Cala Tio Ximo – The secluded spot next to Benidorm

“La Playa Secreta de Benidorm”


If you’re looking to bare all in Benidorm, then Tio Ximo cove might be the spot for you. If you’re a fan of beautiful coves and breathtaking scenery, then Tio Ximo cove might be for you, too. Or, if you’re looking for somewhere quieter and slightly off the beaten track of the madness of Rincon, then take a trip to Cala Tio Ximo and chill out in privacy.

This beautiful cove is situated in the Sierra Helada national park. If you think La Cala de Finestrat is quiet, then prepare yourself for quiet, quiet. If you like a beach bar or a few beach shops, then Cala Tio Ximo won’t be for you, but if being surrounded by steep cliffs and natural greenery is your type of getaway, then give this cove a try.


This small cove, 70 metres in length, combines sand and stones and is highly recommended to those who want some privacy from the long stretching beaches of Levante and Poniente.

This beach doesn’t have facilities. Make sure you come prepared. 

The water is clear and crystal-like, making it an ideal spot for underwater sports and snorkelling. Getting into the water proves a little bit of a challenge though, climbing rocks is required!


There is a lifeguard on duty and parking available.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy Cala Tio Ximo. I could appreciate the views from above and it makes for a great photo spot, but the actual beach wasn’t for me. Perhaps if I was doing water sports, I would feel differently. I didn’t enjoy sitting on a beach and seeing everybody baring all.

We spent less than ten minutes at the actual beach. I much preferred the views from the mountain overlooking the beautiful cove.

Have you been to Cala Tio Ximo before?

Hasta luego,



5 responses to “Cala Tio Ximo – The secluded spot next to Benidorm”

  1. too bad the beach wasn’t really your thing, but you’re so right about those views being gorgeous!!

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    1. Was quite disappointing, but if you don’t try you never know 😁 least we were rewarded with lovely views from the top! Xx

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  2. I love coves, and it’ll always take a local to discover them because they are like hidden gems, such dreamy hideaways, the perfect getaway really 🙂

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    1. They’re so much nicer than main beaches – the water is always so much cleaner but they can be so difficult to find! I wish I had a nicer experience at this one. I might have to give it another try!


  3. […] little further North is the Cala Tio Ximo. This is another quaint cove with not a lot happening. You won’t find any services, so be sure […]


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