Solving a Mystery in Benidorm

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It’s the year 1961. You’re stood in Nick Drake’s office. A bomb is going to detonate. The USSR is going to beat the USA to the moon. CIA Special agent, Nick Drake, has gone missing. Who is going to stop them? You and your team of spies, of course!

Tensions run high when a room is filling with ‘smoke’. 75 minutes may seem like a long time. But, when you’re rummaging around an old office filled with clues that might mean something or might not mean something, those minutes tick by very quickly.

Want to find out how clever and analytical you are? Test your skills on the Cold War experience at Escape Benidorm. The team at Escape Benidorm rate it as a 9 out of 10 for difficulty, and I could definitely see why!

The Cold War experience is completely different to the zombie escape room. We all absolutely loved the zombie escape room which you can read about on Locked-Down in Benidorm. We definitely expected it to be similar. But, how wrong could we be?

We all hate spoilers, right? So there is no way I’m going to spoil this experience for you. But, you have to try it. The decor. The puzzles. The tasks. They’re out of this world. Take note of everything. Make use of your pen and paper. Communicate. You need to work together. 

As the name suggests, you have to escape the room. Finding clues and piecing together information, cross-referencing and using every single brain cell you have until its completely frazzled. Unlike the zombie room, there are not a series of consecutive clues that lead you out.

Instead, you have to analyse data, sort information, keep track of codes and communicate as a team to unlock what feels like padlock after padlock. The codes may not need to be used straight the way, so organisation skills are needed in Cold War.

The Cold War room had various other brain training games inside. I love a good puzzle or two, and the Cold War room does not disappoint. Some of the features were impressively high-tech with moving machinery and complex puzzles.

One of my favourite things about escape rooms is the team building element. I loved the maths and the thinking skills. I love that you have to work together and build upon each other’s strengths. It’s a great activity to build communication and listening skills.

It would definitely be a great activity on a group holiday or as something different for families.

The room is so detailed. The decor is high quality and the furnishing is incredible. It’s insane to think about the detail and elements that go in to make the escape rooms possible. I love the decoration and furniture that is in this room, I truly felt like I was in an American CIA office. It makes me want to go in just to take photos!

At the end of the day, it’s all supposed to be fun. Don’t forget to have fun. Although the end goal is to complete the mission, we all made sure we took it lightly. An hour filled with laughter is good enough, even if the bomb does detonate in the room!

Amazingly, we managed to get all the codes and do the finishing touches to detonate the bomb. It takes real attention to detail and I’m so impressed we have managed to solve both rooms. It’s like a real achievement! A family victory.

I feel like I need to complete The Orphanage, now! Is there something called an Escape Room bug, because I think I have it!

Prices start from just €13 per person and tickets can be booked online on the Lockdown Escape Benidorm website or by nipping into Escape Benidorm on Calle Ibiza and speaking with a friendly member of staff!

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