Why You Should Upgrade to a Suite at the Gran Hotel Bali

Friday 12th October 2018

Thinking about upgrading your hotel room to a suite? Here’s why you should!

After staying in a Suite with Terrace and a Suite without Terrace at the Gran Hotel Bali, I thought it was essential to let you know why exactly you should be doing the same. Not only is it a completely unique accommodation option for your Benidorm holidays, but it’s a great retreat for a long weekend, especially if a combination of relaxation and luxury is what you have in mind.

Autumn is in full swing but it has moments where it still feels like summer. That is the beauty of here, there are times when it’s an endless British summer. If you’re looking for an Autumn/Winter getaway or you’re thinking about holidays for 2019, Benidorm should be at the top of your list.

Speaking of holidays though, have you considered upgrading your hotel room to a suite? It might just bump your autumn/winter sun holiday from last minute getaway to an unforgettable holiday. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the beauty that beholds in the suite of the Gran Hotel Bali. Transform your 2019 Benidorm holiday into something truly unforgettable.

If you’re umming and ahhing about spending some time in the suite at the Gran Hotel Bali, I’ve compiled 8 reasons why you should upgrade your hotel room to a suite.

Why you should stay in the Gran Hotel Bali Suite with Terrace

Ever fancied yourself at the top of the Gran Hotel Bali? If you haven’t, I’m going to share with you why you absolutely should. Situated at the top of the Gran Hotel Bali are the luxurious suites, which offer a completely unique accommodation option. The type of accommodation that makes you feel a million miles away from daily life and stress, you’ll be wondering if you’re even in Benidorm, anymore.

The suites at the Gran Hotel Bali include a wide range of services and amenities that aren’t available in the standard rooms. If the thought of being in a suite hasn’t crossed your mind before, it might just after I share with you my Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade to a Suite at Gran Hotel Bali.    

This Autumn/Winter, consider an exclusive suite filled with the best amenities, with your comfort and relaxation in mind. Benidorm and La Cala de Finestrat at your fingertips, you can have the best of both worlds.

 A Unique Opportunity

IMG_2406 2

Did you know the Gran Hotel Bali is the tallest hotel in Europe? A staggering 186 metres tall means the Gran Hotel Bali lurches over the Benidorm beaches being one of the most iconic landmarks of the area. How incredible would it be to be able to say you’ve not only stayed there but you’ve stayed on the upper floors?!

We stayed on both floor 34 and floor 35 and the views were out of this world. There were times when I sat at the window, just looking out and taking it all in. Make sure you make the effort to catch the sunrise, watching the sun start another day rising from behind Sierra Gelada, the sea air brings the gentle sounds of the waves stroking the sand. These are moments that you’ll never forget.

The views from the suites are truly breathtaking, it’s a view from your bedroom that you can’t get anywhere else. The daytime weather in October is gorgeous, it’s that perfect temperature for sitting out with a drink and just enjoying the surroundings. The Terrace was perfect for that, we were able to lay out on the sunbeds with the drinks flowing. Now that’s what I call a holiday.

Bubbling in the Jacuzzi


Yes, the suites with terrace are equipped with a jacuzzi, need I say more? Imagine, taking a dip in the jacuzzi with a glass of bubbly in your hands whilst overlooking the stunning views of Peacock Island and the glistening lights of Benidorm. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, you can live it! 

Up the steps from the master bedroom, there is a comfortable jacuzzi bath. Take some time for yourself, close the curtains and spend the time admiring the view.

I honestly will never forget sitting in the jacuzzi tub overlooking the city. The views, the relaxation, the perfect atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting.

Extra Space

It would be perfect if travelling with children. With heaps of space, there’s no need to be on top of each other and have the tensions rise whilst you’re on holiday. Take the stress away and upgrade to a suite to gain an extra bedroom! You’ll also be able to make use of the spacious living area, fully equipped with a plasma TV, minibar and WiFi.

Movie Night


Yes, movie night is totally possible in the suites! The plasma TV’s come equipped with a DVD player which is perfect for cosying up and having a movie night. It would be an ideal family movie night to keep the kids entertained or have a couples movie night complete with drinks from the mini-bar (extra charge). Don’t forget, just behind you you’ll see the sparkling lights of Benidorm and the array of colours in the sky as the sun sets… Did somebody say relax?

A Sense of Luxury


It’s easy to forget that Benidorm offers a whole sense of luxury. There is a completely different side to the Benidorm that is portrayed, you just have to find it. Staying in the Gran Hotel Bali Suite is such a luxurious experience.

I’m going to be a little ‘old‘ and say this, but the floors are beautiful. Usually, in a hotel especially across Spain, it’s usually tiles or some old looking carpet. Well, not in the suite. The floors are all parquet flooring and it truly opens up the suite and makes it look so modern.

I really loved the green decor splashed across the Suite Miro which brightened up the room whilst bringing in a sense of cosiness.

We all know the flights to Alicante can be super cheap, we know the views of Benidorm are absolutely stunning, so splash out a little bit extra on the room and spend time taking in that breath of fresh air observing Benidorm from what feels like the sky!

Celebrate in Style

Planning a birthday getaway? Celebrating an anniversary? Just married? You don’t need to go long-haul to celebrate in style. In fact, if Benidorm is somewhere you know and love, why not turn it up a notch and spend some time in the suite with terrace in the Gran Hotel Bali.

I always said I’d spend an anniversary in the suite at Gran Hotel Bali and after we’ve stayed there, we’ll definitely be heading back for a special occasion. For the level of luxury, it’s really worth the surprisingly small price tag. We’ve paid a lot more for hotels in London for the night, so it’s worth trying it out.

Split the Cost

suite gran hotel bali bed

Split the cost and head out to Benidorm in style with your best mates! Perhaps you’ve got a close-knit friendship group, or you’re on a couples retreat. The suite holds four people and boasts two spacious, luxurious double bedrooms which both have double beds. Not only that, but it also comes with the grand living space, so there’s plenty of space for two couples to share a suite comfortably. You might want to decide who has the master bedroom first though!

The Views


There’s something about having a gorgeous view that just relaxes you and makes you feel at ease. The Suites are located on the upper-levels so the views you will get are truly breathtaking. The panoramic windows of the suites ensure that you’ll get mesmerising views, from sunrise to sunset.

Take a minute to take it all in, it is breathtaking. 

Don’t forget the suites also come with everything that the standard rooms come with, just extra. You don’t miss out on anything. Pay more, get more. It really is worth it to have an unforgettable holiday like no other.

If standing on the spacious terrace of the Gran Hotel Bali makes your stomach twist a little, then why not opt for the Suite without Terrace? You can admire and appreciate the views of Benidorm whilst being comfortable indoors. You will lose the Jacuzzi hot tub, but I adored the cosiness of the suite without the terrace. They both offer a completely different and unique style of accommodation.

You’ll be pleased to know the suites without terrace are equipped with a small balcony, which offers great views of Poniente Beach and Benidorm, if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Calpe and Puig Campana too.

For more information about prices and amenities or to reserve a suite with terrace follow this link: https://www.granhotelbali.com

What are you waiting for? Book yourself into a suite for a unique Benidorm holiday.

Hasta luego,


All of the opinions aforementioned are mine and is not official documentation. To find out more about the suites and options available, I urge you to speak directly with the Gran Hotel Bali to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date. Experiences may vary.


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