Autumn Beauty Essentials 2018

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Thursday 4th October: Day 4 of Blogtober

Even here in Benidorm, I find that during Autumn, your skin takes the battering of the weather. The sea air really does get into your skin and leave it dry and sore.

Early October has always been my time to stock up on products for the forthcoming winter. (because I’m totally unorganised and wait until my skin is actually dry instead of planning a little earlier and preventing dry skin.) 

Temperatures start to dip during the Autumn months, even here and the humidity levels tend to plummet too. The drier the air, the more moisture is remove from your skin. That’s why, in summer, especially by the sea, your skin looks glowing and radiant. From late October, you’re more likely to experience some dry and flakiness,  so make sure you stock up on some good moisturiser – especially if you’re prone to dry skin. You’ll need it, even in Spain.

simple skincare si perfume hawaiian tropic palmers coco butter

1. Palmers Cocoa Butter

The first of my Palmer’s product to be featured. This truly is ​essential for me. Every year, I get through one bottle. Not bad for £2.65! I’ve worked out it costs me 0.007 pence every day to keep my skin hydrated. It usually runs out early October, which is why I tend to stock up now.

The cream isn’t too thick and isn’t gloopy or thick. It has an amazing fragrance, that people are always asking me what I’m wearing because it smells so nice. It cleans up dry skin, really quickly. I tend to moisturise and use it more vigorously on my elbows and knees where the dry, irritated skin seems to be more common.

2. Carmex Cherry Lipbalm

It was actually Alex who introduced me to this Autumn/Winter essential. I am the world’s worst for leaving things too late when it comes to beauty. So Carmex is a dream.

Dry, chapped lips are so painful and it makes me regret not taking more care before. But, Carmex clears up the chapped lips really quickly, you really do feel it working on your lips. I’m sure it has some kind of numbing ingredient in it! We always go for the cherry fragrance, it seems to work more intensely than the other fragrances.


Now, I don’t know about you guys, but does anybody else have like three different showers? The standard in and out, the mid-range shower where you take a little more care and then the full of spa treatment the entire works shower? Bath comes into a whole new category.

Well, the Autumn/Winter months are usually when the “spa treatment the entire works” shower becomes much more frequent. I mean, it’s so cold that I may as well spend some time in the shower where it’s warm. My hair and skincare are thankful for it, anyway!

For the shampoo and conditioner on my a little more luxurious shower, I always use BED HEAD. It really does add the shine. It’s also topped with UV protection and heat protection which is perfect for in Spain.

4. Aussie Volume Gift Set

For my less luxurious, everyday shower because not trying to replace BED HEAD every month, shower I always use the Aussie Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

It is a good everyday shampoo and conditioner that is topped with Australian Sea Kelp so I can feel like I’m doing a bit of travelling, even though I’m literally stood in the shower.

It adds a bit of fullness and bounce, but nothing majorly noticeable. The Gift Set comes with a toiletries bag which is great for storing them in.

5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Formula

I told you there was more Palmer’s to come! I have to stock up on Palmer’s Cocao Butter purely because I can’t be without it. I get a pack of 4, one for my bedside drawer, one for my bag, one for next to the computer and one for my backpack. I think I’d go in to meltdown if one wasn’t at my reach.

It’s a good quality daily lip balm, though not always powerful enough to weather the Autumn/Winter. It provides a good level of protection against the heat and cold, but against the wind, not so much. Which is perfect for here. It’s also SPF 15 so it’s definitely a Spain Autumn essential.

Rio absolutely loves the smell and tries to jump up and get it every time I use it, so if you’re after dog kisses, Palmer’s is the way forward.

6. Armani Si Passione

Ahh, fragrance time! I have three fragrances that I mix between. I hate smelling the same all the time so I like to mix it up.

Armani was one that I only came across this year, after being recommended at East Midlands Airport. It’s such a gorgeous smell that I save it for best. This is the time when I wish you could rub the screen and smell it like a magazine.

It’s an amazing fragrance and the best part is it’s Eur de Parfum as opposed to Eau de Toilette. Basically, it contains a lot more perfume oil, meaning it lasts longer and smells more intense. Let me tell you, it definitely does.

