Get Halloween Ready with Escape Benidorm and Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

Halloween is getting closer and closer and if the idea of having no plans scares you way more than the screams of being held hostage – then get yourself down to the Pop-up Escape Room at Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas on Calle Gerona in Benidorm.

diary of a spanglish girl at sol pelicanos An evil persona guards the once children’s park where the sheds that once were filled with children’s laughter are now haunted by the sounds of rattling windows and banging doors.

diary of a spanglish girl at sol pelicanos

Guests at the Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas: there may be a few tricks along the way, but you’re in for a treat this Halloween. 

Using only your brain power, you have to solve puzzles, cryptic clues and padlocks to get yourself out of there before the whole thing explodes – in just thirty minutes.

Want to test your relationship? Want to put your family to the limits? Escape rooms are the way to go. Teamwork is key. Work together, maximise your own strengths and listen to one another to maximise your chances of breaking free.

Aren’t the last minute plans always the best plans? 

On a spur of the moment thing – we were given the opportunity to head down to the Sol Pelicanos Ocas and give the Escape Benidorm room a try. I have to say – it was one of the best yet. If you’re a guest at the Sol Pelicanos, you’re in for a definite Halloween Treat.

The Sol Pelicanos Ocas have really gone to town with their Halloween Decor. No part of the hotel main area has been forgotten. Every area is filled with a sprinkle of Halloween fear.

halloween decor blood bones skeleton creepy chains

halloween at sol pelicanoshalloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

Outside at the children’s hut is where the spooky fun happens. We were greeted by a member of staff from Benidorm Escape Room and given a rundown of the ground rules, the length of time and a little background story. We’d meet again in thirty minutes. If we escaped – that is.

Well decorated and with so much equipment inside – it’s hard to believe that it was a children’s play hut just the week before.

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

There are a few jumps and bumps part way through so expect it to get a little scary and a lot jumpy. The special effects and characters contribute to building a fantastic Halloween experience and one that is totally different to something we’ve done to celebrate Halloween before.

It was great to be able to get into the Halloween spirit. I don’t want to share any spoilers because you’ve got to try it to live it. 

When you’re in an Escape Room, all sense of reality is somehow forgotten. You’re focusing on getting out. You want to succeed. You want to be able to say you’ve completed it. But, when the pressure is added, the clock is ticking and outside distractions are doing all they can to ensure you don’t complete it. You have to push yourself and your team. 

Alex and I were actually good at working together. Alex took on the role of any mathematics and the actual doing. Whereas, I did critical thinking. Thinking outside of the box. Coming up with things a little bit different to try out. I also did a lot of hiding behind curtains, but you know… There was also a bit where you had to work together and we did well at that!

The Escape Room Benidorm was functioning yesterday (27.10.2018) and will be open again on Wednesday for Halloween (31.10.2018).

Will you get out? 

halloween with escape benidorm and sol pelicanos

We escaped with four minutes left on the device. Can you beat us?

To top off your Wicked Wednesday – why not head to the bar area and enjoy their Halloween themed cocktail? There was entertainment going on and football was being shown on the big screen – which Alex appreciated.

diary of a spanglish girl drinking kill on the beach at sol pelicanosgirl drinking kill on the beach cocktail halloween

Want to find out more about the different rooms at the Escape Benidorm? You can read my posts here: The OrphanageZombies, and Cold War or head to the Escape Benidorm website to find out more.

Hasta luego,


I was invited to try out the Escape Room at Sol Pelicanos


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