Christmas Gift Guide 2018 / Gifts for Her

christmas gift guide for her 2018

christmas gift guide for her 2018

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I know what you’re thinking, not another Christmas Gift Guide. But, I know a lot of the men will have left a lot of Christmas Shopping a little…well, late. So, don’t worry because I’m here to rescue you.

If you’re looking for ideas of what to buy your mum, sister, grandma, girlfriend or wife this year – then I bet I’ve found you something perfect for them, whether that’s a stocking filler or the main event!

A lot of the time, gifts for her are generally harder to buy for than gifts for males. Once you’ve got an idea for men, you’re on to a winner. They’re generally easily pleased. Whereas women can be a little more difficult. That bubble bath you so lovingly picked out just might not be the right scent. That dress you were so keen on? Wrong size, wrong shape, wrong style. That jewellery you knew would be perfect? Never even left the box. Sometimes, well-meaning gifts end up being put to the side, not out of lack of effort, but because she might not have picked it out herself.

Don’t worry though, because this year, I’ve tried to compile a list of ideas that are sure to be loved. With a gift guide filled with travel luxuries, relaxed styles, the perfect candle and crowd-pleasing cosmetics, she’s sure to be enamoured by your gifts this Christmas.

Escape Lounge Visit

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Give the gift of luxurious travel this Christmas and kickstart the next holiday in style. Book them into an Escape Lounge and let them relax before their next flight.

Travel is always one of my favourite presents. You’re giving memories. You’re giving knowledge. You’re giving life experience. It’s a truly unforgettable gift. Book a weekend away and compliment it with a visit to an Escape Lounge for a truly memorable present.

aspire lounge east midlands

The Escape Lounges are fantastic spots to relax prior to a flight, you’ll forget you’re even in an airport! Guests enjoy complimentary food, drinks and snacks, whilst being able to surf the free WiFi, essential for checking-in on Facebook and sharing your pre-holiday snaps!

You can book them into the East Midlands Escape Lounge by following this link: East Midlands Escape Lounge

Daniel Wellington Watch

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Daniel Wellington has launched a beautiful collection of specially designed gift boxes for the Christmas period. The woman in your life will love the classic and sophisticated watches, the Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch is a big favourite! The watches come with interchangeable straps so you can mix up the style.

The Daniel Wellington Gift is a solid choice and is sure to take centre stage with the rose gold watch and cuff. They compliment one another beautifully. The best part is that they match and compliment each other so well that Daniel Wellington has done the hard work for us, there’s no shopping around to finding matching jewellery pieces.

Rose gold watches are a staple and piece and will last and last. It’s sure to be a perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

DANIEL WELLINGTON DISCOUNT CODE: You can get 15% off at the checkout at Daniel Wellington by adding “laurenbate” at the checkout.

Truprint Photo Book

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Gifts should be thoughtful and sentimental. Something you want to cherish. Something that shows you have spent time, effort and thought into getting the perfect gift. A personalised Truprint photo book ticks all of those boxes.

What says “I think a lot of you” more than a book filled with memories and photos from throughout the year?

The photobooks from Truprint are professional finished and a wonderful touch to give a special gift this Christmas. The clean finish, the high-quality glossy paper brings the photos to life adding the easy to use clip-art they showcase your photos in the best possible way.

It’s an easy to use process, with the option to use their themes, it makes the perfect hardcover photo book whether you’re graphic design savvy or not!

The Fudge Kitchen’s Christmas Caramels

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Fudge Kitchen is a part of Produced in Kent, which is the heart of Kent food and drinks. A trade organisation dedicated to supporting the best products. This is how I found Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen has been perfecting the art of hand-crafting fudge favourites for over 35 years using traditional methods and their original special fudge recipe that will satisfy your loved ones this Christmas.

Made with fresh whipping cream for the smooth and soft, it’s sure to be different to any fudge they’ve tasted before!

If they’ve got a sweet tooth then this will be an ideal stocking filler. Twelve mouthwatering luxurious caramels are presented in a solid presentation gift box, perfect for a Christmas stocking filler.

