Rainy Day Activities in Benidorm

Qué hacer en Benidorm si llueve…

Things to do in Benidorm when it’s raining

Don’t be fooled by the endless summer. It does rain in Benidorm and when it rains, it pours. 

When you google “What to do in Benidorm when it rains” or “Rainy day activities in Benidorm” you’ll find chat forums of “don’t rain there. weather says rain but dint rain“.

Now, it doesn’t rain often but it does rain – especially in Spring and Autumn. The rain never seems to end, especially late April. The grey skies loom and the rains lingers and lingers before it finally falls. Once the clouds let go, it seems like it’ll never stop.

Late August usually comes with a downpour and a thunderstorm, Autumn usually brings some wind, heavy showers and spring and late February has absolute downpours. Trust me, it rains.

If you’re wondering why it floods in Benidorm, it’s because of the set of the land. Benidorm sits like a little basin inside the mountain ranges, so it comes down from the mountain and collects up in Benidorm.

When the flooding happens, it’s when the drains can’t cope with the rain any longer, it gushes over the top of the filled drains and starts filling up the streets. It starts to collect up in pockets, the worst affected is usually the Rincon area, La Cala de Finestrat and the bottom of the hill leading up to C.C La Marina.

It’s not uncommon for roads to be shut, which can cause havoc for traffic. If it’s the torrential rain, it’s advisable to stay at your accommodation.

I absolutely hate being stuck inside when it’s raining. It seems that whenever we have school holidays, the weather takes a turn for the worst. Usually, my idea of a holiday dream sipping a cocktail overlooking the beach is shattered by grey skies and rain. But, as much as we’d like to, the weather is uncontrollable.

If you’re on holiday and looking for something to do if you do happen to be the unlucky one and catch the ‘off norm but not flooding’ weather, then look no further, because here is your guide to The Top 20 Rainy Day Activities in Benidorm:

1. Go Bowling

bowling cc la marina

The bowling alley at C.C La Marina is a good bowling lane. It’s nothing on Hollywood Bowl, but it is a decent size with and good fun. It’s a lot cheaper than alleys you’ll find in England. Wednesday is the cheapest day to go.

2. Hit the Arcades

Another great rainy day activity located at C.C La Marina. The arcades are well maintained and there’s plenty to do. It’s located on the roof of C.C La Marina. There are also a few arcades dotted around the centre of Benidorm.

3. Head to the Indoor Market

The indoor market has an array of things to do, all inside. Have a pamper at Hepburn’s, taste the delights Alarcon’s Bakery or pick up some local produce from Maravelles.

There’s also a DVD and bookstore, perfect for game night (you can rent a DVD super cheap which is perfect because you can watch it at the accommodation and hand it back when you’re done!). 

You could also get a book to read at the hotel. Think how nice it’d be sitting next to the window with the rain making that amazing sound against the glass.

4. Head to a Bar

The rain doesn’t stop the party. Find a nice bar with a cover and you can wait for the rain to pass whilst having a drink or three.

5. Go to the Cinema

If you’re after an English film, you’ll need to go to Cines Colci in Rincon. The film (yes, singular! There’s only one!) that is playing in English has V.O.S in the title. If you’re not fussed, you can go to the cinema in C.C La Marina or Villajoyosa too.

6. Shop until you Drop


Basically, a day at C.C La Marina is a good place to head when it’s raining. A taxi is around 15€-20€ from the centre of Benidorm, or you can take the tram for 1.35€ from Benidorm tram station or Benidorm bus station (take L1 to Luceros) or you can take the bus. There are a lot more shops to choose from compared to the centre of Benidorm.

7. Solve a Puzzle at LockDown Benidorm

With three great games to choose from, you and your team will be spoilt for choice. Lockdown Escape Room is located on Calle Gerona and it’s a perfect rainy day activity.

8. Test your Luck at the Casino

Make it rain money (not guaranteed!!!!) at the casino on Avenida del Mediterráneo. Opened in 2004, it boasts plenty of activities from Blackjack to Poker and Texas Hold’Em. Over 18’s only.

