The Nomad Factory Bullet Journal Starter Pack Review*


When The Nomad Factory got into contact with me asking if I’d like to review one of their journals, I was absolutely thrilled. We all know how long I’ve been wanting to start up bullet journaling. If you’re looking for a Travel Journal, this is for you.

I have always loved being a little bit crafty. It started off being pictures, then it moved to cards until more recently moving on to scrapbooking. It’s one of those nice ways to document and remember a travel trip. Those ticket stubs, photobooth pictures, ribbons and sew-on flags. I just love being able to look back and remember.

travel bullet journal page with mountains and polaroids nomad factory review the bullet journal

Recently, I’ve started carrying around a notebook. Nothing spectacular. Just something to jot down ideas – you never know when a shimmer of blog inspiration will come.  Usually, it’s on the train. Sometimes, I’ll be out and about and see something that I want to cover, like an event and I want to jot it down. A notebook is just an essential accessory now.

the nomad factory journal review

But, I miss the creativity aspect with a notebook. I was pinning all of these bullet journal page ideas and bujo mood trackers, yet I didn’t actually own a bullet journal!

That’s where the Bullet Journal from The Nomad Factory comes in. When The Nomad Factory got in touch with me to review their Bujo starter pack, it came at the absolute perfect time. It’s an ideal kit for anybody who wants to get into Bullet Journalling but, like me, might not necessarily know where to begin.

Everything that you need to make the switch to a Bullet Journal lifestyle has been thought of.

The Travel Journal is currently available in three stunning colours – rustic, brown and black. The brown was the one that really caught my eye. I thought it looked slick and sophisticated – it looks just as sleek and professional looking as it does online, which I’m really pleased about. They’re currently available in one size. They have “The Nomad Factory” embossed on them which, to me, looks really smart and professional.

nomad factory review the bullet journal

I love how the notebooks and travel cards insert comes as standard, which is perfect. So, if you’re opting for just the standard Travel Journal or, like me, you’re reaching for the top with the Bullet Journal Starter Pack, you’ll have beautiful notebooks and inserts which slot perfectly, all included in your purchase.

nomad factory review the bullet journal

What’s Included?

  • A genuine leather-bound Travel Journal
  • Dotted paper notebook refill
  • 10 coloured washi/masking tapes
  • 4 HB eraser-tipped wooden pencils
  • 10 Staedtler Triplus superfine coloured pens.

The Nomad Factory was also kind enough to bump up my package with a few extras, that you can pick up on the website which included, a ‘Cord Taco’, a few Clips, the Kraft File Insert and the PVC File Insert.


You can pick up a variety of accessories to compliment your Bullet Journal. I’ve got my eye on the stencils and the book darts. The paper refills are also really well priced, so it’s good to know that it’s not going to break the bank to keep up the journal, unlike some other journals that are available on the high street.

Packaged well, it came in a beautiful Kraft gift box, as did the pencils. It would make an ideal gift for the Travel Lover. The Nomad Factory Travel Journal and the various accessories come in a stunning cotton bag to protect them.

nomad factory review the bullet journal with plane at escape lounge ema

The Travel Journal opens to unveil three removable notebooks; lined, blank and grid pattern. I love that you’re able to take these out and have them separate, it’s perfect for when you know you’ll only need one of them.

The Travel Journal from The Nomad Factory comes equipped with a soft, eco-looking cotton drawstring carry bag, which I’ve found has been a godsend in keeping my travel journal clean and safe whilst on the go. You just never know when a bit of rain might make its way into your bag or a pen leakage could be fatal. The carry bag gives you that added reassurance.

nomad factory review the bullet journal and plants

I have become obsessed with my Travel Journal. I truly haven’t been going anywhere without it. It’s been living inside my day bag. The Kraft File Insert has pockets which are perfect for storing business cards, bits of cash and store cards.

Did you ever watch the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie “New York Minute“? Well, watching the movie growing up, I always wanted a planner just like Jane Ryan. I’m embracing it. The Nomad Factory Travel Journal has become my Jane Ryan Planner. Though, I do still need a FiloFax!

nomad factory review the bullet journal travel journal

I’ve added all of my inserts in the book, slotting them in the middle of the notebooks. I am actually scared to undo the string to do it back up in case I can’t thread it as beautiful as they have! I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge though when I’ve filled the notebooks and have to change them over!

It would be perfect for somebody in business, somebody who loves organising, somebody who loves writing or somebody who loves travelling. With a professional finish, it makes you want to document more.

nomad factory review the bullet journal cake granier stamps pizza

I was so excited to get back into writing and crafting as soon as it came. I was straight up to the Craft Box picking out stickers, ribbons, accessories and washi tape to make it look beautiful.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional and sleek Journal then this is definitely one for you. I’d recommend taking a look at their website and picking one up. They really are great!


Document more. Remember more. Live more.

Hasta luego,


I was gifted the bujo starter pack.


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