A Day in the Life in… Episode #2


This week, we’re in Orlando, USA! I’ve teamed up with Taylor from tayloratdisney.com to bring you the similarities and the differences between living in Alicante, Spain and Orlando, USA.

Don’t forget to read Taylor’s post to get all of the information of how Taylor’s day went!

I am honestly so excited about this one. Disney…Florida…Disney Food…Disney Rides…Epcot, ahhh!

Friday 28th September 2018:

I wake up pretty early today with an arm twice the size than it normally is, thank you to the wasp that decided to sting me on Monday evening, what a nice first day of the working week treat.

sad face wasp sting on arm wearing bershka

Besides from the crazy itch, having to sit with ice constantly on my sensationalised, feels like fire, arm, remembering to take antibiotics, creams and antihistamines – not much has altered!

This whole week has been crazy with the rain, if it wasn’t for the excessive flooding and roads that transformed into rivers up to your knees, it wouldn’t have been unwelcome. The cooler temperatures were actually pretty nice. It’s just the package that came with it.

Where’s the happy medium? Wind and torrential rain with cooler temperatures? Not good. 30 degrees full sun at the end of September, also not good! (when you’re trying to work in the heat of the day.)

sunshine out of the window benidorm spain blue sky

I can’t help but think that when this will be posted, I’ll have just finished an amazing weekend with The Gran Hotel Bali. I’m assuming I’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated, but also I’ll actually have Benidorm Blues. They are a thing, right? I’m getting really nervous about it, I know it will be a big job so I start doing the preparations now.

It’s only 6:00am in Orlando now, I wonder if Taylor is up? I can’t imagine how magical it must be to live so close to Disney to be able to pop in when you like. I wonder if the novelty wears off?

I grab an empanadilla for lunch and my second cafe con leche of the day, which I can only assume will be far less interesting than what Taylor will have at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

I have some blog bits and pieces to sort out and a meeting about a future project, so it’s all very exciting.

I send out a few emails, mainly planning my October schedule before another morning has already flown by. Sitting on the computer in the morning is never lonely when Rio, blog dog, lies down by my feet letting me pat and stroke him whenever I want. He’s a true people pleaser.

Rio is his happy self but seems to have gained some strange paw problem which causes his paws to move like toothbrush bristles. I have no idea what it is and it’s a little worrying so other than booking an appointment at the vets to rule out leishmaniasis which I really hope it isn’t I ask the power of social media to help.

It seems to be dry skin, that can be fixed with Vaseline and socks, which he looks adorable wearing. Let’s hope it clears up.

cavalier puppy in clothes looking confused and a little sad adorable dog

I’m off to work now, listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast, because let’s face it, if Taylor is having a Disney filled day, then I at least deserve a twinge of Disney in Alicante.

Heading to work on the daily commute is pleasant. It’s getting far less busy now and you start to see the same faces. We don’t say anything, but it’s like that reassuring nod. Which is so untypically Spanish. Where’s the big greeting and long conversations?

It’s been a while since we went to Disney, but it is one of those places you never forget. The atmosphere, the music, the smells, the bright eyes. It is undeniably unforgettable. I’m ready to go back.

The train is late by a few minutes, because when is it not?

It’s funny because when you’re a daily commuter, or maybe it’s just me, you start to clock the other daily commuters on. But, you’re also clocking who’s not on. Where’s maintenance man with the bald head today? Hope he didn’t miss the tram. Where’s the girl with the pink hair who goes to the University? Is she off today? I’ve not seen the old man who travels to the hospital every day in a while? Is he okay?

We’re studying flashcards today, the kids absolutely love them. Who knew English vocabulary was such a fun game?

Work is as quick as ever. I’m very lucky to have a job that doesn’t feel like work. I get my timetable for the forthcoming term, the demand is there for lots more classes. It won’t be long before the bustle of October is here and I’m very ready. Though very nervous. October is going to be a big month and I try to be full of confidence about it.

The original plan was to see Christopher Robin at the cinema, that perfectly was released the same day that Taylor is at Disney, but, of course, it’s not released on release day here. Everything is so behind. 

That’s probably one of the worst things. How behind it is. In terms of social media, in terms of blogging, in terms of music, in terms of films. It’s still stuck in its ways. It happened like that before, so it must continue to happen like that.

Carrefour has their monthly food and drink trials and it’s the best day of the month. Free sandwiches, free wine, free crisps, free cereals, free yoghurts. I tried Quaker oats with Greek yoghurt and it was so good that I actually had to pick up a box. It’s not often that happens!

quakers and yoghurt in carrefour

Friday night is usually takeaway of some form night, tonight, it’s pollo a la brasa. Behind the Hotel Bali, there is a takeaway, (or eat in if you’d prefer) chicken restaurant. We had a full chicken from the rotisserie and patatas asadas. It was only 11€. Patatas asadas are basically jacket potatoes, but they’re soft and are cooked in a gorgeous sauce. If you haven’t tried them, make sure you do!

roast potatoes patatas asadas and chicken pollo a la brasa

We then watch the series that Shane Dawson has put together surrounding the YouTuber Jake Paul. I didn’t really want to watch something that gives him a platform, neither had I ever head of Shane Dawson, but it’s interesting. It’s dark. It’s detailed. It’s thought out.

