THE BIRTHDAY DIARY // Sella and Orxeta

The Birthday Diary

Monday 25th June 2018

Monday, my birthday eve. We had been to the pool and been to Villajoyosa for lunch before I went to work, so, Monday needed to be a quiet one. Sella really is just that!

We were going to watch the Spain game and find a little village to watch it in. To find out about these little spots, read on below.

First Stop – Sella


Sella is a municipality in the Marina Baixa area. Filled with orange and lemon groves. So close, you can literally reach out and pick them.

We had great fun trying to pick the lemons, people had already picked the low, close ones, so we were left trying to jump and grab.


Climbing up Sella, it’s evident that it’s a good mountain walk route. Turns out, it happens to be one of the most iconic climbing areas in the Valenciana region.


We headed around Sella, hoping to find a small bar which would be playing the Spain game, but, no such luck. Everywhere was closed up. There looks a great bar that hangs over and overlooks the mountain drops below, we did try to visit but it was closed!

On the first weekend in October, Sella celebrates its annual festival, ‘Festes de l’Aurora’ or the Festivals of the Aurora. With various activities such as the famous Valencian Ballgame, huts, costumes and acts. It sounds like it would be a great weekend, starting from Thursday and ending on Tuesday.

Second Stop – Orxeta

Ever since I posted about Orxeta and Bar Gregori, I have been wanting to go back for those chicken nuggets. They really are the chicken nuggets of dreams. You haven’t tasted chicken nuggets until you’ve had some Bar Gregori chicken nuggets! So, we headed back to Orxeta.

Bar Gregori was playing the Spain game, so Alex was able to catch the rest of the match. I was able to Facetime my Mum and brother on their WiFi, too. Their toilets are located upstairs, and they are so clean. I was really pleasantly surprised, expecting to find the typical Spanish style toilets, so that was a bonus!


Monday was really chilled out, wine, lemon picking and a bit of football watching. It’s funny to think how much you can do after work here in Summer. I used to finish work at around 16:00 and by the time I had dinner, it would be about time to go to bed, whereas now, I finish much later, yet still have so much time to do things! Summer is my favourite.

Hasta luego,



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