The deluxe caramels smothered in milk chocolate. The Fudge’s Kitchen Christmas Caramels stock you up with two each of their six flavours. Perfect for sharing… or treating yourself!

Options available: • Sea Salted Caramel • Chocolate Rose Caramel • Chocolate & Orange Caramel • Cherry Bakewell Caramel • Speculoos Caramel • Chocolate Caramel 

They’ll be craving more and more. Another box won’t hurt, right? It is Christmas, after all…

Microwaveable Soft Toys


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These cute and cuddly soft toys are the perfect gift to keep your loved one warm and snug during the winter months. These cute and cuddly toys can be heated in the microwave which provides warmth and a soothing cuddle for the winter months.

They’re perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather and need that extra boost of warmth. The best part is they can be adapted for when you need a cold compress too. Pop your cuddly friend in the freezer in a bag and you have a cold compress at your disposal.

They are a versatile and useful cuddly toy that also look adorable on the bed. They’re a great gift for adults and children alike.

I have the cuddly elephant, we all know how much I love elephants! and he’s been the best friend for these wintry nights where I need that extra boost of warmth. He also releases a soothing, light fragrance of French Lavender.

French Lavender is a sought-after essential oil that is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, putting you into a calmer state. If you have trouble sleeping, French Lavender can bring some peace and serenity into your life. The Elephant cuddly toy would be great for somebody who has difficulty sleeping or anxiety. 

Yankee Candles

yankee candle elevation collection review christmas decor

Click HERE to buy!

The Yankee Candle website will find you a gift that you’re bound to love to add a touch of warmth and cosiness, whilst releasing the most gorgeous scents. Whatever their favourite essence, you’ll find it and more all with Yankee Candle.

If their dream Christmas is a tropical one at the beach, then Christmas at the Beach is a perfect choice. For the impression of being whisked away to a tropical Christmas that delights the senses with food, fun and music then this is a perfect choice. They’ll be escaping to a warm, tropical paradise whilst sitting in the living room, bliss! After all, they did ask for a holiday for Christmas, right?

For something a little more traditional, with a modern feel, then Sweet Frosting from the Yankee Candle Elevation Collection is an ideal choice. The new Yankee Candle Elevation Collection comes with a Platform Lid that creates a Candle that fits as part of the decor. Looking modern and clean, the candle will look so good, you almost don’t want to light it!

With thick, high-quality glass adds to the appeal, with an illustrated label and sleek design, the new squared off glass candles are a beautiful addition to the Yankee Candle family.

Sweet Frosting is a delectable fragrance that will fill the room with the light aroma of sweet, creamy vanilla with undertones of freshly-baked cookies. Christmas never smelt so good!

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Colours

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two colours blush and red giorgio armani lip maestro lip colour review

If you’ve booked a Christmas getaway, then the gifts can keep on coming. With the Reserve and Collect service at World Duty Free, you could surprise your loved one with a Lip Maestro Duo Set straight from the airport after customs.

Lip Maestro is a beautiful matte lacquer that gives an intense velvet colour that is amplified by natural light. Their lips will look irresistible and illuminated with either the Red or the Blush.

With a long-lasting vibrant colour, they’re a beautiful choice for a wonderful cosmetic gift.

Virginia Coram

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virginia coram

If your loved one loves treating herself to a relaxing bath or a soothing hand treatment, then Virginia Coram have the perfect answer.

Luxurious organic and natural products from the United Kingdom, they are some of the best aromatic, soothing lotions and bath products I’ve tried.

Pure luxury products that treat their skin with a combination of essential oils and aromatic scents. The scent just oozes out of the bottle as soon as they open it.

After all, who doesn’t want a bit of luxurious pampering to escape the craziness of Christmas?

El Camino Bracelets

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el camino bracelet

Intricate gifts that remember travel are some of the best gifts you can give. Help them to retrace their steps this Christmas and bring their love of travel to life with El Camino Bracelets.

