80 Reasons to be Happy

“La felicidad para mi consiste en gozar de buena salud, en dormir sin miedo y despertarme sin angustia”

Happy International Day of Happiness!

All too often, we forget about the little things. These things that make big moments. Things that would be lost. Things that make you feel better inside. Sometimes, things get difficult, so difficult that we forget about all of the happiness that we once felt. We must not forget.

Perhaps things are difficult right now. Perhaps it seems like everything is going wrong. Perhaps you’re having a constant struggle with your mind. So, in case you have forgotten about them and need a boost of happiness. Here is a list of beautiful little things that make my life better. I may have thrown in some big moments, because it is the day to feel happy, after all.

  1. Seeing the sunrise
  2. Seeing the sunset
  3. The smell of freshly cut grass
  4. The person in front holding the door open
  5. Finding the perfect silk pyjama set
  6. The smell of freshly baked bread
  7. Eating cake
  8. Binge watching your favourite TV series
  9. Holding a baby
  10. Cuddling a puppy
    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  11. Getting into a freshly made bed
  12. Finding money in your bag
  13. Looking at the stars
  14. Trying a delicious food for the first time
  15. Stepping off a plane to the warm heat
  16. Hearing your favourite song
  17. A stranger smiling at you
  18. The morning of a holiday
  19. Teaching the perfect lesson
    Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.57.15
  20. Seeing children laughing and playing together
  21. Running so fast that you feel the wind in your face
  22. Having a good hair day
  23. Swinging on the swing then jumping off
  24. Facetiming your family and friends
  25. Receiving a letter in the post
  26. When your delivery arrives
  27. Drinking hot chocolate on cold nights
  28. Seeing an amazing film for the first time
  29. Finally getting something out of your teeth
  30. Buying somebody the perfect gift
  31. Crazy dancing when nobody is looking
  32. Singing at the top of your lungs
  33. Long car drives with the music turned up
  34. Booking a holiday
  35. Seeing clouds form the shapes of objects
  36. Waking up from a great dream
  37. Popping bubble wrap
  38. Receiving your online order
  39. Waking just before your alarm
  40. The first sunny day after winter
  41. Donating unwanted things to a charity
  42. Movie nights with your friends
  43. The first sip of a warm coffee
    IMG_2706 2
  44. Walking barefoot on the sand
  45. Crossing things off of your to-do list
  46. Jumping into the sea from a boat
  47. Reading a great book
  48. When the sky turns pink
    IMG_2571 2
  49. Sitting in a jacuzzi when it’s cold outside
  50. Receiving a compliment
  51. Finding the crown in the Kings Day Cake
  52. Putting pyjamas on straight from the tumble dryer
  53. Hearing rain hit the glass
  54. Finding beautiful stationery
  55. Making someone laugh
  56. Coffee dates with friends
    Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  57. Meeting Mickey Mouse
  58. Opening a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
  59. Finishing work to find it’s still light
  60. Taking a long, relaxing bath
  61. Getting on to the plane to go on holiday
  62. Pressing the button to find the lift is already there
  63. Getting to the bus stop as the bus arrives
  64. The first flowers of spring blossoming
  65. Finding the missing matching sock
  66. Opening your phone to find it’s 100% charged
  67. Getting a takeaway pizza
  68. Putting on your pyjamas as soon as you get home
  69. Seeing something you’ve wanted to see for a long time for the first time
  70. Riding a bike through the park
  71. Volunteering at a dog shelter
  72. Cake dates with your friends
  73. Sending a tweet to make somebody smile
  74. Finding a good Snapchat filter
  75. Seeing your favourite animal
  76. Wrapping presents
  77. Playing with bubbles
  78. Meeting a celebrity
  79. Dressing up like a princess
  80. Getting engaged

Think about your actions today. Think about how it will make someone feel. Say something nice. Compliment someone. Remember to smile. I guarantee you will make somebody else’s day that little bit happier.

Hasta luego,



7 responses to “80 Reasons to be Happy”

  1. So many wonderful reasons to be happy!!
    Finding beautiful stationary – I 100% agree!!

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    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 💛✨

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  2. I love this. What a positive way to make your day better. On a bad day just simply reviewing this can make you smile. This was a great post, glad I stumbled onto your blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! Glad it made you smile! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was great and seriously relatable.. I followed!

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