Rejuvenate at The Spa at the Hotel Dynastic in Benidorm


Looking for a unique spa experience close to the Benidorm action? Let me introduce you to The Hotel Dynastic and its splendid spa.

There are not many places in Benidorm that can proudly say their hotel has spa facilities on site. There aren’t many that can say they have an indoor pool either. But, the Hotel Dynastic can say both of these, with pride.

This week, I have collaborated with The Hotel Dynastic to try out their spa to bring you an honest review and let you know exactly what it’s like. I took my mum with me and we had a ‘mother-daughter’ style day.


excuse my “full of cold” face

The Hotel Dynastic is situated in an ideal location, part of the laid-back Rincon de Loix of Benidorm means it’s close enough to be in the heart of the action but far enough away that you can escape it if you wish.

Right from the moment that we stepped foot in the Hotel Dynastic, we knew it would be clean and welcoming. The staff are friendly and approachable, I could see them greeting guests with a smile and providing entertainment around the hotel. There was a very relaxed atmosphere.

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The Spa itself is located downstairs. Walking into the Spa reception, you’ll find everything you need and more. It really does set the precedent for the exceptional cleanliness and professionalism.

If you’re anything like us, you definitely won’t have a swimming cap at hand, though if you do, be sure to take it! Swimming caps are essential in the spa area, which helps to maintain its standards of cleanliness. As somebody who studied an NVQ in Spa Therapy, I know how high the standards are set for spas, but not everywhere adhere to this as strictly as they should. The Hotel Dynastic do. 


If you don’t have a swim cap, you are able to pick up yours at the reception of the spa for 3€, [correct at time of publish] you can also purchase Speedo goggles and swim accessories.

There are separate changing rooms for men and women. Large lockers are available, operating with a 1€ coin which is returned to you. The changing rooms are both large and again incredibly clean. Even though the spa, gym and swimming pool had guests in, it was still spotless. This included the toilets, which can be a real rarity!



The Spa area is located in the same area as the indoor pool and the multi-level gym. I had been full of cold for the past few days, so I wasn’t in a gym mood. Though, it was filled with state of the art equipment, treadmills, weights and everything else you’d need to keep your gym routine in place during your holidays. I also read that they even offer pilates, spinning and circuit sessions, which would have been amazing to take part in.

You can find a hydro-massage pool, which was my favourite, a Finnish sauna, a steam room and a Turkish bath. Unfortunately, the steam room isn’t switched on every day and the Turkish bath wasn’t filled at the time, so we were unable to use them.


Let me talk about the hydro-massage pool, just for a moment!

Visualise yourself taking a revitalising soak whilst absorbing all of the benefits of a brisk water massage. Well, at the Hotel Dynastic Spa, you can do exactly that! The hydro-massage pool is made up of with venturi jets, which thrust water and air from the sides of the bath to create a water massage, best known as a hydro-massage. It enables a range of massages, from gentle to vigorous, depending on where you lay!


The hydro-massage pool was both enjoyable and invigorating. Whirlpool baths are known to help ease away aches and pains. It would be perfect for soothing those sore feet after a long night dancing in Benidorm, or those muscle pains from just daily life! Put your feet up, you’re on holiday!


Relaxation, comfort and energising hydrotherapy combine to create a great experience. In the hydro-massage pool. You can lay out on the water beds, lean back into the swan neck water jets or dance around as your feet are tickled by the foot jets. It really is a full body massage in one pool! You might even have a bit of fun wading your way through the pool to get to the other side, the jets are powerful! I may or may not have gone underwater trying to get to the other side of the pool, haha! 

IMG_4634 3.JPG

The Finnish Sauna is located at the top left of the spa area, tucked away in a quiet little corner. The water in the whirlpool bath is a little chilly. It’s not a hot bath, so it’s welcomed considering how hot it is outside! However, the Finnish sauna is a whole different story. A safe sauna should be operating between 60-90 degrees. The sauna at The Hotel Dynastic was safely operating at 73 degrees, which is pinpointed as one of the optimal temperatures.

That sauna glow!

The sauna was quite small, perfect for the number of guests that are expected to use it. We did have to wait for a few people to leave before we went in, but strictly speaking, you shouldn’t use saunas for any longer than 10 minutes, so it’s just a case of being a little patient. The sauna also has the egg-timer inside so you can monitor your time spent. Sauna’s, like the one at the Hotel Dynastic, are suitable for everybody except those with heart conditions, open wounds and babies. Expectant mothers are also exempt from using the sauna and the spa area.

I didn’t experience one, however, The Hotel Dynastic Spa offers a range of massage treatments. There are so many treatments available, even ones with luxurious ingredients like pearls, gold and chocolate. I think I need one of those massages in my life, what do you think?

The Hotel Dynastic Spa was an oasis of calm away mixed with an essence of fun and play. People were having a good time. Although children under the age of 16 cannot use the spa, they are able to use the indoor pool, which you overlook from the spa area. People are happily on their phones snapping photos, you can see the pool and gym from the hydro-massage pool, so it’s a great place to people watch!


As with any spa experience, it’s vital to replenish your body of liquids lost through sweating, especially from the sauna. At the end of our spa circuit, we headed to the pool bar, next to the swimming pool to grab a drink. The entertainment was on, people were splashing around and enjoying their holiday. Up to date, new music was also played which fitted perfect for its surroundings and the modern vibe that the Hotel Dynastic emits.

I didn’t try anywhere else in the hotel, but from the standards of the cleanliness, the amenities and facilities offered and the efficiency of the staff, then I’m certain it would be a great choice of hotel in Benidorm.

You can find out more about the costs to use the Spa at the Hotel Dynastic, other facilities that they have to offer and book your next stay with them by following this link to their official website:

Have you stayed at The Hotel Dynastic before?

Hasta luego,


This post was made in collaboration with the Hotel Dynastic who kindly invited me to try their spa circuit. All views remain my own. All photos were taken by myself or my mum.

6 responses to “Rejuvenate at The Spa at the Hotel Dynastic in Benidorm”

  1. I’ve never had a spa day, but reading this has made me really want to go to one!


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  4. Yes, the spa and sauna are the best for clearing the mind and rejuvenate!


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