9. Head to the Bingo Hall

Eyes down. If you are going to play Bingo, please ensure you play it at the registered bingo halls, and not in a Benidorm bar. It is illegal to gamble in Spain outside of authorised places, such as the Casino or the registered Bingo Halls.

You could also find yourself prosecuted for joining in, so it’s vital you go somewhere that is registered. Believe it or not, you can also be prosecuted for sitting in a bar that is playing bingo, even if you’re not playing!

The legal bingo hall, called Bingo Plaza, is located on Plaza de la Hispanidad next door to McDonald’s.

10. Relax at the Spa

hotel dynastic spa benidorm jacuzzi

Fancy a spa day to escape the rain? It won’t matter if the rain is pouring down if you’re listening to the drips of water from the fountains whilst having a massage or relaxing in the bubbling hot tubs. There are plenty of Spa Circuits around so you won’t have to travel too far. Thai Massages are very common and hotels such as The Gran Hotel Bali, Villa del Mar and Hotel Dynastic have Spa Circuits available at a fee.

Find out more about some of the Spa hotels in Benidorm by checking out: Top 5 Best Luxury Spa Hotels in Benidorm

11. Arts and Science Museum

arts and science museum valencia blue sky

If you’ve got access to a car, or you don’t mind heading by bus, the Arts and Science Museum is mainly indoors and is a great interactive museum located in Valencia.

Please be sure to take a look at weather warnings before making a long journey.

12. Games Night

Pick up some games from the market or a charity shop and host your own Family Games Night. Stock up on snacks and drinks from Mercadona and you’re in for a fun-filled evening.

13. Hotel Entertainment

It won’t rain on the hotel entertainment’s parade. The show must go on. If your hotel doesn’t have entertainment you can head to nearly all of the hotels that do and enjoy their entertainment. Just pay the price of your drinks!

14. Climb Walls

Located in Alacant, Indoor Wall is a popular activity which kids and adults will love. Prices start at 5.80€ for kids and 9€ for adults.

15. A Night at the Circus

benidorm circus act holding flags of the world

Roll up, roll up – the circus is in town. Benidorm Circus is situated next door to Benidorm Palace, you’ll see the big circus tent as you’re pulling up. There are no animals in this circus, which makes it all the more spectacular knowing that animals haven’t been harmed in the making of the show.

16. Medieval Night

The Medieval Challenge Dinner-Show is located at the Robin Hood Hotel in Alfaz del Pi. You’ll go to the ‘castle’ and watch a show filled with jousters, jokers and more. Cheer on your knight whilst indulging in your food. Sorry, no knives and forks here this is Medieval!  The drinks will be flowing and after you’ll celebrate with a good old fashioned disco. Who cares about the rain here?

17. Read at the Library

abundance book case benidorm library

Did you know there’s a library in the centre of Benidorm? Located next door to the Town Hall, the library is open from 8:00-21:00 Monday to Friday.

18. Visit the Museum

Museo Municipal de la Boca del Calvari is located on Calle de Tomás Ortuño. It’s open from 9:00-21:00 Monday to Friday and 9:00-14:00 on Saturday and Sunday. It’s not the biggest and best museum, but it is free so it’s worth taking a look.

19. Eat, Eat, Eat at an All You Can Eat Buffet

Time passes a lot quicker when you’re eating through plates and plates of food. There are lots of Asian All You Can Eat Buffets around which also includes drinks for around 10-15€. Go through the menu and try some different foods – sushi with banana is strangely good, give it a try!

20. Hit the Road

road trip from benidorm driving in the rain

Take a road trip and see if you can escape the rain of Benidorm by going somewhere else! You can hire a car with Enterprise in Benidorm if you don’t have access to one. Moraira, Calpe, Xabia and Cartagena are all good road trip destinations. Cartagena and Moraira are most likely to have different weather to Benidorm.

Looking for more inspiration for Things to Do in Benidorm? Take a look at the Benidorm Bucket List.

Looking for date ideas in Benidorm? Take a look at 30 Date Ideas in Benidorm.

Raining? No Problem!

You can enjoy your holiday all the same.

Hasta luego,



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