Tapas at 100 Montaditos


“¡Pierde el miedo y anímate a vivir nuevas experiencias!”

Have you ever realised you’re putting something off – purely through fear? I’ve always wanted to go back to 100 Montaditos since my first experience in 2014. I was amongst Spanish friends and they just ordered all the best things and that was it!

It looked complicated.

In 100 Montaditos, you are given a sheet where you write down your order. You cross-reference the tapas number and the amount you’re ordering. It all sounds dead easy. Until you realise the entire menu is in Spanish. Great, if you can speak Spanish, not so great if you can’t.

I Avoided It

It sounds silly. My Spanish is great. I can read almost perfectly in Spanish. But, I put it off because I was fearful of making a mistake. I tell children every day at school, “don’t worry if you make a mistake, mistakes are part of learning.” So, why couldn’t I have the mindset for myself?

Adults become self-conscious

Suddenly, we’re aware. We’re no longer children confidently shouting out the wrong answers in class anymore. We become aware of the look you get from somebody when your accent screams that you’re not a local. Or, the sheer embarrassment when you use the word “polla” instead of “pollo.” (Google it, there’s a major difference!). Language acquisition becomes harder. Language learning is difficult. But, it’s not impossible.

Never Stop Trying

So, we did. I stopped putting it off. A simple task. We did it. It probably definitely sounds silly. Something so mundane and easy as ordering off a menu. Bearing in mind, I speak in Spanish every day. I order off Spanish menus every day. I don’t know why this task seemed so difficult. 


Simple Victories

It seems like a victory. Accomplishing something that you’ve thought about for so long. The menu was simple, it was organised into different meats, vegetable options, tortilla options and as long as you know a few basic foods, you’re good to go! Someone explain to me why I was so worried?! The order sheet is also available in English too!

tapas at 100 montaditos

The Waiting Game

After you’ve taken your order form to the bar, you’re given a buzzer. It’s such an improvement from the first time I went and everybody had to listen out for their name in a packed tapas bar! This was one of my biggest worries about going back, especially when Spanish people have no one way of pronouncing Lauren! I was super happy when a buzzer was given to us. Easy, peasy!

IMG_1110-1tapas at 100 montaditosIMG_1114-1IMG_1108

Tapas Time

The food. The food is great, amazing even. We ordered a selection of sausages, chicken and bacon sandwiches, chicken nuggets and fries with cheese sauce and bacon. The tapas was ready promptly, and it was nice and hot! It’s worth pointing out that on Wednesday and Sunday, it’s EuroMania, meaning everything on the main menu is €1 each. Our tapas bill came to €12. No regrets. 


Pudding time

After we had devoured the savory tapas, I was intrigued by the sweet bread! Now, I’m not usually a fan of sweet bread, I don’t like doughnuts, I don’t like ice buns. But, I loved these. At €1 each too, they’re such a steal! They are served warm and they are like a taste explosion. I could’ve easily eaten more of them.


If you’re in Spain and you pass a 100 Montaditos. Go in. You will not regret it. Your bank account won’t hate you for it either! It felt so nice to be enriched in the Spanish culture. It wasn’t just a tapas lunch. It was also a mini victory in my language learning. It did heaps for my Spanish confidence. I can’t wait to head back again.

If you’re putting something off because you’re afraid. Go do it. 

Hasta Luego,


If you’re in Benidorm, there are a few scattered around. However, the one we visited was on Poniente beach.



7 responses to “Tapas at 100 Montaditos”

  1. I love this place so much – when I went to Andalucia with my college we passed one and I forcibly dragged the group I was with into it 😂


    1. It’s the best! And so cheap!!!


  2. eviebraithwaite Avatar

    Ah I went here when I went to Madrid in December, so good and so cheap! Definitely going to return when I move to Madrid in October 😍

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    1. You’re gonna have an amazing time. Are you going to study?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. eviebraithwaite Avatar

        I’m going to be an English teaching assistant until July, can’t wait!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Awesome! Very rewarding job!

        Liked by 2 people

  3. […] filled toasted buns, 100 Montaditos do a wide range, including ham, chicken, cheese and salad. […]

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