Add Some Excitement to your Holiday at Karting Benidorm


“El segundo es el primero de los perdedores.”

Yes, literally, being number two is just being the first to lose. I lost.

Here’s one for the thrill seekers.

The summer sun has finally arrived and the temperature has soared, but it doesn’t have to be just the sun that turns up the heat, let the Go-Kart engines roar and heat up too.

During your holiday, you want to find the best things to do, the places to see. You have a brief window of time to fill between getting off that plane at Alicante airport and before the transfer comes and picks you up again. There are plenty of unique and fun activities to do in Benidorm, so it’s all about finding the right ones. But, if you or your kids are thrill seekers and like that rush of adrenaline, then Karting Benidorm is for you.


Go-Karts and the Prices

Karting has rapidly become one of the most popular activities, suited well for those that love a thrill. If your kids love racing games, then why not live it? You can truly feel the speed and the wind rushing past you. You’re in control.

At Karting Benidorm, there are three karts to choose from:

  • Adults – Kart SODI GT5: These have a boost of 270 c.c. These karts are for over 14’s only.
  • Junior – Kart SODI LR5: With a 160 c.c, these are for children over 7, or for those under 1 metre 30 in height.
  • Kart Bi-Plaza SODI 2DRIVE: The two-seater has an impressive 270 c.c, the same as the adults, so don’t worry about being left behind if you have your child on board. These are perfect for an adult and a junior.

Karts are for 8 minutes.

  • €21 adults
  • €18 children
  • €22 double karts

Grab your Mates

Karting Benidorm would be absolutely fantastic for a group on holiday. Stags would love it. With your time around the track being shown as you cross the lap-point it does push you to want to go quicker and quicker each time.


Big groups will love it. You could start a new race on each lap, or make a tournament out of it, or you could have the podium finishers get a trophy. (or a drink!) No matter how you do it, cheering each other on and daring to go as fast as you can to cross the finish line first will make for a pretty spectacular ride.

Groups can also take advantage of the awesome packages they offer, such as a podium ceremony and 12 lap races with warm-up time here:

Our Time

We visited Karting Benidorm a couple of Sundays ago. A filled weekend of Aladdin, shopping, karting. The fun never stops in Benidorm. Especially now summer is here, there is so much more to do, so many more events happening, and generally, people are spending a lot more time outdoors! (or indoors hoping for some air-con).

The Sunday was pretty cool, nothing too clammy or hot. I’m not sure how I would’ve coped with the black thing that went over my head, plus the helmet in the heat. I think I’d have melted.


We went as a pair, and although fun, it would definitely be better as a bigger group. Purely because Alex had no competition. He was more Fast & Furious and I was more Driving Miss Daisy.

I am not a major thrill-seeker. I am petrified of the ‘bigger‘ rides at Aqua Natura, I’m not a fan of theme parks and rollercoasters unless it’s Disney and I’m not an adrenaline junkie.  Flying in a plane is enough for me, no need for me to jump out of it, thank you very much. So, to say I drove as though I was on the road makes for an understatement.

To put it into context, Alex lapped me three times. Three. I gentle braked at each turn, checked my shoulders before I swerved and was actually a pretty decent driver, so women drivers are good, confirmed.

Alex is more of a thrillseeker, kayaking, water rafting, karting, he does the lot. It was cool to do something that is more his thing after he’d sat through Aladdin the night before. Even though he was singing along the whole way through…

Alex’s best time was 32 seconds, mine was 42 seconds. I was waiting for the boxes to appear like on Mario Kart so I could launch a banana or something at him, or I’d get a mega rocket boost… Didn’t happen though.


The circuit is really fun, with plenty of loops and turns, some tighter than others! There are some really good long stretched too, which were perfect for flooring the pedal and feeling the engine roar and gliding along the track.

I did attempt to keep my foot floored on the pedal and take a turn… I ended up doing a spinning circle and facing the wrong one. Full Mario Kart on a banana moment. Needless to say, I went back to the braking before turning! The acceleration is so fast so I didn’t mind catching up a few seconds on the straight!

You can even take a photo on the podium when you’ve finished. Of course, with there only being two of us, I made podium finish…


All in all, it was a super day. The 8 minutes really do speed by. They also have a bar and terrace area that overlooks the circuit, the mountains and you can even catch a glimpse of Aqualandia (that I still need to try!). So much to do in Benidorm, I’ve not even cracked the surface yet!


Benidorm really does have so much to do and see. We have been coming for so many years and there is still plenty more to do and we find something new, every weekend!

Where is it?

Karting Benidorm can be found here:

We did take the bus and then walk from the Rio Park, which took us 15 minutes. But, it does require some off road walking, so save the hassle and travel by taxi!

Be sure to check out the Karting Benidorm official Facebook page here @kartingbenidormOFICIAL and you can visit their website by following this link: (available in English or Spanish).

 Have you been Karting before?

Hasta luego,


This post was made in collaboration with Karting Benidorm. All views remain my own.

4 responses to “Add Some Excitement to your Holiday at Karting Benidorm”

  1. It looks like great fun.If I was able to get in and out of one I would love to race these things xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a good laugh! I can’t believe how much of a wuss I am 🤣 i wonder if there’s someone working on adapted to karts? I hope there is! I’m going to google it haha! Xxx


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  3. […] Karting Benidorm is located in Levante end, near to the Rio Park hotel, or Karting Finestrat is located nearer to Poniente in Finestrat. Both offer karting at a very reasonable price. […]


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