#SpringStyles at Fosse.

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“La primavera nos recuerda que
la naturaleza no termina”

Spring has sprung, nights are getting lighter and days are getting longer. There may be a few April showers, but the sun is showing itself a little bit more, and don’t we all feel so much happier about it?

Isn’t it strange how the sun can just boost your mood? But you know what else is an instant booster? A successful shopping trip!

After a long winter, it was definitely time to ditch those dark colours and step out in a whole new #SpringStyles outfit, after all, new season, new wardrobe. That’s the rule, right?

Rule number 2: When in Leicester, one must spend time at Fosse.

Have you ever been to Fosse? There is something about it that feels so inviting and welcoming. You know the stress that comes with fighting your way through other shopping centres? Well, that just doesn’t happen here. There is space. There is no rush.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Good news, men: you know that changing room chair? Well, how about a changing room sofa?!

Designated bag carrier


In a world full of internet shopping, that just isn’t for me. Maybe it’s because I’m impatient. If I see the clothes, I want them now. 

I don’t want to wait three working days and hope the delivery service doesn’t fail me.

I don’t want to find something perfect and then have one of those internet disasters where the clothes just don’t look like the picture. I hate the waiting game.

I want my clothes now.

Filling your arms with hangers of pretty clothes and rummaging through which ones look the best. Something you just don’t get with internet shopping.


I love taking photos in the changing rooms and seeing what works and what doesn’t. You just can’t do that online.



The cleanliness. The aesthetic rails. The rows and rows of pretty clothes. Even window shopping makes you feel good inside. There aren’t many shopping centres that are as clean as Fosse. Kudos to the staff!

IMG_2228 2.jpg
Look how clean and organised Primark @ Fosse is!


Aesthetically pleasing New Look @ Fosse


Delivery costs? Parking? Why pay for parking elsewhere, when that can be an actual purchase. 

I have bought sandals and make-up for the same price that I would’ve paid elsewhere to just park my car. I just love that Fosse has free parking. Plus with over 2,000 spaces there’s not a lot of fighting for a parking space!

During my time back to Leicester, I was lucky enough to spend a little lot of time at Fosse and give my wardrobe a #SpringStyles makeover.

Ditching the dark and dismal winter colours for bold and beautiful has never felt so good.


Doesn’t yellow just make you feel great? Sunshine, sunflowers, happy faces and pineapples.

There’s no surprise that yellow is associated with happiness and joy, it just radiates good vibes. Isn’t that what we all need right now?

I am absolutely loving yellow this season. Yellow was made to stand out. Let’s not fade into the background anymore. It’s time to make a head-turning statement this spring.

At Fosse, I found these beautiful trousers and cami top from New Look and I matched them with some statement earrings and comfy sandals from Primark.

The length is great. You can show off the detail to sandals without showing too much leg!

Shoes – Primark @ Fosse


Leather look jacket – Primark @ Fosse


Cami top and trousers – New Look @ Fosse


If you want to add a splash of yellow to your outfit, but aren’t feeling brave enough to go all out, why not pair the yellow cami top with a pair of black jeans or a plain black top with the trousers!


Red is a beautiful colour. Passionate. Fiery.

I guess you’ve noticed that this Spring, I’m going bold. 

It’s amazing how some red can just bring a once boring outfit to life. The red just pops out the screen and adds such a needed splash of colour.

I found the shoes and the bag from Primark and the cami top from New Look. Matching them with my leggings, jacket and hat has just finished off this outfit. I am loving colour splash.

Shoes and bag – Primark @ Fosse



Cami top – New Look @ Fosse



Green, the colour of luck and health. Nature’s beauty is filled with greens. A beautiful neutral colour that deserves its spot in your wardrobe this Spring. It is a beauty to add to denim, white or black.


Top and Trousers – New Look @ Fosse


I found this stunning outfit from New Look and paired them with a flat sandal from Primark.

Perfect for when the weather picks up in England or a beautiful holiday piece. I’m obsessed with the quirkiness of the open feature of the cropped top.

This outfit from the Cameo Rose collection at New Look is so classy. It has a perfect fit, something I sometimes struggle with having such a petite frame!

IMG_3376 2

I am loving trousers this season. I absolutely adore the top, it’s cropped with a peep opening at the front. It’s the ultimate “me” top.

IMG_3380 2

These flowery sandals from Primark are super comfy and delicate, they just scream #SpringStyles don’t they? If there’s something I’m associating with Spring, it’s the flowers blossoming!

IMG_3434 2
Shoes – Primark @ Fosse

Little Denim Dress

So here’s the thing. We all need a denim dress in our lives. Forget LBD, I’m backing the LDD.

Denim is so wear-dated. The quality of this dress and the timeless look, I just know it’s going to be making an appearance for a few more years yet!


I told you I was loving red. Well, denim and red paired together is like a dream.


This denim dress from Miss Selfridge is absolutely gorgeous. It has a flattering fit and paired with red heels and a red bag, it’s a perfect dressy day dress.

Dress – Miss Selfridge @ Fosse

Some clothes just make you feel happy, don’t they? Normally, it takes me forever to find an outfit like that. But now, I don’t know which outfit I’m loving most. Reds, greens, yellows. There’s so much to choose from.

Floaty but Flattering

I’ve been thinking about dresses for a long time now. Since winter took its toll, I’ve been longing for the days that I could ditch the jumpers and float around in a delicate spring dress.

