A Taste of America, in Spain // VIPS


If there was something that Benidorm was lacking, it was definitely an American diner. We seem to have all of these around the world foods, but there wasn’t any American cuisine. More importantly, there weren’t pancakes.

But, not any more thanks to the opening of VIPs in Finestrat, whose page you can find online here: vips.es/en

We went to VIPS for breakfast, but after such a great meal, we’ll definitely be returning for dinner at some point.

The decor of VIPS is set out, much like an expected American Diner, with booths and colour bursts of reds and whites.


The restaurant has bright, floor to ceiling windows, which let in a lot of light. The view isn’t much, showing the main road. However, you don’t hear any noise from it.

When we arrived, our waitress was attentive from the get-go. She was a lovely girl who spoke both fluent Spanish and English. We did overhear her saying she was originally from the UK, however, had lived in Spain so long that she doesn’t really remember it much.

The breakfast was very filling and tasty. I opted for pancakes with cream and chocolate sauce. I normally love berries and banana on my pancakes so if they brought that to the menu, I think I’d be there everyday!

I also had a very nice chocolate milkshake and a decent coffee. I was also surprised to see that they bought out the milkshake shaker with the rest of the milkshake in it! Most of the time, what fits in your glass is what you get, so it was nice that I could have refilled my glass if I wanted to.

The meal was very reasonably priced. We couldn’t actually believe how cheap it was. We’ll definitely be back for a dinner!

You can find VIPS near to the Hotel Bali, on the same grounds as Leroy Merlín.

Hasta luego,


3 responses to “A Taste of America, in Spain // VIPS”

  1. I may try this place now you have said it is good.I went in the Alicante one and wasn´t impressed with the menu choices or the staff attitudes, they were like the lot in Fosters, bad attitude, not bothered whether you are served or not xx

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    1. That sounds awful! I was really impressed with this one – I hope I wasn’t jut lucky!!! Xxx


  2. […] are part of the VIPS group, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago here: A Taste of America, in Spain // VIPS. Be sure to download their app if you’re planning to head to Gino’s or VIPS, they offer […]

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