How to Register for a Public School in Benidorm

how to apply for a public school in spain written on whiteboard

So, you’ve arrived in Spain. You’ve sorted your NIE (if not, click here!), you’ve sorted your Social Security (oops, click here if you haven’t yet!). You’re on the Padron. But, what about schooling?!

The process can be complicated, however, hopefully with this guide, it should give you a step-by-step guide on how to register for a state school in Benidorm.

Completing the Forms

Step one

The first place you need to go is the Education Department of the Town Hall to collect the form. You must take your passport, the child’s passport and proof of where you live. A rental contract is sufficient.

Step two

After completing the form, you must take the completed form to the Estadistica Office in the Town Hall. The fee is around €3.

Step three

You will need to collect the stamped form from the town hall the following working day.

Step four

Take the stamped form back to the Education Department at the Town Hall. They will keep the completed forms and give you a list of your nearest schools.

Applying to the Chosen School

Now, it’s time to apply for a place at your nearest school. It is recommended to take a translator with you if you do not speak a passable amount of Spanish.

  1. Copy of birth certificate for the child
  2. Copy of passport for the child
  3. Copy of parents passports
  4. 2 passport photographs
  5. Filled in application form
  6. Padron paperwork (from Town Hall)
  7. Medical check paper

The school will also require a Medical Check-up to be carried out by the local doctor, this is simply a height, weight check and to see if your child’s vaccinations are up to date. The Doctor will issue a paper to say your child has passed the medical check, take this paper to the school for their records.

The school will then give you a list of the required textbooks and equipment that you will need to purchase for your child. The books will cost around €150 per child.

The following schools are some of the public schools and high schools in the Benidorm and surrounding areas:

  • Colegio La Cala
  • Instituto Bernat De Sarrià
  • Colegio Aitana
  • Malladeta
  • La Torreta
  • Colego Els Tolls
  • Colegio Puig Campana
  • Colegio Serra Gelada
  • CEIP Balcó de Finestrat
I hope this helps!

Hasta luego,



Information correct as of the time of print [June 2018] information was collated and translated from a variety of government websites and asking local workers in education. I cannot be held responsible if any information is incorrect or outdated.



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