The Weather in Benidorm in October

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October, the season of pumpkins, comfy jumpers, the leaves falling from the trees and the fire burning in the living room.

Unless you’re in Spain. 

If you’re in Spain, there will be fewer leaves falling and the fire will be the temperature outside.

If you’re planning to come to Benidorm in October and want a bit of an insight into what to expect in terms of weather, then I’ve got you covered.

The weather, life and landscape in Benidorm in October 

kayaks lined up at sports club at benidorm marina with benidorm and finestrat in the distance and the sea and high rise buildings

October is one of my favourite months. The temperature is warm but bearable. The streets are less crowded and you can sleep at night without a fan blowing on you.

It becomes a lot more relaxed here in October, which is why it seems fitting to be able to post once a day, all month. For something a little different, the ones outside of my ‘normal schedule’ will be posted at 17:00GMT. My ‘normal schedule’ will stay at its normal time of 19:00GMT.

The sun will definitely still shine in October and the whole city seems to relax. It’s like the pressure of summer and the increased tourism has been let go and it can start to chill out, both figuratively and literally.

Even better, the restaurants are far less busy and the flights can be cheaper than the height of summer. It’s the perfect time to top up the tan before the long stretch to, dare I say it? Christmas.

The weather is typically around the 20 degrees mark, but the rain might come and drop that down a few degrees. If it’s raining, no problem. Find your nearest bar or cafe and set up for the day or keep a look out for my Rainy Day activities in Benidorm blog post coming very soon.

Don’t expect a lot of leaves to be resting on the floor to be crunched. Most of the trees here keep hold of their leaves all year round. Though you can find some good, crunchy leaves further away from the sea and at Julio Iglesias Park.

Benidorm – where the sky is always blue. 

Hasta luego,

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2 responses to “The Weather in Benidorm in October”

  1. The diary of Ellie Avatar
    The diary of Ellie

    I really am not a fan of holiday destinations like benidorm and places like ibiza or gran canaria when its the peak of summer because 1.) it’s too hot 2.) i cannot stand the crowds!! I do tend to go on holiday just before the summer holidays but even then it’s still quite warm and i have always wanted to go on holiday in september/october!

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    1. October is such a lovely time. So much cooler and hardly anybody around but still warm enough for the beach or the pool in the day 😍 xx

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