The Best Italian Restaurant in Benidorm


“Un deseo de comer comida Italiana”

Italian Restaurant in Benidorm.png

Gino’s Finestrat is seriously a game-changer if you’re a fan of Italian food and you’re on holiday in Benidorm.

Mini Disclaimer: You’ll have to excuse the photos in this post, it doesn’t do the place justice. The light was so dark that it was near enough impossible to get photos! This was not sponsored or endorsed by Gino’s or any other partner. This is solely another visit to a restaurant we love.

There’s one thing going for a bite of pizza or microwaved pasta on the seafront to having a full-blown Italian gastronomy experience in Finestrat. It truly is some of the best pasta dishes I’ve had. I mean, it’s not quite on par with our pasta in Rome, but it definitely tops any pasta I’ve had in Spain.

That’s why it’s somewhere we regularly head back to. This time, we headed back to celebrate Alex getting another year older. I mean, he’s getting pretty close to 30…

Gino’s is a well-known restaurant chain that operates in a few places around Spain, I was delighted when it opened up in Finestrat, right next to Leroy Merlin. It’s quality food at an affordable price. If you’re looking for where to go for a decent, well-priced Italian in Benidorm, then Gino’s is your spot.

Gino's Finestrat Italian Restaurant Neon Sign

They are part of the VIPS group, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago here: A Taste of America, in Spain // VIPS. Be sure to download their app if you’re planning to head to Gino’s or VIPS, they offer some great deals, like the one we got on Alex’s birthday.

I have lost count the number of times that we’ve eaten at Gino’s now, it really is our go-to place. Locally, there is a McDonald’s and a Burger King, but if you manage to get a deal on the app, you can pay less for a Gino’s, and trust me, it’s so much better!

Gino's Finestrat Pasta, Chicken Bacon and Garlic Bread

I’m a big fan of the pasta at Gino’s, usually opting for the penne pasta, with some form of chicken, mushroom and pepper concoction. Alex usually steers towards the pizza. We also always have a starter of bread with garlic, cheese, and bacon. Make sure you get some whilst you’re there! I have a sensitivity to garlic so it usually makes me feel a bit queasy later on, but it’s worth it because it tastes so good!

We normally sit inside in Gino’s and it’s a nice, Italian’esque atmosphere. I really like the decor they have and the atmosphere in there. But, as it was a cool, September evening, we decided to sit on the terrace outside. It’s not the most interesting view looking out to the main road, but this is Spain, and do as the locals do!

Gino's Finestrat Meal on the Terrace

We had a really attentive, pleasant waitress who was more than happy to nip back over, chatting and genuinely making sure we were enjoying our meal. A completely different experience to what we had in Foster’s Hollywood.

The wine is also reasonably priced, with it being around 2€ for a glass of house wine. There was a deal on the app, that is running until the end of the month, where you can have buy one get one free on main meals. Our 30€ bill was cut down to 20€, just for scanning the app.

You can also collect points to get incentives and money off vouchers, though we have never looked into that side of it!

Happy in the Italian Restaurant

Alex enjoyed his birthday celebrations at Gino’s again, it’s becoming a mini tradition to head back to Gino’s for any kind of celebration. Any excuse for an Italian. Does anybody else just think Italy has the best food in the entire world?

If you’re looking for a well cooked, decent Italian meal then Gino’s is definitely worth a visit. The portions are good-sized and it’s very filling! They offer variations of pasta, pizza, risottos and meats. They’re family friendly and do have a children’s menu. It’s also not essential to book a table.


Hasta luego,




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