Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Review from World Duty Free​*

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I recently posted a photo on to Instagram wearing the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro and it definitely sparked a lot of questions. How long did it last? Is it matte or satin? Was it easy to apply? So, I’ve created a blog review to answer all of those questions that got you talking and more.

I have purposely left all of the photos unedited so you can see the colour. There may be a slight difference due to the hues of your computer, phone or tablet and what have you – but I wanted this to be as close to a perfect representation as possible.

I don’t believe in reviews where everything is edited and dressed to the nines. It’s not real. If you trust my opinion and you come here for my review, I will always strive for it to be as accurate as physically possible. 

The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro according to Giorgio Armani is a rich, intense colour, and their first truly matte lacquer. It boasts as being the next generation of lip colour, being ultra comfortable with a velvety texture with a radiant, illuminative finish give the impression of plumped and shining lips.  It states that it is a non-sticky texture that offers high colour for hours wear.

The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro is a really fantastic lip product. I am very happy with it for a number of reasons.

Long Lasting

I was so surprised how long the colour actually lasted. A few people have said that the colour faded for them after drinking, however, for me, this wasn’t the case. I applied the Lip Maestro at 12:00 and when I returned home, after working a full shift in the classroom, grabbing lunch and a few coffees, the colour was still evident.

The Red (#400), lasted eight hours on me with a vibrant colour. Into the ninth and tenth hours, the majority of the colour remained and had given an almost-stained colour.


lauren bate looking straight forward wearing giorgio armani and topshop


Although there was a little fading, it left a lovely bold, hydrating colour which was slightly lighter than the original colour. If I was going to an event, I would aim to top it up around every four hours. Or, for a more intense and bold look, I’d top it up regularly just to keep that “just-applied” statement colour and look.

The Blush (#500) lasted around eight hours as well. Having a gorgeous feel a very subtle tone of colour that hydrated the lips and looked natural.


diary of a spanglish girl benidorm wearing giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review


It stays hydrated and applies very velvety and very evenly. The first application is so satisfying when you see the colour rise and fill the top, you’ll see what I mean! It can be prone to a little smudging and feathering so just be aware of that when applying.


The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro is a very lightweight lip colour that feels and looks great. I love a hydrating and comfortable lip colour and this ticks both of those boxes, so it was a definite win with me.


giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review


My lips felt smooth and hydrated throughout the day. I have recently fallen out with NYX lip colours, I basically bought them all as they had travel names! that gloop together and create lumps of peeling skin. The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro doesn’t do any of that.

It is a thin consistency that glides on. A little of the formula goes a long way. In just one glide, it does the job.


From close-up, it gives the impression of a glossy finish. But, from afar it has a stunning matte finish. I love how the long-lasting colour wears and feels like a lipstick, so it doesn’t peel or flake away and just fades naturally over time as opposed to dropping off or transferring.

swatch of giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review


I tried The Blush (#500) and The Red (#400). I love both of the colours which can be easily adapted to different styles. They are very bold, so if you like making a statement they are perfect for day-time. They would be show-stopping at an evening party or night out.

two colours blush and red giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review


The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, I think, is a reasonable price. Even more so at World Duty Free where you can get it the Duo for £49.55 or 55,99€. I think this is a fantastic deal, considering each one retails at around 36.00€ or £30.00. You can also pick them up individually from World Duty Free for £24.95 each.

Overall Review

I found that the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro liquid lipsticks live up to Giorgio Armani’s claims. They have a beautifully smooth texture and are a good creamy, long-lasting formula. The pigments of the two colours were really impressive and gave a stunning bold colour. I really love the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, they are to my style and needs from a lip colour.

the red number 500 open balancing on bottle giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review

Reserve and Collect

You can save time at the airport by reserving your products from World Duty-Free. You can reserve online and collect the product in the store, which will be waiting for you there before your flight. You can even nominate somebody else to collect your order for you, which I think is a great idea. How many times will I start shopping online and getting my mum to pick it up for me after customs? No payment is required until collection. There are plenty of UK airports that you can collect from including Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands, All London airports, Edinburgh, Aberdeen Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool and more.

I was sent the Lip Maestro Duo Set from World Duty Free that contained #400 and #500. You can get it from World Duty Free by following this link: Lip Maestro Duo

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