The Q&A/Asa Elliott: ‘I loved every minute of it’

Me encantó cada minuto en Benidorm”

©Asa Elliott

Asa Elliott has taken Benidorm by storm. He’s known for belting out some of the best-loved tunes in Neptunes in the hit ITV series Benidorm. But, today, he’s discussing some of his favourite parts of Benidorm, the perfect day and what he’s most looking forward to about Benidorm Live. 

Asa is best known for his role in the hit ITV series Benidorm. But, he’s also had his fair share of pantomimes and live shows here in Benidorm, too.

If you’re not sure who Asa is, or just how talented he is, take a look at his showreel here.

Since appearing on Benidorm for the first time in 2010, he has gone from strength to strength. Adding emotional impact through the power of his belting voice, aiding the storyline, plus, remember that iconic scene at Joyce and Monty’s wedding?

Preparing for his own wedding, a honeymoon and the new Benidorm Live, Asa managed to fit in an interview about all things Benidorm and you can read just how it went here.

A Question and Answer with Asa Elliott

You’ve spent quite a lot of time in Benidorm over the years, so where exactly is your favourite place to go in town?

I love walking along Levante beachfront. I have walked up and down the promenade thousands of times and always see something new. I like to walk along there late at night when it is quiet, too. The lighting is stunning and I always have to take a photograph. It truly is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to.

You’re totally right. There’s something about the beachfront that just makes it so unique. So clean. So well maintained. It’s definitely a beach to be rivalled. How would your perfect day in Benidorm go?

My perfect day would start with small English breakfast at the Titanic bar, the best breakfast in town, then a couple of hours exploring around the town and walking along the beach. A pit stop at Vesta Cafe for my favourite decaf cappuccino then back to the apartment for some sunbathing on the balcony in the afternoon sunshine. 

Back out for a TGB (The Good Burger) dinner and later on to Sandras to perform my show. Finishing off the evening watching Pablo Bloom performing in Uncle Peds while I have a couple of cold beers! 

Titanic Bar, I haven’t tried their breakfast! I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about TGB, too. Talking of Sandras, what’s your favourite thing about performing in Benidorm?

The variety of the audience. You never know what any given night will bring in Benidorm. Doing thousands of gigs over the years in Beni has toughened me up as a performer. I have done a show for an hour with only 2 people in the crowd and then shows for over 500, you really never know what you’re going to get.

Every day is different in Benidorm, yet nothing seems to change. I think a lot of the readers will definitely associate you with the Benidorm TV show.  Do you ever get recognised as being ‘the singer from Benidorm?’

Sometimes.. usually in very random places. Florida was the most bizarre place I was recognised. I get tweets from people asking if I was in a certain shop or town that day, people are usually shy and won’t come and say hi… (come and say hi!). 

There you go guys, make sure you go and say hey! For me, one of the best bits about watching the show is seeing all of the local spots that I recognise so well. What was your favourite part about filming in Benidorm? 

To be honest, it was all fantastic. Meeting new people on set and being part of something which is so loved by the public, it was one of the best experiences ever. 

I bet. So, the 10th series of Benidorm has just come to a close. Which has been your favourite series to film?

Series 5 was my favourite. The first time I was in a full series and I spent a lot of time filming. I spent the whole summer out in Benidorm and had some amazing nights out with a really fun cast. Endless nights of Karaoke and 6am meals in Peters.

The 24-hour cafe across the road from Sinatra’s? Sounds like you had great fun. Being part of an amazing team makes work so much better! I bet it wasn’t all fun and games though, did you face any struggles filming Benidorm?

It was only the early morning calls for me, I’m not an early morning person. I really loved every minute of it, the crowds were great and polite and we were really well looked after. 

Beautiful surroundings, a good crowd and plenty of sunshine. Can’t be bad! You’ve mentioned the early mornings, how early are we talking? How many hours a day would you film for?