I tried on a lot of perfumes at East Midlands, but this was the one that I knew as soon as she sprayed it that I loved it. It was just put on the shelves, brand new product, as I was passing through so it was perfect timing.

7. Narciso Rodriguez

Another Eau de Parfum in my Autumn Essentials. I like my Eau de Parfum’s, you see! 

Narciso Rodriguez is another perfume that I only use for best. I don’t feel dressed up unless I smell dressed up. I just finished the last of the bottle and it was a minor heartbreak to have to take the bottle to the recycling. The pink bottle looks so cute on the dressing table. So, I’ll also be stocking up again!

It’s a floral and warmly spiced aroma with hints of musk and rose which is perfect for the autumn/winter months.

As it’s another Eau de Parfum, it lasts a lot longer. The 100ml bottle lasted me two years.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

We all love a nice price daily perfume, don’t we? Tommy Hilfiger has been my go-to daily fragrance for ages.

A 100ml bottle tends to last me around 8 months, using it every day, except on ‘going out‘ days which I can’t complain at for £19.50!

It has light tones of magnolia and jasmine, with undertones of cedar and leather. I like my subtle smells. I’m not a huge fan of overpowering fragrances so these three are absolutely perfect to rotate with.

It’s also a good perfume just to throw in your handbag, which is a definite essential when I’m heading out in Spain and the sweat just starts dripping.

9. Hawaiian Tropic

Now, if you’re reading this with no plans to come to Spain, or head overseas, this Autumn/Winter then scroll right on to number 10, you won’t be needing this!

If you are heading on holiday for some winter sun, then don’t forget your suncream. Even though it’s cooler, the sun still has its strength.

We use the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Spray and it’s absolutely perfect. It doesn’t feel slimy or oily on your skin but protects really well. It’s a hydrating and moisturising spray too, so it leaves your skin feeling soft.

Alex usually gets burnt, but with Hawaiian Tropic, he didn’t.

I’ve linked the SPF 30, as the sun isn’t at maximum strength so just a daily suncream is okay for us at the moment. If your skin is more prone to sunburn, then I’d suggest opting for a higher SPF. It’s better to go too high than too low!

10. Simple Skincare

simple skincare cleanser toner moisturiser and day cream autumn beauty essentials

I can’t be without Simple skincare. Some people say it doesn’t work for their skin, but it really does do wonders for mine.

Simple is perfect for sensitive skin, the products give a gentle yet thorough treatment. It’s not uncommon that we look at the cotton wool pads after and see black grime on the pad!

The products are filled wit Pro-vitamins which softens and smoothes skin.

Alex is a gem and will often cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, especially during the winter months. It’s not relaxing when you do it yourself! So, I’ve linked all the products that I use in my skincare regime.

Start with the cleanser, remember to always start from the chin and spread upwards. Spreading downwards encourages wrinkles! Once you’ve swept the cleanser on, use the eye make up remover, if you have any eye make up on. Next, use the toner, again starting from the chin and sweeping upwards. Then add the light moisturiser, with your fingers. I don’t like the rich moisturiser, it feels too thick. But, if you do have exceptionally dry skin, it might be worth using the rich as opposed to the light!

I then finish off with the night cream or day cream.

A cherry-sized blob on a cotton wool pad should be enough to use across the face. If you’re feeling in the mood, you can always spread to the neck and around the back of the ears for a true spa treatment feeling. 

Eye Make Up Remover:


Day Cream:

Night Cream: (they only have a pack of 6 on Amazon, so I’d suggest getting it from elsewhere!)



What’s your Autumn Beauty Essentials?

Hasta luego,



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4 responses to “Autumn Beauty Essentials 2018”

  1. The diary of Ellie Avatar
    The diary of Ellie

    Carmex lipbalm is so good and even better in the cherry scent!

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    1. My absolute fave! Thanks for reading Ellie! Xx

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  2. You should look into the Josie Maran skincare/makeup line!! It’s all Argan oil infused which does wonders for dry skin… I use it on my lips, hair, face, and cuticles!

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    1. Ooh ill take a look!! Thank you!!

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