There are always new journeys to make, so there will always be new steps to add to the adventure. Their travel is a piece of them. They should stay with them. Help them to wear their travel with pride and see how much of a conversation starter their El Camino will be. Their travel makes them, them.

You can pick out their travels, whether that’s oceans, cities or countries, you can build the mark they have made on the world and share that with them. You can also get a Merry Christmas step as Christmas novelty.

The El Camino is a beautiful bracelet that they’re sure to love.

Jo Totes Bag

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jo totes camera bag allison butterscotch villajoyosa

If they’ve got some hefty camera equipment and love to travel then a Jo Totes bag is essential, that they probably never even knew they needed!

Stylish and comfortable camera bags are something that is not easy to come across, yet here are Jo Totes to change that! They help the camera lover in your life stay organised and look professional, whilst not having to carry heaps of bags whilst on a photography adventure.

They offer high-quality bags that are created using top-quality materials and leather. They come with a one-year quality warranty and ship quickly worldwide from their various distribution centres.

Kanken Bag


A Kanken backpack is on every travel lovers list, so you certainly won’t go wrong with a Kanken backpack.

The Kanken backpack is a hard-wearing beautiful backpack created in Sweden that has actually shaped the travellers’ perception. No more are people wearing bags that are straining their backs and sitting uncomfortably, after all, our health is the most important thing. Straight backs are happy backs. With Kanken, their backs will be straightened providing a more comfortable and safer bag to travel with.

The classic Kanken backpack is ideal for travelling and daily commuting. The aesthetic backpack will be a big favourite for any traveller this Christmas.

The Little Swedish Kitchen Cookbook

Click HERE to buy!

Staying on the Sweden theme, because after all, who does Christmas better than Sweden?  The Little Swedish Kitchen Cookbook by Rachel Khoo is the perfect choice for those who love to get creative in the kitchen.

With over 100 recipes, Rachel shares the best of the Swedish cooking in a simple and easy to follow approach. Filled with the most-loved ingredients and the must-try cuisine, there is much more than cinnamon buns!

The magic of Swedish cooking comes to life celebrating the seasons, giving a mix of traditional and Rachel’s trademark cooking. Filled with recipes that will delight you and yours from Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Filled with beautiful photos of both the food and Swedish locations, this cookbook from Rachel shares how to cook tasty food, just like the Swedish.

The Nomad Factory

Click HERE to buy! 

What better way to document travels and life than starting a bullet journal? The Nomad Factory have a creative bujo starters pack filled with essentials that will let your love one spill their creativity across pages and pages of thick, high-quality paper, that will bring their travels and thoughts to life.

The Nomad Factory also stock a basic yet innovative stocking filler that women everywhere are going to want, yet had no idea they even existed. Trust me, when it arrived, none of us got it right. It’s now a new game to see who knows what a Taco is!

By keeping headphones untwined, the taco solves one of the most annoying first-world problems. They’ll keep the headphones safe and untangled in a bag, where they would usually form together into a massive annoying knot. The soft yet durable leather makes this a stylish headphone which will match perfectly with the travel journal.

Find Me A Gift

Eric the Elephant memo is a unique way to keep track of your notes, which would be ideal for sitting next to the computer or in the hallway. Instead of being wasteful and using notepads, Eric the Elephant never forgets what you need to remember! Using a whiteboard pen, it’s a beautiful piece of home decor that has a perfect use too!

eric the elephant find your gift

The Scratch Map is something that is becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise why. Keeping track of travel has never been easier, looking gorgeous on a wall in the living room or bedroom, it is a great conversation starter, whilst looking beautiful and rustic. Changing colour when scratched off with a coin, it’s a fun activity to do to share your travels and add a touch of travel to your home decor. It’s a perfect gift for the travel lover in your family.

scratch map find your gift

The Travel Trivia Game is a great Christmas Day activity and fun for all year around. Bored on the plane? This small trivia game tests your knowledge of travel trivia from around the world. The travel lover and trivia lovers in the family will love this game!

travel trivia game find your gift

Merry Christmas!



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