THE BIRTHDAY DIARY // Dog Beach Playa Mar y Montaña and Puerto Senso

The Birthday Diary

Sunday 24th June 2018

Sunday required some recuperation. After the San Juan Festivities, we weren’t in the fittest state to be exploring. But, days are longer here, so we still had time.

Sunday is made for relaxation, anyway. Normally, Saturday is our chill-out day and Sunday is our adventure day. But, after a super busy San Juan we needed the break.

The Dog Beach, Altea


I have been wanting to take our dog for a dip in the sea for quite a while now. I always see photos of people cuddling their dogs on the sand, running between the waves and paddling around in the waves.

So, our experience may not have been like that but, it was lovely all the same.

Mar y Montaña is not a pretty beach. Unless you have a dog, there is absolutely no reason to make the journey there, in fact, I would advise against it.

The beach is very clean, but, it’s not comfy and it’s not a lay around relaxing style beach. The beach is covered with what I can only describe as woodchippings and it’s very rocky. To the left, there is the human beach, that had nicer views of the port and didn’t look as uncomfortable as the dog beach, but there are still better beaches!

Rio was not a massive fan of the water. He loved the feeling of the waves crashing through his little paws, but, that was as far as he went. No swimming and running for our dog.

It wasn’t a comfortable beach so we didn’t stick around. Instead, we headed for the port.

Puerto Senso


Just a few minutes walk away from the dog beach is the port of Puerto Senso.

We have become regulars at ports recently, purely because I’m creating a post about the best ports in the area. I feel like a true port critic. I may not know much about sailing, but I know crystal clear water and a good boat when I see one.

At Puerto Senso, there is an absolutely stunning bar, conveniently named Portosenso Bar. Located on the edge of the port, it juts out and boasts beautiful views of Altea and I’m pretty sure I could see Benidorm.


We stopped off for a cheesecake and drink. The staff were lovely and it was reasonably priced, considering we were next to a port. There are some wonderful features, like the stone wall that creates a seating area, plus, there is a raised terrace, too. I would love to head back to Portosenso during golden hour, I just know the sunset would be breath-taking from there.

They are also super dog-friendly, too. I guess you have to be when the dog beach is right next to you. There were plenty of dog owners having a drink after taking a splash.

Sunday was a wonderfully calm and chilled out day. Just what we needed to recharge our batteries. Stay tuned to find out more about where Monday took us.

Hasta luego,




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