Stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts with Find Me a Gift*

Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers can be some of the most unique and fun presents to buy. They’re those little bits and pieces that the receiver has no idea what they’re going to be. They can be fun and quirky or thoughtful and sentimental. There really isn’t a limit to what you can find for Christmas gifts and is a great place to start.

Who are Find me a Gift?

Back at the beginning of the Millennium, three friends founded Find me a Gift in a bedroom with a dream and the idea of being the one-stop place for gifts.

Ten years on, Find me a Gift has thrived to be a place people can come and find the perfect gift, for all occasions. Stocked with thousands of products and an impressionable number of satisfied customers, Find me a Gift have been delivering perfect gifts for some years now!

What do they stock?

Find me a Gift is stocked full of toys, games, gadgets, personalised gifts, sweets and more. There are so many pages of ideas that allow you to shop in the comfort of your own home, allowing them to do the hard work for you. The best part is they have organised the gifts into suitability, looking for secret Santa ideas? They have a tab for that!

Gifts from Find me a Gift

Eric the Elephant

eric the elephant find me a gift

When Find me a Gift got in touch with me to find out if I’d be interested in collaborating with them, I jumped at that chance! I was given the chance to have a nosy around their website and pick out some gifts that I’d like to sample.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Eric the Elephant memo. I absolutely love elephants and my home is already filled with elephant ornaments, so I knew this combination of elephant decor and organisation would be a perfect addition to my steadily expanding collection.


Eric the Elephant is a beautiful ceramic elephant ornament that comes equipped with a whiteboard pen and cloth. Eric is the handy little friend you never knew you needed. In a world where we need to recycle more, Eric is a wonderful replacement for notepads that you scribble on. Somebody called? Jot it down on Eric and when you’ve finished, just wipe it off and use that space again later!

find me a gift stocking fillers

Elephants are known for their memories, and Eric never forgets! Eric is a great alternative to wasting paper and is an adorable addition to home decor. It’s a win all around.

Instead of wads of paper, replace it with Eric. You won’t regret it. I have loved using Eric and will continue to use him for many more years. He looks beautiful in the living room. He would look perfect in an office too!

Eric retails at £12.99, so he’d be a perfect Secret Santa gift or Stocking Filler!

The Scratch Map

scratch map find me a gift

Anybody can have a go with a scratch map and if you’re considering it, you should go for it. From inquisitive children to adventurous adults, the scratch map is a beautiful gift for travel lovers.

The scratch map highlights your travels in the most beautiful of ways. For every area that you scratch, you will reveal a wonderful world of bursting colour. A world you have created. A world you have stepped foot on. It’s a great gift for your own personal record of your travels to create everlasting memories.

scratch map with find me a gift stocking fillerand secret san

The scratch map is an amazing conversation starter. I can’t wait to hang our scratch map on the wall and see it become a talking point. We all love sharing where we’ve been and what we want to see. We love talking about past travels and future plans. We love to see where our friends have been and what they’ve seen. Visiting our home will start the conversation of “how did you find Budapest?” or “Did you like Lisbon, we loved it, we did..”. We can spend hours sharing travel stories and anecdotes. Hey, we might even pull up some photos whilst we’re at it!


The land masses on the scratch map start off as a neutral sandy colour and when scratched away becomes a vibrant colour for each land mass. There is also a list of regions on the map ready to be revealed which reveals interesting facts about the culture and local traditions!

The scratch map is 81.9cm by 58.2cm and retails at £9.99 being a perfect Secret Santa gift when looking for something under £10, or a stocking filler!

Travel Trivia

travel trivia game find me a gift

Think you know all there is to know about geography and the world? I bet you can’t get all of the questions right in the Travel Trivia game!

This set of 100 travel trivia cards is a fantastic way to pass some time on a long journey or sitting in the hotel room late at night. It’s also a great Christmas game idea! If you’re a travel lover with bags of experience then this is a brilliant way to see how much you know about the world around us.

find me a gift stocking fillers

It’s a super game for learning more about the world around us and finding out about culture and the geographical information about the world. It’s an awesome way to test everybody’s knowledge. They’re not just about capital cities either, there are questions that test national history, local wildlife and cuisine!

No board, no dice and no game money to complicate things or take up vital packing space. Just a small pack of cards that fit perfectly in hand-luggage that test your world knowledge.

IMG_7583 2.JPG

We love the travel trivia game. I am winning against Alex so far with an embarrassing 12-8. We definitely will be playing again soon in hopes to get a better score! I did get the Disney question right though!

The trivia game retails at £3.99 so it’s a perfect stocking filler!

Merry Christmas,


*Gifted by Find me a Gift


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  2. The diary of Ellie Avatar
    The diary of Ellie

    Eric the elephant is so cute and my friend would love it so muhch!

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    1. Hes so useful as well 😊 I love him!


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