Home, at last


“Un hogar es un sentimiento”

Have you ever walked in somewhere, and straight the way it’s felt like it’s home? Last week, I shared how we needed to find a new apartment by the end of February. I didn’t think we’d find a new home so quickly, let alone be moved in 10 days later. I never thought we’d find a home that would make our old place feel so not like a home. The first apartment always felt like home, until we lived there and it started to feel less “homely” and more “cluttery”.

The first apartment

I hate clutter. I hate seeing stuff. If everything could be hidden, I would be perfectly content. Minimalism. But not the cool minimalists on Instagram. I’m talking nothing, nada, zilch. I prefer my photos hidden in photo journals, I like an empty kitchen. Ornaments and stuff just isn’t my thing. In the old apartment, the stuff had to be seen. The absolute worst. Cupboard space was scarce and the biggest of the cupboards in the living room was glass, meaning everything on show.

What did we do?

Alex tried his hardest to hide things. We bought boxes that slotted perfectly into our, well useless, bedside tables. Why would anybody buy a table that is ultimately a shelf on top of a hollow box??? What good is that??? So when we found some fabric storage boxes, that looked super neat in Leroy Merlín, I was excited. Does that officially make me old???

New home

When we opened the door of the new place, other than the lights above the mirror, the size of the apartment and the actual sofa (yep, a real reason to be excited when we’ve spent 6 months on a sofa bed with no armrests) the thing I was most excited about was cupboard space. Finally, the stuff would be hidden!

Perfect time to clear out

I love to shop. I love to shop for clothes. I love to shop for gifts. I love to shop for stationery. I love to shop for home wear. It’s just a fact. But, I love to throw things away. If I haven’t wore something all summer, it’s going. If it’s looking tired, it’s going. Moving house has been the perfect time to get to the back of the wardrobe and have a clear out of clothes. Nothing makes me feel more refreshed than knowing my wardrobe is in order. Imagine how stressed I was when our wardrobe space consisted of two shelves each. My clothes had to be thrown in, not ideal right?

The Best Bits

Now we’ve officially moved in, I want to share my favourite parts of the apartment, and why I knew straight the way it was the one.

The wardrobe mirror

I can’t talk about my favourite bits without mentioning the mirror that is inside the wardrobe. I just know every morning I’ll hold the outfit in front of the mirror to see what it looks like. I’m about to live out my 90’s teen movie fantasy.

The kitchen

Ahh, the kitchen. Honestly, it feels so good to say we have a kitchen. In our previous apartment, the kitchen was inside the living room, which you walked into straight after opening the front door. Not exactly the cooking dream right? Now, we have a big kitchen with space to move.

Mirror lights

The lights above the mirror in the bathroom. I’m seeing a reoccurring theme here that I like mirrors. I don’t know if this is vanity or the excuse that mirrors brighten a room and give the impression that the room is bigger, I’ll fight for it being the latter.

Colour scheme

Everything matches. All of our new furniture matches and it’s such a refreshing change to the mosh mash that our old apartment had. When you enter a furnished apartment it’s so nice to see that the owner of the apartment takes care in the appearance of your future home.

The view

The view. This picture was taken the morning we moved in and I’m so looking forward to waking up and seeing it everyday.

The fact it feels like home. It’s our home. And I’m so excited to see what our future holds here. The only way is up.

Until next time,

Lauren xo


20 responses to “Home, at last”

  1. This is nice.

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  2. Well done for finding a new home! Sounds promising!

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    1. Thank you, all the stress of the last ten days has been worth it 💛✨

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  3. Congrats on the new home! It’s beautiful!

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    1. Ahh thank you! We absolutely love it 🔑✨


  4. Congrats on finding a new home. Your kitchen is really big and amazing and new appliances too. Kitchen is the first thing I look at the apartments we are checking out these days 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it was so stressful! Good luck with finding somewhere, it’s so difficult isn’t it? Our old apartment had a kitchen in the same room as the living room so it’s SO nice that we now have separate rooms! Needless to say we’ve settled in so quick! Xx

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      1. Yes, it’s so difficult and is becoming a headache. Which to choose and which not to choose! haha! Great you found one and are now settled in 🙂


  5. Congrats on your new place!

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  6. It’s nice to settle in and get all your things round you! 🙂
    What a beautiful view – makes it all worth it! Hope you’re very happy there! xxx

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    1. Thank you Hannah! We still have a few things scattered around so I’m desperate to have them tidied up! Thank you! I definitely should post about the infinity pool soon! Xo


  7. So lovely. Bet your glad not to be in the U.K. atm

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    1. Definitely not missing the cold ha x


  8. Looks like an amazing apartment! Congrats!!

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