The Royal Wedding


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“Las bodas tienen el poder de hacer visible lo invisible. El amor.”

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably knew that the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan was happening on 19th May 2018.

I wasn’t bothered about it. I didn’t intend to write a blog post about it. I didn’t even intend to watch it. That changed when I switched it on. (Mainly because Marta was watching it…)

I know this post isn’t strictly Benidorm or Spain, but I like to mix things up once in a while. Plus, I watched it in Benidorm… does that count? No, ok. I am posting about the Keeper for a Day experience at Mundomar later, so more Benidorm is coming tonight!

I know the Royal Wedding can cause an uproar. But, if as a taxpayer you can be annoyed at the money being spent anywhere, be annoyed at it being spent on people collecting money when they don’t need to. Think of all the security at concerts and sports events.

Plus, the Royal Family paid for the wedding. It was not funded by the taxpayer. The taxpayer paid the security and the clean up of the city (not the worst thing!). Now, think of the money the Royal Family brings in each year.

The British Tourism Agency reported that the royal family generate close to £500 million each year. Yes, people do still travel to London in hopes of catching a glimpse of them. Or buy a bit of merchandise, or stay in a ‘royal’ room at a ‘royal approved’ hotel.

You only have to step foot in America and there’s a crowd asking you if you’ve had tea with the Queen (If you’re from overseas… I totally have by the way…)

It is reported that tourists from Brazil, Malaysia and Russia are the most likely to travel to London in hopes of seeing the Royal Family. The British Monarchy is a national treasure. It is the foremost of culture and economics.

Royal Families is something that stretches into history, and Britain isn’t the only ones to have one. Let’s face it, if America had a Royal Family, would they have let ‘we know who’ become president?

Anyway, back to the wedding day…

Meghan Markle wore a beautiful dress with a long train designed as a gift for her from Givenchy. Can Givenchy design me a dress for my wedding?? In fact, can literally anybody design me a dress for my wedding? (haha, please…)

The neckline on the dress was beautifully cut and had a loose fitting tulip shape across the hips. She looked a solid 11/10. 


I personally would have liked to have seen Meghan’s mother give her away as opposed to Prince Charles. Her mother sat alone in the church, and that hit me. No close family, no close friend. She was alone. Seeing her sat all overwhelmed by herself with no family support.


Princess Charlotte and Prince George were amongst the six bridesmaids and four pageboys, and each one looked adorable.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 15.39.55.pngScreen Shot 2018-05-19 at 15.39.55

Then, there was the way Harry looked at Meghan. I think that was the bit that got me. There was so much negativity radiating the Royal Wedding and the divide was real. But, these are two people who clearly have a lot of love for one another and the way Harry looked at Meghan just sold it for me.

They spent the entire wedding in a light-hearted way. It wasn’t taken massively serious. They couldn’t stop looking at each other and they were laughing. It was so refreshing to see.

The reverend preaching, although went on for ridiculously long, had a point. Love is love. It probably helped to watch Camilla squirm whilst David Beckham was here for it.

Perhaps seeing Camilla so ridiculously uncomfortable and Kate giving her the most iconic side eye was up there with my favourite moments.

The couple were declared Husband and Wife just before 12:45PM.

The wedding was like a Disney dream. Choirs, cute little children running behind the train and a Prince in waiting.

Just before 14:00, the couple gathered outside St George’s Church, with the most spectacular backdrop. Can I just take all blog photos there from now on!?


Just before the kiss, Meghan mouthed to Harry “do we kiss?” which, let’s face it, is just adorable (how often can I use the word adorable, let’s find out?)


This day was for love. Spreading love. Watching the unity across London, England and the World. It was lovely to see how happy everybody seemed, whatever you may think of the Royal Wedding, it was beautiful.

Diana advocated so hard for equality and stepping out of the ‘social norms’ of the royal family and it’s wonderful to see Harry following on in the same way. I think she would have been very proud.

Did you tune in to the Royal Wedding?

Hasta luego,





5 responses to “The Royal Wedding”

  1. This is great! We had a lot of the same reactions during the Royal Wedding. So happy for them!

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  2. Loved watching the wedding. The Mulroney boys holding the train gave us some Canadian representation. The way the bride and groom looked at each other was overwhelming! So much love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are amazing together aren’t they ❤️


  3. Your reactions to this were so similar to mine! I was totally not fussed about it and switched it on to be in the background and got completely swept up in it and thought the whole thing was adorable!
    Ellie x

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