The Benidorm Beach Guide

cove with the caption Benidorm beaches and coves guide

Benidorm is one of the most famous and most popular resorts on the Costa Blanca. Though your idea of it might be different, there is definitely “another side to Benidorm” to the one that is notoriously talked about.

There’s no saying that this side doesn’t exist. But, the more it’s encouraged, the more it happens.

The city of Benidorm actually offers comfortable, clean white beaches that you don’t need to fight for space like you see on the news. In fact, there are beaches in Benidorm where you can be one of the only ones there, even in the height of summer. It’s all about knowing where to go.

Levante Beach

four footprints in the sand of levante beach with the horizon

Possibly the one we all know and hear about. It’s the one that’s plastered over the news. The small beach that gets overpopulated in the height of summer. Good luck finding a spot! If you do, you might be a little too close for comfort to the person next to you.

Levante is known as one of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca, purely for its long stretch and golden sandy bay. It is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Playa Levante stretches for over 2000 metres and is around 50 metres wide. Due to the shape and position, it receives sunlight from sunrise until sunset so it is a favourite amongst sun worshippers.

You’ll find plenty of watersports, such as jetski, paragliding and the flying fish. You can also get the ferry from Rincon to the Benidorm Island.

Poniente Beach

benidorm skyline hotel bali intempo poniente

The lesser talked about of the two famous beaches. Poniente beach is just past the Old Town and stretches to near the Hotel Bali. Poniente beach is much quieter than Levante and doesn’t offer a complete range of beach bar services like you’ll find in Levante, however, you will find lots of restaurants and cuisine dinners.

The marina of Benidorm is adjacent to Poniente beach, located in the Nautical Club. It is also the place where you get the ferry service to the Benidorm Island. It also offers kayaking, jet skis, motorboats and parasailing. It is also the place where you can get the ferry to the stunning Tabarca Island in Alicante.

Playa de Poniente is actually the largest beach in Benidorm. It’s over 100 metres wide and 3000 metres long, so you’re sure to find a spot on the sandy, white shores. This beach is the favourite amongst the locals, being less crowded and awarded with the Blue Flag of excellence.

Cala Mal Pas

Situated in between Levante and Benidorm, Cala Mal Pas is a quaint and secluded beach that offers a different pace and atmosphere to what you’ll find on Levante or Poniente.

The water is much shallower and quite sheltered so there are very delicate waves. It is a fantastic spot for snorkelling and taking a closer look at some of the marine life.

It is also where the swimming event to the Island takes place.

Cala Mal Pas is another Blue Flag beach. It’s around 20 metres wide and 120 metres long, but it’s generally not very busy.

Cala Almadrava

cove in benidorm

If isolated coves are more your scene, then head north from Levante and climb towards the Punta de la Llisera. This cove is part of the Sierra Gelada Natural Park.

Although it’s only a few metres away from buildings and streets, it gives the impression that it is miles away from civilisation. You’ll have to access the cove by foot.

Be aware, this beach is open to naturists so clothes are optional.  It’s just 100 metres long and around 15 metres wide. You’ll find a lifeguard during the summer months, but not a lot else. Ensure you pack everything with you.

The water is incredibly clean and clear and the seabed is filled with fish and marine life. It’s a favourite for snorkelling and diving.

Cala Tio Ximo

rocky cove benidorm

A little further North is the Cala Tio Ximo. This is another quaint cove with not a lot happening. You won’t find any services, so be sure to pack chairs, towels and clean water. There is a lifeguard during the summer months.

Again, clothes are optional at Cala Tio Ximo, so keep this in mind if you are travelling with children.

This small cove takes some narrow and winding roads to drive on but there is a small car park just above. The bay is a mere 60 metres long and is a mix of rocks and sand. It is very isolated and a very quiet cove.

La Cala de Finestrat

Although not strictly in the city of Benidorm, I couldn’t talk about the Benidorm beaches without mentioning La Cala.

La Cala de Finestrat is one of the beaches near to the Hotel Bali. It is further south than Benidorm by just a mere three kilometres. It has a wide range of amenities and facilities packed with bars, restaurants and shops. You’ll also find a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Bus number 2 and 3 will take you to La Cala from Benidorm.

It is a beautiful, relaxed beach suitable for families and couples with plenty of water sports available. You can hire pedalos, jet skis and stand up paddle boards. It’s 300 metres long and 50 metres wide so there is usually plenty of space available.

Which is your favourite beach?

Hasta luego,

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