Welcome to the Jungle…


“Las mentes más profundas de todos los tiempos han sentido compasión por los animales”

Or, should I say the Asian lands? Or, should I say the American Skies? Or perhaps it should be the European Islands. With the different zones and the Pangea jungle, you’re travelling the world without leaving Benidorm. Welcome to Terra Natura. 

Have you noticed that once children hit that teenage stage, smiling becomes uncool? Everything becomes a chore. Getting a teenager to be excited about something is bordering on impossible at times.

So, if you’re bringing your teenager along to Benidorm this year, you’re probably wondering what on earth to do with them. Too young for clubs, too old and way too cool for the kids club. Too young for going out alone, too old to be traipsing after their parents all day.

But, here’s something that may just work. 


Basic Info:

Terra Natura is a new-generation wildlife park. This is known as a “zoo-immersion”. The concept design and layout gives visitors the opportunity to come into contact with animals with absolutely no visible barriers. Some animals, such as the farm, have no barriers at all. Terra Natura is 320,000 square metres set up in the mountains. The park is split into four areas, Pangea which is the entrance area, America, Europe and Asia.

Terra Natura prohibits the capturing of wild animals. These animals have all came from rehabilitation or born into Terra Natura or other zoological institutions. Information about the animals, including where they came from, is printed. Terra Natura is a wildlife park that is actively working to educate children and adults about the dangers that these animals are facing in the wild and works to rehabilitate them and build the numbers back up. The areas for the animals are replicated to that of the wild, mixing with animals they would come across, with plenty of space.


Terra Natura is a short bus ride away or a taxi. We decided on a taxi which cost us €10 each way from the Hotel Bali taxi rank. The bus runs on a limited timetable from Poniente end of Benidorm. The Number 1 bus takes you from Levante and the Number 3 takes you from Poniente. The Number 1 is far more regular.

To visit the sea lions, and take advantage of the water park. You will need to pay a little extra.

Our Day


When you arrive at Terra Natura, you either pick up your tickets from the collection point or buy them at the kiosk. Or, if you have an annual pass, you go straight through to the scanner.

This brings you to Pangea. Pangea is where the fun begins, but definitely not where it ends. The area is filled with greenery and giant animal statues to make you feel like you’re in “Honey! I shrunk the kids”. This is also where the gift shop and the photo collection point are located.

Don’t forget to pick up your map and timetable from Pangea, you might be heading back to watch a quick show here, or meet an animal or two!

Now, where to…?





Welcome to America! One of the best things about Terra Natura is how well it is laid out. You can choose which direction you take. There is no set path. It makes you feel like the park isn’t busy. People all taking different routes, it really does ease congestion.

In America, the volcano towers above. The American jungle is filled with the most exotic of animals, spiders, snakes. Animals, that I definitely stay clear of!

There is a definite Mayan and Pagan feel and the sounds of the jungle boom. The sounds of insects comes over the speakers, plus the sounds of the real insects. It’s a cool ambience.

Birds: Birds take flight in America and if getting up close and personal with a few flying friends, then you’re definitely in luck. The Temple of Life Aviary is incredible. Home to parrots, herons, ducks, toucans and all the rest. There is so much going on, above your head, to your left, to the right. Where to look first? It’s a true 360 experience.


Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 10.29.31


If you fancy it, purchase some bird feed to get an ultimate bird experience.

Granja America. Or the American farm. If you’re a fan of llamas, you’ll definitely be a fan of the Llama that loves selfies and loves being petted.




There are plenty of animals in the American farm, with goats and llamas taking the spotlight for us.



At the top of Asia, when crossing from America, there is a great view of the elephant paddock below. There are also great views of Benidorm, the Magic Natura Hotel, and other exhibits. The Asia theme is very dominant. There is a typical ‘temple’ feel throughout.

Photo from Summer 2017

Elephants: I know they say you should save the best until last. But, it’s the next zone across and there’s no way I’m missing out on maximum time with Pepita. Every time I’m here, I stand and I am mesmerised by the elephants. Yes, I will share photos of all the times. This is about to get very photo heavy. Sorry, it’s just… elephants.

*tries to contain myself being in the actual vicinity of elephants*



Summer 2016
Summer 2017

I am obsessed with elephants. Elephant necklace. Elephant tapestry. Elephants, elephants, elephants.  Elephants are majestic. Gentle giants. They are beautiful. Shall I just do an entire post on why elephants are a blessing? 

Whilst you’re here, don’t miss the elephant feeding. It’s truly a magical experience.

Holi Festival, Elephant Feeding 2016
Elephant Feeding, 2016

Speaking of Food

What’s for lunch? We opted to stop in the fast food outlet in Asia for lunch.

The food, as always, is good quality and really cheap. Usually, you expect to pay a huge amounts at parks, but not here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 10.30.07.png

I can never come to Terra or Aqua Natura without having my signature frappucino. Don’t forget, if you have an annual pass, you get discount on all food and drink!

A stirring spoon, not a straw!

If Fast Food isn’t your preferred dining, why not wander over to Europe and dine like you’re on a Greek Island?


Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11.04.20

Of course, if you would prefer, there are picnic areas, which are beautiful in the summer!

Back to the Animals and Play-Time

The big adventure playground is great for two reasons: Kids and young teens can run around and let off some steam on all the climbing activities. Plus, there’s animals there too.


Summer 2016

Kids and adults alike love climbing around and riding zip-lines. This adventure playground is all included in the cost of entrance. There’s no limit to how long you spend on it either, you can come back to it a little bit later on in the day. There are great views of Benidorm from it too!

But, there’s not just any animals there. It’s probably our new favourite animal. Can you call them an animal?They are humans. They are humans not yet evolved.


Siamang: I have never seen an animal be so human-like. They waved at us. They went to an actual place to go toilet. They smiled at us. One went and sulked in the corner and the other ran over and cuddled it. One did a acrobatic display, and when he saw it got him attention. He did it again. And again. And again.

They were the ultimate show-offs and they basked in the attention. We stood and watched them for 40 minutes. Forty. They were amazing.



We finally tore ourselves away and headed further into Asia.

Terra Natura is filled with so many animals that you could spend all day talking about them. They’re all well taken care of, they’re all loved. They have the space to roam, and when they’re ready, they move on.

Tigers: I’ve never been face to face with a tiger before. Until now.


We had arrived just in time for bath time. Watching the tigers leap into the water and chase each other around was truly amazing. The tigers were playing and creeping around after one another. It was pretty incredible to watch.



Rhino: Another highlight of Asia is the rhino. It is so upsetting when you see how endangered the Indian rhino really is. With only around 2,000 that remain in localised parts of Northern India and Southern Nepal. The rhinos are at such a huge danger of poaching, mainly for their horn. We were there as the rhino was happily charging through the water. We all commented how we’d never seen a rhino so active before.

Terra Natura is actively working to breed the rhinos and Terra Natura welcomed its baby rhino in 2012. For an extra dose of cuteness, take a look at its first steps here: Bebé rino sale a la Pradera de Terra Natura Benidorm con Su Madre.




Europe feels such a different atmosphere and speed to the rest of the park. There aren’t as many animals as the rest of the park, but the detail and architecture, it’s an aesthetically pleasing zone.

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 10.30.15

Europe Farm: The Europe Farm is filled with shy deer and curious chickens, usually being chased by a cockerel. This is also where the donkeys are located.

A Teenage POV:

“My favourite part was walking with the ducks. I want to go back to Terra Natura and I think my friends would like it here. My favourite animal at Terra Natura is the ostrich. I really like Aqua Natura too. ”

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.48.04.png




There are so many fantastic experiences that you can do at Terra Natura.

Night Safari: The majority of wild animals sleep away the day and are active by the night. For this reason, Terra Natura offers a Night Safari experience for just €10 per person. (No need to pay entrance!). It begins at 20:00 and you must be punctual! The Night Safari only runs during the high season months. On the Night Safari, you follow a member of staff and you must be silent to fully enjoy the experience. It is not permitted to take photos with flash, shout or disturb the animals in any way. It is generally a good experience and great to see the nocturnal animals at their most active time. To book this experience go to Night Safari or call +34 96 607 27 70 or go to any ticket desk at Terra Natura or Aqua Natura.


Holi Festival: Terra Natura regularly has events, but my all-time favourite is the Holi Festival. Celebrating the life of Petita the elephant. The very popular Holi Festival is in the middle of August. If you’re here in August, it’s definitely worth seeing if you can go. The party is included in the entrance price and it’s truly a non-stop party between Terra Natura and Aqua Natura. You can give offerings of fruit to the elephants, music, dance and have a Bollywood party, don’t forget to wear white!




To cool off, why not make your ticket a combo-ticket and take advantage of the great, relaxing water park, Aqua Natura.




Aqua Natura is now open! To book your tickets go to Terra Natura Online Ticket Office!

Terra Natura is a fantastic experience and paired with Aqua Natura it’s a superb day out. Buying our annual passes has been an investment, we can’t wait for the weather to pick up so we can spend the days riding the awesome slides and relaxing in the waters! Counting down the days for long, hot summer days.

If you’re heading to Benidorm make sure you add Terra and Aqua Natura to your itinerary.

Hasta luego,



8 responses to “Welcome to the Jungle…”

  1. lifewithneve Avatar

    I just love Terra Natura! What a fab post on such a lovely place to spend a day out! I’m from Altea funnily enough (legit just down the road!) and I cannot wait to go back this summer!

    Neve x |

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    1. Omg do you live there? We definitely should meet up! Send me an email!


      1. lifewithneve Avatar

        I moved back to England a while back but I go over loads every year because my family still lives there but omg I’d love to meet up when I’m over in the summer! I’ll drop you an email!

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  2. I love the idea of a wildlife park that’s solely full of rehabilitated animals/ not captured purely to be in a zoo! The place looks amazing! Might have to try and get down there one weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a refreshing change than keeping animals for no reason. There have been animals like the lynx that are no longer there as they’re moved to better places and other animals get released into the wild when they’re able to. So nice to see xx


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