Places around Benidorm that you must see

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“Todos los viajes tienen sus ventajas.”

Benidorm is a big city. A bustling city with plenty of things to do. But, sometimes a change of scenery and a day out is needed.

But, where to go? How do you get there? How long does it take? Well, here’s the tried and tested best places around Benidorm that you must see:


Altea is a beautiful town, known for its white architecture and blue-and-white domed church towering over the town below. If you’re in Benidorm, please don’t pass up on the opportunity to visit this quaint and quiet town, you won’t be disappointed.

Although it is just 10km away from Benidorm, it feels a million miles apart, so if you’re looking for somewhere quieter and beautiful scenery, then Altea is where you should go.

The Number 10 Bus from Avenida Mediterraneo will get you straight to Altea. It runs every 15 minutes. Taking around 25 minutes, get off along the main street. Tickets are €1.50 each way.

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Alternatively, you can take the number 9 tram from Benidorm Tram Station in the direction of Denia and get off at the Altea stop.

If a coach is more your style, then Alsa will have you covered. You can take the Alsa bus from Avenida de Europa, stand at the Alsa bus stop opposite TelePizza, next to the post office (Correos). The bus you want is going in the direction of Valencia. The journey will cost €1.50 each way. Altea is the third stop.




*comprehensive guide coming soon*


Villajoyosa is the city next to Benidorm heading in the Alicante direction. With coloured houses that gives Tobermory a run for its money and some of the best chocolate in the Peninsula, its definitely a city not to be missed.

The tram is a very efficient way of traveling around the area, not only is it quicker, but it’s also cheaper. Depending on where you are in Benidorm will depend on which tram stop you wish to catch. If you are staying in the heart of Benidorm, in Levante or Poniente, then you will want to get the Benidorm tram stop. That’s just up from the police station. If you are staying in La Cala, or you’re spending some cash at C.C La Marina already, then take the tram from behind the shopping centre.

The tram will cost you €1.35 each way, you can get the ticket on board the tram. To get to Villajoyosa, get off at Creueta for the market and the chocolate factory (and a beautiful park!) but if you’re wanting to see the coloured houses, then Villajoyosa stop is for you!

You will need to get Tram number 1, in the direction of Luceros.

To travel with Alsa, head to Avenida de Europa. You want the side of the road that Hoteles Servigroup is on, head up! But, if you get to 101 montaditos, you’ve gone too far! You can also get the coach on Avenida Jaume, next to (and on the same side of the road) as the BP garage. The journey will take around 40 minutes, and will cost a measly €1.50 each way.

*comprehensive guide coming soon*


The little resort of Albir sits comfortably between Benidorm and Altea. It is known for its clear pebble beach and modern architecture. It has all the amenities of a good beach resort, without so much of the hustle and bustle.

The Alsa coach can get you to Albir in half an hour! Get the coach from the side of the road as hotels servigroup, but it’s futher up! All Alsa stops are signposted by a big blue sign. Albir is the second stop. You will be getting off at Alfaz del Pi, then it will be a 10 minute walk to Albir.

You can also take the number 9 tram from Benidorm station, you will need to get off at L’Alfàs del Pi and then its around a 20 minute walk to Albir.

You can also take the 10 llorente bus which will drop you off at the beach of Albir!Buses run every 15 minutes. Tickets are €1.50 each way.


Calpe, known for its dramatic rock, its rich in heritage and history and it’s definitely a worthwhile day out.

The Alsa coach will take just under an hour and Calpe is the fourth stop, just after Altea. The coach is caught from Avenida Europa. Online, the ticket costs €5.40 return.

The number 9 tram also currently terminates at Calpe, and there is a bus ran by Tram Alicante to take you into Calpe.



*comprehensive guide coming soon*



Who said Alicante was just for the airport? Definitely not me! If big cities are what you love, then give Alicante a try. A beautiful castle (that takes a hike and a half to get there!), a port with some pretty impressive boats, artistic pavements and some of the best shops on the Costa Blanca.

There is easy access to Alicante from Benidorm via tram. Take the number 1 heading to Luceros. Luceros will bring you into the heart of Alicante. For the castle, get off at Marq-Castillo.

You can also get to Alicante with Alsa. The Alicante station is the third stop and will take an hour approximately.



*comprehensive guide coming soon*


Valencia truly is a beautiful city. One that you should spend the night at to really appreciate it. The football stadium, the impressive shops, the architecture and the superb parks and history. It really is a marvel of the East coast.

The Alsa coach to Valencia will take you around 2 hours and can set you back around €30  return.

Alternatively, Round Town Travel have a fabulous trip scheduled every Monday to Valencia. They aim to be in Valencia around 12ish and you have approximately 5 ½ free time. You should return back to Benidorm around 19:30. The tickets are €27.50 for adults or €25 for children under 12, which is a fantastic deal.





*comprehensive guide coming soon*

Have you visited some of the best places around Benidorm?

Hasta luego,





8 responses to “Places around Benidorm that you must see”

  1. Aw, there’s way more to Benidorm than I realised. I have a friend coming here next year so will have to send her the link to your posts about it – loads of useful information.


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  3. Villajoyosa is one of the prettiest places I’ve been to lately! Costa Blanca is amazing! I´d also recommend you Guadalest, Bocairente and Xativa in Valencian Community! In fact, I live in Benicassim, so I travel a lot around this area!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. yes i love guadalest, i have a post featuring it 🙂 not been to the other two so i should definitely take a look. 🙂 thanks, maybe will see you around! you too. 🙂


  4. Sheila Fearon Avatar
    Sheila Fearon

    Excellent work xx

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