A Twilight Taster – Ragdale Hall

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Tomarse un tiempo cada día para relajarse y renovarse es esencial para vivir bien.

There is no relaxation that can compare to the relaxation at Ragdale Hall. I have been to Spa Days before, I’m trained as a masseuse, I’ve had my fair share of relaxation and massages. I’ve even had a massage at the famous Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest.

But, none of them size up to Ragdale Hall.

The Grounds

Ragdale Hall is located in the Leicestershire countryside. Surrounded by fields, tranquillity and away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day to day life. We arrived for the Twilight Taster session at 18:00, ready for check-in. (After browsing the Internet, it seems the Twilight Taster session has been extended from 16:30!)


The Portal to Heaven



The staff at Ragdale Hall truly are wonderful. They are attentive and friendly, making you feel welcome the minute you walk in. The building itself is impressive, just pulling up makes you feel relaxed. The Victorian decor really is stunning and you feel like you’ve been thrust back in time. On arrival, you’re provided with a complimentary drink, whilst waiting for those famous robes and the locker key that unlocks the access to the haven that awaits. You also complete a brief health questionnaire.


Complimentary Drink upon Arrival



After a speedy check-in, you’re able to freely spend the time as you wish. Whether that be to quietly read a book in the Retreat, a few brain training exercises in the Mind Gym, a relaxing dip in the Spa area or enjoy a warm cup of tea overlooking the grounds in the Greenhouse.

Thermal Spa

The Thermal Spa area is filled with plenty of natural features, such as rocks, stones and plenty of greenery! The thermal spa is located just through the main indoor swimming pool. Incredibly, it has 12 different spa rooms, filled with hot and cold experiences. There truly is something for everybody. If your idea of relaxation is a humid steam room filled with soothing aromas or a dry sauna with the scent of roses. Ragdale has it all. 

Once you enter The Thermal Spa, don’t forget to make a wish and toss a pebble into the wishing stream. Let’s clear all of that negative energy. No Bad Vibes.

Even though we only had a couple of hours in the thermal spa, we still managed to try out all of the rooms. Our personal favourites were the Volcanic Salt Bath, The Colourflow Cave, The Scented Room and of course, The Outdoor Pool.



The Outdoor Pool

Starting from indoors, take a journey to the outdoors and relax to the sound of the waterfalls. The pool is filled with relaxation bays that provide you with privacy whilst enjoying the powerful massage jets and the lit up waterfall. As it was October, the colourful mist and heat bouncing off of the pool were stunning.



Before dinner, we headed to the indoor pool to make the most of our final few minutes. I knew exactly what I was ordering, the food is incredible, I was excited.

A lot of people ask if you should wear your dressing gown for dinner. My answer: YES. There is nothing more comfy and cosy than sitting having an amazing candlelit dinner in a cosy dressing gown and slippers. After all the relaxation, it seems counteractive to go and get ready. Plus, with all the essential oils being soaked into your now sparkling and radiant skin, the last thing you want to do is shower and wash them off and stop them from working their magic!

I ordered the organic fusilli pasta, which was just as amazing as the first time I ordered it. Followed by the gorgeous mousse.


After dinner, it was nearly time to check-out (please don’t make me leave!). Before getting ready and checking out, we had a lovely mocha.



Should You Go?

Yes. 100% YES. If you are in Leicestershire, do not forget to visit Ragdale Hall. We went twice in one week, and I could’ve easily gone again! It’s my third time visiting Ragdale and there is still so much I haven’t seen. The Twilight Taster experience that we did now includes a spa treatment in the price and the new rooftop pool has recently opened (December 2017) so it really is well worth the money! To find out further details about the Twilight Taster, you can click here.

Where To Book?

There are plenty of ways to book an experience, spa day or even a spa break. All of which can be arranged through the Ragdale Hall website.

If you’re thinking about booking a spa day or break at Ragdale Hall, go do it. You will not regret it.

Hasta luego,






2 responses to “A Twilight Taster – Ragdale Hall”

  1. I actually love so close to Ragdale Hall, we talk about going all the time but never have! Need to get us booked in! X


    1. you definitely need to! it’s fab there! x


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