Packing for Autumn in Benidorm

Wednesday 17th October 2018 – Day 17 of Blogtober

packing for benidorm.png

We officially stepped into Autumn on September 23rd, but it still feels like an extended summer. If you’re looking for what to pack for Autumn in Benidorm, then I’m here to save the day!

The other week, I turned to my children and said:

Autumn, the season when the leaves go ‘crunch crunch‘ on the floor. The leaves are brown.”

To which they replied:

ah vale, okay ‘OR TUM’

Then, I stepped out of my classroom and looked at the green leaves flourishing on the trees and it was that moment when I realised, they had no idea what Autumn is really. They just know what we tell them.


It’s funny, because when you live here. You do want a change of scenery, you do want to see the colours change. You want to feel the seasons. But, then when you head back to England and see the change, you’re like… okay I’ve had enough now, back to the sun.

A lot of the time, people are asking me what on earth they should pack for an Autumn holiday to Benidorm. Will they need a bikini? What about a jacket? A jumper? Boots? Sandals?!

It’s a good idea to pack the lot. 

You will want to bring a light jacket, hoodie or cardigan for when the sun dips and the change of the temperature will hit you hard. You’ll also want to bring t-shirts, shorts, dresses and swimwear for the hot endless summer days.

Checklist for What to Pack for Benidorm in Autumn:

  • Short sleeved tops
  • Long sleeved tops
  • Sweater
  • Dresses or skirts
  • Jeans or trousers
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear (just in case!)

Temperatures are generally a little lower than that in summer, but the nights are much cooler. On a good day, temperatures can reach mid 20’s in the day in Autumn, but on the same day can drop to around 15 when the darkness sets in.

In terms of ‘what’s happening‘. Everything is still happening. Bars are still running, as usual, theme parks and water parks still have an operating schedule.

It isn’t until the end of October, that things start to close. Nightlife, although still happening is a lot less regular and not running as late. Theme parks also may close or have shorter operating days, other than for special events.

Autumn in Benidorm is one of my favourite times. I love Autumn clothing and with the perfect weather, it means I can show them off without hiding them with a thick winter coat. The best part is, it’s not long before we’ll be getting the spring/summer clothes out again.

If you’re looking for some Autumn/Winter style ideas, then I’ll be bringing that to you, very soon!

Hasta luego,



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