Little Mix Experience in Benidorm

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“La noche está para un reggaetón lento”

Benidorm have an outstanding selection of support acts and they seem to get bigger, better and more popular each year.

I have lost count how many stars I’ve watched in Benidorm, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Abba, Take That, Queen and more. These acts truly give it all they’ve got on stage and bring the show to life. Where would Benidorm be without its unique selection of tribute acts?

There was such a wide range of acts to watch, but, there weren’t any girl bands. There didn’t seem to be any acts dedicated to the newer music. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the 70’s, 80’s and especially 90’s and early 2000’s music, but, it’s nice to have a mix! Or a little mix!

That was until the Little Mix Experience came on the scene.

I can’t deny that Alex and I are Little Mix fans. July 2017, we went to go see them at Donington Park. They were outstanding. Party banger after party banger, it really was a mini-festival experience.


So with, the Little Mix experience arriving in Benidorm, it didn’t take much (any) convincing for Alex to go and watch them. So, my mum, my nan, Alex and I all went to Talk of the Coast to go and see the group!

The Little Mix Experience are on exclusively at Talk of the Coast, near to Morgans Tavern.

The show is outstanding, so much so, that people were telling me how amazing it is that the real Little Mix was performing in Benidorm! Now, if that isn’t a compliment?!

The Little Mix Experience in Benidorm perform all of the best songs from Little Mix. You can sway away with the sounds of Reggaeton Lento, Shoutout to my Ex, Touch, Power, Move, Black Magic and more. They really put on an outstanding performance and an unmissable show. I’m already working out when I can go again!

Did you know: Before Little Mix were famous the only place they had been on holiday was to Benidorm? I definitely think Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie would love to return and see the Little Mix experience in action!

Question and Answer with Little Mix

I caught up with the Little Mix experience and asked them about their time here, what they’re all about and what they love about Benidorm. As you know, I’m all for the positivity! 

It was a fantastic show last night, how did you come about the idea of the Little Mix experience?

We had the idea whilst sat talking last summer, Michala (a member of the band) said a little mix tribute would work really well, Benidorm is definitely lacking girl groups. Then, here we are now!

Definitely! There’s such a feel-good factor about girl bands. How long have you all been performing together?

We have been doing Little Mix for just over a month now. We have been rehearsing for at least 3 months prior!

REHEARSAL FUN: Little Mix Experience has been rehearsing for at least 3 months prior. ©Little Mix Experience

I bet, it takes so much to put a show together and you’re all doing amazing. How did you all meet?

Well, I’m Ema and I choreographed the show, then there is Michala, Taz, Lauren (Great name!) and Triana. Myself, Taz and Michala have known each other for quite a few years. Then, David Jon, who produced the show, scouted Lauren and Triana to join. Lauren used to work at the Showboat as a dancer and Triana worked at the Benidorm Palace as a singer.

Wow, all top places then! What’s your favourite song to perform as a group?

Our favourite songs to perform are Touch and Power!

WHO GOT THE POWER?: Little Mix Experience love performing Touch and Power ©Little Mix Experience

Both great songs! They’re both so powerful and empowering songs. What’s your favourite thing about performing here in Benidorm?

Well, the great thing about performing in Benidorm is that there’s such a wide variety of shows. Plus, the people that come here. From hens and stags, families, couples and the elderly.

You’re right! Benidorm is so diverse, it really is for everybody. Thanks so much for catching up with me today. I’m sure I’ll be back to see you guys again soon!

Are you wanting to hear the Little Mix Experience belt out the iconic songs such as Touch, Power and Hair? Make sure you get yourself down to Talk of the Coast and see the girls in action. Like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their schedule and see their photos and videos here: Little Mix Experience.

Catch the Little Mix Experience every night only at Talk of the Coast:

Don’t forget to see Little Mix whilst you’re here in Benidorm!

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