Jo Totes Camera Bag Review: Allison Butterscotch*


I recently shared a photo on my Instagram of my JoTotes Camera Bag and after the positive response from Instagram and the streams of questions, I thought it was only right to do a full-length review of the camera bag. This should help you make your decision on whether to invest. Which you totally should. 

I had been looking around for a feminine camera bag – one that was super cute, super stylish that looks like a high-end bag but would also keep camera equipment safe with all the padding and dividers to haul photography bits and bobs.

The Jo Totes brand is a fantastic brand that creates just that. Stylish and comfortable bags that keep you organised and professional. They’re perfect for wandering around new cities with your camera in tow, without looking like it! I hate the thought of wandering around a new city getting my bearings and sticking out. I much prefer blending in.

The brand launched in 2009, releasing high-quality bags that are handcrafted using high-quality materials and leather. You can really smell the leather on the bag and the zip is perfect. It’s a YKK zipper and you can truly hear and feel the quality of it. It has that satisfying “zip” sound, do you know which one I mean? It’s a true ZIP.

Each bag comes with extra padding at the sides and the bottom to protect photography equipment. I love that they’re removable and I’m able to use the bag daily. It’s become my day-time bag! It’s perfect for heading to work. There are so many compartments so I can keep everything separate and organised. It’s really light-weight as well and sits comfortably so when I’m walking I’m stocked up with my journal, a jacket, keys, phone charger and all of the other bits and bobs – yet it still feels really light and comfortable to carry.


Jo Totes also have distribution centres across a variety of bases, they have centres in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. I ordered from the United Kingdom base to Spain and it arrived so quickly.

It was really fast shipping, boxed well, so I was really impressed with it. The bag also comes equipped with a handy cotton JoTotes bag which keeps your bag clean and safe when you’re storing it.



The functionality of the bag is perfect. For me, a bag has to be functional. It has to work. I’m not a “bag person”. I don’t have a huge stock of bags that match different outfits. Bags do a job with me. They’re there for a reason. Not for a fashion statement. But, saying that, Jo Totes are functional and make a fashion statement. 

I love how functional they are. Without functionality, it’s just a pretty accessory. But, The Gracie Butterscotch has rolled it out in one. The shoulder strap is really comfortable and perches nicely on the shoulder without dropping. There is also a removable shoulder pad which helps distribute the weight when it gets heavier. The straps have perfect swivels that don’t get stuck or jammed.

It’s stable and secure which I appreciate. I don’t ever feel like it’s slipping off of my shoulders which I really value.



The dimensions are 13″ x 13.25″ x 4.75″. It has plenty of space to fit an iPad, a camera and multiple lenses.

It’s a sophisticated bag with realms of pockets that serve a purpose. There are seven large, spacious pockets. Not silly pockets that you can’t fit anything in.

It’s a great bag for the ability to stuff in all of the camera equipment plus extras. I hate the thought of lumping around two bags and I feel sorry for Alex always carrying around the backpack full of stuff whilst travelling, so it’s great that I can have a bag that keeps camera equipment safe whilst being comfortable to carry.

You can fit so much stuff in, I feel like Mary Poppins constantly whipping out extra bits! The other day, I actually pulled out plasters and a first aid kit?! Me – prepared!? This has never happened before!

It’s a medium sized bag and would come in great for travelling. It will definitely become my hand-luggage bag for flying.


IMG_9902 2.JPG

You can get so many different colour options from Jo Totes, and I am a huge fan of the pastels and mustards that some of the bags offer, I adore the Warm Butterscotch Brown of my bag. It’s great for Autumn/Winter and goes with pretty much anything!


The Jo Totes bags are super affordable. For the quality of the bag you are getting, I really do think it’s reasonable. If you have camera equipment, you’ll have paid a lot of money for the body and the lenses and the equipment, you want it safe and protected.

They are high-quality bags for keeping equipment safe.

The bags are all priced in dollars, however, they are distributed from the UK, so there isn’t any customs charges or anything like that! They range from $89.00-$199.00.


I can honestly say I haven’t had any drawbacks to the bag. It stays in place. It fits my iPad and all my extras. It doesn’t become too heavy to hold. It’s stylish and feminine. The only drawback is I don’t have all of the different styles to change it up every day!


It goes beautifully with the autumn colours and really finishes off an Autumn/Winter outfit, which means you can go out looking autumnal and fashionable and be able to carry your camera comfortably and capture those gorgeous colours and landscapes that autumn brings.

If you want to get your own Jo Totes bag you can head over to their website here:

Hasta luego,



I was gifted the bag from Jo Totes.


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