What Does The Future Hold For Blogging?

What does the future hold for Blogging?

Since I opened my blog Diary of a Spanglish Girl in January 2018, there has already been a huge change in the blogging world. I can only imagine how different it is now from the past ten years.

It seems like the bloggersphere is saturated and you’re clambering for a spot in the wide unknown. But, does it have to be like that? Do we have to reach a certain goal to prove ourselves and why we’re blogging?

When I made a blog, people didn’t believe it would become of anything. People hoped I’d fail. “Friends” stopped supporting or they would assume I was lying about my views.

I never set out to reach the numbers I do. When a UK newspaper copied my blog post, I was told to be grateful, see it as an opportunity. But, why would I? I wasn’t paid. I didn’t set out to do it. I wasn’t even asked if it was okay. It wasn’t.

I was once part of a larger community, creating blog posts for them. I never made any money, I never set out to make money. But, they saw it that a WordPress advertisement in the sidebar and a company logo meant I was manipulating the community. I didn’t make money. I still don’t.

The bloggersphere may be saturated. It may be expensive to do. But, I like doing it. So why would I quit? Instead, I want to grow. Do more. 

I don’t make money, but I love the time I invest into making something that is mine. I love the opportunities it brings. I love the friends it has made me. I love being able to give opportunities to my friends and family or help them reach their own goals. I love receiving messages saying people love to see my photos, or that they love reading my blog or I’ve made somebody’s holiday amazing or a local business telling me that business has been thriving since I’ve been. I just like helping. 

In the past week, people have bought me drinks at bars, brought over stashes of chocolate and treats (Thanks, Hazel!), sent me coffees (Thanks, Stephen, Jane, Cool FM and Matt!) and it truly is lovely. It’s amazing when people are happy to support what you’re putting out there.

But, I felt like I was missing a platform.

It was time to open a video format. If people love seeing my photos and reading my blogs, then maybe they’d love to watch me on TV too? Maybe not, who knows!

I have received so many messages this week about the YouTube channel I have made.

“Are you giving up the blog?!”

“Why have you switched to YouTube?”

“Does this mean no more blogs?”

In short, the answer is no! So, don’t worry! I don’t see it as a switch, more of an addition. Somewhere else you can follow along with our adventures and our Costa Blanca highlights.

I’ve always loved making movies and photo slideshows. In fact, it was most people’s birthday, Christmas, anniversary present. You name it, I made it. I loved playing around with Windows Movie Maker.

So, it only made sense that we started a YouTube with a similar theme. Something that plays alongside the blog. I know sometimes it’s so much easier to just watch a video and I know a lot of you still love reading. It only made sense to combine the two and reach both platforms.

Now that we’re back to work, it means I have the time to do the writing and Alex has the time to edit videos. It works.

This isn’t the end of the blog. It’s just a start of a new digital era. There will be additional content over on YouTube, but the blog will still remain the same. Posts will still be uploaded on a Saturday and the Learn Spanish, a Free Blog Series will still be on a Tuesday!

You can subscribe to me here: Lauren’s YouTube

Watch our Vlogs below!

I hope you’ll subscribe to me on YouTube, I’ll see you over on the big screen! Yes, we have watched our vlog on TV! 

Did you enjoy our videos? I’ve got a few more lined up coming very soon!

Hasta luego,



10 responses to “What Does The Future Hold For Blogging?”

  1. Wow you definitely have been busy & creative, plus you enjoy what you are doing. Please continue. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! We have been SO busy but definitely love it. We will do xxx


  2. Thank you Lauren for bringing Spain into my life in a fresher way. You’re truly an amazing young woman, who is complimented by your fiancé Alex. Just keep doing what we enjoy you doing and you will climb the ladder of success together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment, Trevor! That has made my day. I hope we do, I hope the future is bright! 😊 x


  3. I love this post and love that you blog for the love of it. I blog because I love it too and despite earning a little hear and there and getting some pretty cool gifts, that’s definitely not why I started. Its crazy that so many ‘friends’ what to see you fail. I love that you’re getting into YouTube as it’s something that I’d love to do too someday, when I have a little more spare time! I’ll make sure to check out some of your video content!

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Soph!! Exactly! It makes such a difference! Yeah they do, it’s such a shame I don’t know why people can’t just support. YouTube is super exciting – you definitely should do it! Xx


  4. What a lovely post Lauren, it’s always nice to know the reason behind why people blog. I got into it simply because I like writing. I’ve been journaling my while life and it just made sense to share my writing. Thanks for such a warm open-hearted post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great reason to get into it! Thanks for reading ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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