If you’re into conspiracy theories and just a little bit curious into why some YouTubers, especially fame hungry ones like Jake Paul are like the way they are, I recommend you watching it. We were sitting stunned for each 40-minute episode, which felt no longer than 5. There are some interesting comments from psychologists and it’s only going to get deeper and darker.

Alex and I spent the next hour or so debating it. I’ll leave our conspiracies and thoughts for another day…

The whirring of the cars stopped a few hours ago, all that is left is the gentle sound of the curtains flapping in the wind.

Another day has come to an end in Benidorm. It’s time for bed.

Similarities and Differences between Orlando, USA and Alicante, Spain

You might know this already, but the history of Florida ties in very closely with Spain. Florida’s written history starts with the Spanish. Juan Ponce de Leon made the first records when he explored there in 1513.

Originally, it received its name “La Pascua Florida”, meaning Festival of Flowers, because it was the Easter Season.

Florida, or “The Sunshine State” is known for its warm climate and days filled with sunshine, which closely links to Alicante, which also has a warm climate and good levels of sunlight throughout the year.

However, the state of Florida has developed into a population of over 19 million people, which long surpasses the little population of Benidorm. To put that into context, the entire Comunidad Valenciana population is only 4.96 million people. [Instituto Nacional de Estadística]

Tourism booms in Alicante, but is it comparable to Florida? Can we size up to the tourism figures that Florida pulls in? Not only does it have the world’s best theme parks, but Florida is also home to The Kennedy Space Centre, long stretches of beaches, Miami City and the Florida Key’s which are all major tourist hotspots.

In 1971, Disney opened The Magic Kingdom, which was the first of the Disney parks in Florida. In the Magic Kingdom alone, there are a whopping 19,332,000 guests per year. 

Visit Florida estimated that 116.5 million visitors travelled to Florida in 2017, which is staggering compared to the 5 million visitors that travelled to Benidorm in 2017.

Both alike in the landscape, however, Florida is home to plenty more interesting wildlife than Alicante. In the state of Florida, there are alligators, bears, whales, dolphins and manatees among many others.

I remember buying my first manatee plush from Florida and bringing it back home to everybody constantly asking me what it was. They’re similar to a gentle giant, with no predators and no enemies, they’re known as the most docile creature. They’re endangered purely because of what us humans are doing to them. I’d love to see a manatee in the wild.

Just like Alicante, Tourism is the biggest industry in Florida, closely followed by Agriculture. However, Florida also has high contributions from International Trade, Aerospace and Aviation and Financial Services. Business really is booming.

I’ve loved researching into Florida and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Don’t forget to head over to tayloratdisney.com to check out how Taylor’s Day went in the Sunshine State.

Next time, we’ll be comparing the similarities and differences between living in Alicante, Spain and Baltimore, Maryland.

Want to know all about life in Baltimore? Is it all song and dance? How does it differ from Alicante or is it pretty similar? Well, stay tuned because next time, I’ll be teaming up with Elizabeth from moondustwanderlust.com to bring you A Day in the Life in Baltimore, Maryland compared to Alicante, Spain.

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Hasta luego,

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  1. […] Friday here in Florida and her standard Friday in Spain. Be sure to check out Lauren’s post HERE to read about her day and the similarities and differences between our cities. Here’s a look […]

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  2. Towards the end of September by me was terrible in terms of weather too – literal cars were floating away in flood-like conditions because of how bad the rain was! I hope Rio’s paws are all fine now and that the vaseline and socks helped out 🙂 I have only ever been to a carrefour in Egypt, I nearly forgot that it was more in Europe and not just in Egypt haha.

    I’ve always wanted to head down to Florida (I’m in the Northeast coast), it’s like the perfect place for everything, especially to venture out to Disney!! I’d probably never want to leave!
    HOLD ON 19,332,000 GUEST PER YEAR!!! WOW WOW WOW I think my eyes just popped right out of my head that’s insane!!


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    1. Oh my gosh! Sounds awful – similar to here but it went straight the way! Rio is much better – he went to the vets and got a medicated cream in the end! Oooh really?! I didn’t know carrefour was in Egypt!

      You definitely should go! (I know?! my mind was blown!)

      L xx


  3. The diary of Ellie Avatar
    The diary of Ellie

    Yay other post in this series! But i didnt realise florida and benidorm had so many similarities but even still theyre so different!

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    1. I know mad isn’t it?! I’d have never known so many similarities!


  4. Lol, another funny one with poor Rio wearing socks this time :-> You draw the comparisons between the two Spanish backgrounds very well, the difference in size and population not withstanding, their basis of tourism remains the same.

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    1. Thanks again! Yep, poor Río didn’t enjoy the socks haha! Xx

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  5. Just read Taylor’s post, oh my, I so love the series, I felt like I was back in cubicle life living my life in a fun place behind two huge screens, with breaks in between for fun stuff -so surreal Lauren

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    1. Ahhh I love it! So glad you’re loving the series as much as I am ❤️

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