What’s the Weather Like?

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“El sol es nuestra estrella, nuestra
fuente de energía y de vida”

Now, isn’t that a question we all want the answer to?!

Benidorm is one of the largest tourist resorts in Spain, with an impressive climate and an array of things to do and places to see, it’s no surprise it’s a favourite.

When you’re booking a holiday, something most people like to hear is that blue skies and sun is on the cards. Getting away from the rain and the grey skies are what you’ve paid for, right? Well good news, waking up to blue skies is almost guaranteed and rainfall is in the minority.

If getting away from the rain is what you’re after, then you should be in luck. Benidorm has a low level of rainfall, the highest being in April and May, but it’s still less than 10 days… if the average is anything to go by!


Here’s some more good news. Benidorm is a south facing city, with high mountains sheltering the northerly cold wind which helps to maintain the warmer climate, even in the winter.

You can expect highs of 20 in the winter months, but you can also expect lows of 7! Pack accordingly! But, if you’re here to bask the sun, then in Summer, you can expect highs of mid to late 30’s every day! Drink, anyone?



Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.33.41.png
Average highs and lows



If taking a dip in the sea is your idea of the perfect holiday, then in Benidorm, you’ll be pleased to know that the seawater temperature is greater than 20 degrees, six months a year.

Benidorm in Summer



Benidorm is hot. The season is in full swing. Pool parties can be heard from hotels, entertainment can be loud and the tourism industry is thriving. But, there are still areas of quiet and tranquillity, so don’t let that put you off!

In the centre of Benidorm, it is almost impossible to escape the crowds. August is filled with locals taking advantage of the time off. Don’t expect to find a spot on the beach too easily! Car parking may just add another 20 minutes to your journey and any kind of admin work will have to wait until mañana (or September!) So if you’re thinking of obtaining your NIE, sort it before Summer!

If you’re looking for a place to cool down, the Algar Falls have very cold waters. The dip is refreshing and just what you need to escape the heat. Water parks are also a big hit. Don’t forget the sun cream!

What to pack: Swimwear (and lots of it!) T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, sandals.





Benidorm in Autumn


Autumn, or the late summer? September and October still enjoy the temperatures of summer, though the nights are starting to draw in. Temperatures won’t stay as high in Autumn as they did in summer so be sure to pack a cardigan or a hoodie to take the chill off.

Everything is still happening. Bars are still running, as usual, theme parks and water parks still have an operating schedule.

What to pack: Swimwear, T-shirts, shorts, shoes, flipflops, a light jacket and a hoodie.

Benidorm in Winter



Benidorm can be a wonderful place to escape the cold weather in England and seek the blue skies. Christmas on the beach, anybody?

Highs of 20 aren’t uncommon, but the dips can be just as drastic. Keep up-to-date with the weather and join the Benidorm Group led by Jacqui and her team of admin, (me included!) which gives you daily weather updates. With the weather being so varied in winter, it’s good to keep up with the latest alerts.

What to pack: T-shirts, jeans, a pair of shorts or two, shoes, a coat and a hoodie. (pack swimwear too, if you’re lucky or you find a suntrap you’ll be here sunbathing!)

Benidorm in Spring


This may well be my all-time favourite season in Benidorm. The crowds haven’t grown yet, the temperatures are hot, but not exhausting. You can sit out and enjoy the sun for long periods of time without it being too much.

The days are long in Spring, with beautiful sunrises and late sunsets. The natural colours really are a marvel to watch. If you’re brave enough, you might even be able to take a dip in the pool.

What to pack: swimwearT-shirts, shorts, spring dresses, flip-flops, a light jacket.

Ladies, if you’re looking for some Spring Style inspiration, I’ve got you covered here: #SpringStyles at Fosse.

When is your favourite time of year to visit?

The not-so-cold winters and super hot summers and over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, what are you waiting for? Come and chase the sun in Benidorm.

Direct flights run daily to Alicante from all major UK Airports. Don’t forget to add that splash of luxury to your next Benidorm holiday, book the Escape Lounge and relax in style.


Hasta luego,





5 responses to “What’s the Weather Like?”

  1. I could do with some sunshine right now! I’ve never been to Benidorm but it looks so much fun x

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  2. Oh man, sounds like Benidorm is the place to be for all of the sunshine and warmth! It feels like it rains there more than Los Angeles XD. Love how you could enjoy the weather year-round! Thanks for sharing the weather information!



    1. haha definitely! it has its own little microclimate. I love LA, definitely need to head back asap. 🙂 x


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