in the moment. How often do you take a Snapchat video with your friends on a night out and then after 24 hours, you never see it again?  Or, post a boomerang to the Instagram story, and then the next day, it’s gone. What about that cute video of your dog, it starts to take up too much memory on your phone, so you move it to the computer and never see it again. We’re taking videos all of the time, so why not keep them somewhere we can actually see them?

Worried you’ll forget?

I love the daily reminder, it’s like, hey, don’t forget to do something worth watching today – you watched a new TV series? Cool! You finished your essay? Go you! You took your dog for a walk? NICE. You can scrub to the exact second of the video you want. For days when one second isn’t enough, try adding 2 seconds or 3. Or for complete flexibility, give freestyle a go. YOU’RE IN CONTROL. In a world full of craziness, isn’t it time we took back control?

It only takes one second to remind you of the bigger picture.

You probably couldn’t tell me what you were doing on February 3rd, 2017, could you? But I can. We went out for a meal with our friends. What about April 12th, 2017? We had our friend over from Madrid and we took her and Alex’s’ nieces to the farm. June 18th? It was super hot in England, so we got the pool out and had a big family BBQ. Small moments. Moments that would have been lost in the sea of a year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.08.41.png
August 5th, 2017. The first visit to the water park.

Instead, they will always be remembered. 

And isn’t that what life should be about? Celebrating all of the little moments. What better way than an app that reminds you to take your video. Take control of your life. Go outside. See the sunrise. Drink coffee with your friends. Watch that movie. Take a walk with your dog. Video it. Remember it. 

Life is made up of the little moments. And we will remember them.

Imagining a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life yet? Sounds great right?

Why not have a peek at my finished product. When you watch this, watch how all the memories stitch together. Think of how much you get to know of me and my life. This video will never fade. It will never go to the back of a dusty cupboard. Now imagine it as your life.

So you see, 1SE sparks creativity!

I have seen people use 1SE for their life, their holiday, the growth of their baby, their pregnancy journey, their puppy, showcasing their creativity and monitoring their mental health to name a few. The limits are endless. The only limitations are your own imagination.

Until next time,

Lauren xo




4 responses to “The Little Things”

  1. Oh my goodness – that Barbie plane!! What a blast from the past!! I hope you’re enjoying your time in Spain so far!!

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    1. Diary of a Spanglish Girl Avatar
      Diary of a Spanglish Girl

      I played with it ALL THE TIME. I collected EVERYTHING Barbie hahah, barbie VW beetle, barbie magazine with the around the world Barbies and clothes, the barbie bedroom. A child obsessed haha! I am thank you! 🙂


  2. So beautiful !

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