It could be a really long day. Filming in Neptunes would usually mean waking up before 5am so I could properly wake up and warm up my voice. We were picked up from the hotel and taken to costume and makeup. We could be on set and filming at 7am, which is mad when we’re pretending it’s late evening in the scene. I think we filmed up to 6pm so Morgan’s Tavern, the film set of Neptunes, could be emptied and the set and filming equipment removed. It all had to be done in time to be back open to the public at 8pm.

©Asa Elliott

Some of my favourite scenes were filmed at Neptunes, I often found that your music added an emotional impact to the storyline, which is not often done on tv series nowadays, how important do you think music is to storylines and tv shows?

Music captures so many emotions. Most of the songs I’ve sung on Benidorm usually have some link to the plot which is unravelling in front of you. Derren picks some amazing songs for me to sing, none more than ‘I Gotta Be Me’ which is one of my favourites from the show. Benidorm is very unique in its use of music and also adding some reality from the Benidorm cabaret scene. 

That’s true, the music scene is Benidorm is so diverse. Talking of amazing songs, which has been your favourite song to sing on Benidorm?

Windmill In Old Amsterdam! It started off as a bit of a joke song I loved to sing in Sandras bar, then Derren Litten wrote it in to an episode. Ever since then it’s kind of defined my Benidorm career haha. I love it! 

Perhaps, we should revisit that song! You can listen to Windmill in Old Amsterdam from Benidorm Series 6 Episode 7. 

There are some amazing songs on Asa’s Youtube Channel, so be sure to subscribe and have a listen. Personally, this one is my favourite!

You have done some absolutely fantastic shows across Benidorm. Do you have any plans to return, perhaps after Benidorm Live?

I’m sure I’ll pop up there for the odd week. I’d miss the place too much if I didn’t go back each year.

The Benidorm Bug pulls people back year after year. Is there anything you miss about the UK when you’re here though?

Boots meal deals. Oh, and my wife of course!

To be fair, Benidorm is lacking that! We have “Benidorm’s answer to Greggs” and Iceland… But where’s the meal deals?! Now you’re back in the UK, what are you missing about Benidorm? 

The sunshine…. You just cannot beat that Costa Blanca sunshine.

Well, it might not be the sunshine, per say, but Benidorm Live will be bringing a taste of the Benidorm sunshine this winter. Kicking off on 7th September in Newcastle, I know my brother is very excited for it to start. What are you most looking forward to about Benidorm Live?

Performing at some of Britain’s biggest and best theatres. I am really looking forward to the shows in Manchester at the Palace theatre. My hometown theatre that I have seen so many shows at over the years, it’s a real bucket list thing to be on that stage.

It must feel amazing to be a part of something so unique. Derren Litten and the cast are really working on something special. How do you think Benidorm Live will differ from the TV show for you?

I don’t think we’ll really know until the curtain opens on the first show. To hear an immediate response from the audience will be a new experience for both cast and the audience. Up to 3000 people in one room watching the show and laughing along with each other is going to be crazy. There’s lots of music and lots of singing in the show, a real treat for everyone.

Agreed, there’s nothing that quite beats live. I always find there is a sense of togetherness at concerts and shows. People all there sharing the same interests. I truly believe it will be something unmissable.

You can catch the stars of Benidorm, Mateo (Jake Canuso), Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski), Liam (Adam Gillen), Sam (Shelley Longworth), Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) and Asa Elliott as himself by following this link and grabbing your tickets before they sell out here:

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A huge thank you to Asa for taking the time out to fill us in! I would also like to wish Asa and his fiancée, Natalie, all the best for their wedding day on June 23rd, 2018. On behalf of myself and all the followers, we wish you a very happy and memorable day and a lifetime of happiness! 

Hasta luego,



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  1. Good interview Lauren.I didn´t know Asa was a fellow Manc.Love his voice, he can sing any type of music

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    1. He’s absolutely fantastic isn’t he! Xx


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