Autumn Bucket List

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Monday 22nd October 2018 – Day 22 of Blogtober

I love a good bucket list so I thought it was only right to celebrate Blogtober by adding in an Autumn Bucket List.

Luckily, I’ll be heading back to the UK during Autumn, so I’ll have the best of both worlds. Some I’ll be able to do in the UK and some I’ll have to do in Spain. I wonder how many I’ll be able to do!

Carve Pumpkins

carved pumpkins with a skeleton inflatable and ghosts banner

Every year, Alex and I have carved pumpkins together. It usually starts with me wanting to do some extravagant design, followed by trying really hard for about 30 minutes and then Alex having to take over and finish both of them. Either way, it’s a nice tradition to get into the Halloween mood.

Watch Coco

There is absolutely zero chance that I can let any future Halloween pass without watching coco. If you haven’t watched it yet, take the time to do so this Autumn. Get the tissues at the ready and prepare to learn a lot about the Hispanic culture all told in a beautiful way only Disney could do.

Go on an Autumnal Shopping Spree

Who doesn’t love getting new clothes fit for the season? I say this as my wardrobes are both bulging plus a case under the bed filled with clothes and a huge stash still in the attic. For somebody who seems to circulate between the same clothes, I definitely have a lot. So, perhaps I need to have a clear out too. I can’t wait to head to Fosse and pick up some beautiful Autumn/Winter clothes. I’ll be keeping my eye out for stocking fillers, Christmas decor and gift ideas whilst I’m there too.

Roast Marshmallows

I’m not sure if I’ll even like doing this, but apparently, have you even had Autumn if you haven’t roasted ‘smores’? Well, this year will be the year I find out if it truly is the pinnacle of Autumn.

Bake a Pumpkin Loaf

I need to get my hands on a pair of scales because even though my banana bread was good, it wasn’t as good as I usually make. Guessing the ingredients never goes down well. Apparently, it’s not Autumn unless you bake literally everything with pumpkin. I love banana loaves and lemon loaves, so I thought it would be a nice idea to try a pumpkin loaf!

Go for a Bike Ride

tao bikes in benidorm

We went on the Tao Bikes last September and took Rio for a ride. This Autumn, I’d like to head up the Albir cross on the bikes, as it’s somewhere we still haven’t been!

Visit a Fair

I believe sometime during the festivities, there will be a fair or a market that I can head to. I love the small Christmas market that is held at the Town Hall during December so I hope that they will do something similar during Autumn, perhaps around the November festivities.

Have a Spa Weekend

Rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. A quick getaway to a spa is one of my must do’s this Autumn. Looking out at the sea whilst relaxing in a jacuzzi, before heading off to a massage sounds like my perfect idea of an Autumnal weekend.

Have Brunch

Alex and I have been saying for over a year now that we’ll have a late breakfast early lunch at La Falua. This Autumn, we’ll make sure we go and try it out! It’s supposed to be one of the best places to eat in Benidorm, we’ll see!

Watch Fireworks

This one used to be so much easier in England. Bonfire Night doesn’t exist in Spain, so if you’re here for November 5th, don’t expect anything to happen. It’s the same as any other day. There is the Benidorm Fiestas during November, where fireworks will happen, so I’m hoping I’m not working so I can go and watch them.

Go to the Market

when is la cala market? tuesday and saturday! the market at the bay in benidorm

This one is easy peasy. Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, the market is at the bay of Finestrat. When it cools down, I want to do a full local produce shop and have some hot chocolate or a coffee overlooking the sea.

Cook a Hearty Soup

So, about that local produce. I want to make a hearty autumnal soup out of the produce, packed with carrots, potatoes, butternut and more! Nothing says Autumn like a hot, comforting bowl of soup.

Watch an NFL Game

Now, I actually have no idea how we’re going to do this one. Though, I assume Alex will know. We have the Movistar sports package so maybe I could record one, I mean I’d have no idea what the score was because I don’t follow it in the slightest. I used to have a Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt, so maybe I should root for them. Or, Minnesota Vikings.

Here is a fun completely random “FRIENDS” fact: You know in the football episode where they meet the Dutch girl? The game Joey, Chandler and Ross were watching was between the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings.

Finish Reading a Book

I currently have three books on the go. Yes, three. I’m going to make it my mission this Autumn to actually finish the book now I’ll have plenty more time indoors.

Go for a Hike

In hopes of seeing some brown leaves… There are plenty of places for a nice, long walk that gift you with some amazing views. Whilst wearing more sensible shoes than last time, when I attempted to do the La Cala Finestrat mountain in heels… I’d like to walk the park of the Albir lighthouse, or Sierra Gelada or La Cala, or all three! Autumn is a lovely time for walking as it’s not too cold, but you don’t get sweating and out of breath like in the summer.

What are your plans for Autumn 2018?

Hasta luego,

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