IMG_3480 2

I love the feminity of dresses. I love how airy they are. But, I wanted something different than the standard maxi dresses that swamp me or super short. Some days, you just want that in-between!

Cue Topshop. Topshop has really answered my prayers here. That in-between dress of my dreams! Hallelujah! It looks stunning with red too, (seeing a pattern here yet?).

IMG_3523 2

Plus ladies, if you’re going on holiday, this dress is perfect. It hardly takes up any room in your case and it’s so airy that its perfect for those hot days along the beach front.


Jumpstart with a Jumpsuit

Is there anything better than being able to wear trousers without having to find the perfect top to match?

Here’s the thing: Every woman should own a jumpsuit. 

The amount of time you can save in the morning. No rummaging around for matching pieces. Just step into it, zip it up and off you go. Honestly, whoever created the jumpsuit – I love you.


They provide that little bit more coverage than the romper and no matter what body shape you are, you can find one that you will love. Plus, no chafing!


Yep, I’m a big stripe fan. This jumpsuit was a steal at £13 from Primark and paired with these killer heels, it was less than £25 for the entire outfit. You’re welcome!


The Red Heels

These red heels have been making a massive appearance of my #SpringStyles so they definitely deserved an up-close feature.

The red really pops out and they are super comfy to wear. I am normally the person moaning about blisters *photo proof of current blister*. It seems my skin just doesn’t like shoes.

But, for some unbeknown reason, these shoes have yet to blister me. Can you believe it!? Heeled shoes with no pinching or blistering!? I’m definitely not complaining.


The Key to Updating your Wardrobe

The key is to mix and match. Things that match your current clothes. Things that will be versatile with other outfits.

Confession: I wasn’t always the best at this!

Once you’re stricter with yourself, it becomes so much easier! Yes, that shirt might be cute, but does it match anything else? I was so bored of “nothing” top with jeans or leggings. It was time to ditch the boring and embrace the #SpringStyles!

Wouldn’t you rather have five beautiful finished off outfits than one hundred nothing tops that kinda go with jeans and leggings?

I have really stepped out of my comfort zone with these outfits, and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, the bank won’t hate you for it either! I had the ultimate #SpringStyles shopping spree all for less than £170!

New Look and Outfit were my go-to for statement pieces and outfits, whereas Primark gave me those finishing touches, at such great prices too.

Can you believe all of this was less than £170?!

New Look at Fosse was my absolute favourite for picking up the core elements to my outfits. The quality is better than other high street stores but without the chunkier price tag.

Outfit at Fosse was great to pick up timeless pieces, like the denim dress. It has such a beautiful fit, even other customers in the changing rooms were complimenting it when I gave it a twirl!

Psst Students… you also get discount in New Look and Outfit!

With Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and more all under one roof, you really are spoilt for choice in there. Plus, the changing rooms are a dream. Plus, whilst the men are waiting outside, they don’t even notice how long you’re in the changing room for… no moaning means more time for shopping, am I right ladies?



Coffee Time?

Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but shopping is tiring work, right?

The Food Court at Fosse is well maintained and has a wide array of cafes and fast food outlets to please even the stubbornest amongst us.

The aesthetically pleasing decor, the comfy seats and the large capacity equates to speedy service and comfortable dining. It was perfect for a little break between shopping!


Hello Spring, See you later, Fosse!

Favourite shop at Fosse: How can I choose?! Everything brings something different, for jewellery I run to Pandora. For a timeless, statement outfit I head to Outfit, for accessories and passing trends it’s definitely a trip to Primark. But, my favourite for clothes would have to be New Look.

Favourite colour of this season: 
It’s a coin flip between green and red. But, I’m loving red!

Favourite thing about Fosse: I love the outdoor, American outlet feel. I love how the shops themselves are all on one level. It gives ease of access to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Favourite place to eat in the Food Court: I love a Costa Coffee paired with a sausage roll from Greggs. Though, I did notice that Druckers Cafe was advertising an afternoon tea, for £17.50, which looks right up my street! *note to self to book next time I’m at Fosse*

Favourite piece from this trip: I love the green. It’s something I haven’t worn before, I love the tropical vibes. The straight-leg trousers have pockets too! It’s so bold, chic and comfy!

Favourite #SpringStyles: I love dresses and every year I’m desperate to float around in one. But this year, I’m a big supporter of trousers, they can be dressed up and down with the switch of an accessory. They keep you cool in the hot weather, they’re lightweight so they’re perfect for taking on holiday. They look chic. There are so many different styles to choose from. Cropped, flared, straight, they’re all so lovely!

Find Fosse just off the M1 junction 21. Open seven days a week and late on weeknights!

For more information visit the Fosse website: http://fosseshoppingpark.co.uk

What are your favourite #SpringStyles?

Hasta luego,



This post was made in collaboration with Fosse shopping park, however, as always, the views are 100% mine.




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  1. Lovely post. I love round the corner from here and keep telling everyone how good the Primark is. It’s clean and soo organised. The food court is good but I think it needs some sort of lift to make it more modern? Love going to Druckers; it was not until patisserie Valarie in town opened that I realised they were the same company. Next time your around let me know.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 it’s amazing how clean and aesthetically pleasing it is! I’ve never been, i definitely need to go. Of course 😊


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    The diary of Ellie

    Love the way you styled out this post, and i am in love with the red focused outfit omg😍

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