When Do The Christmas Fiestas Start in Benidorm?

couple ice skating at benidorm christmas square

Benidorm has plenty of fiestas throughout the year, but the ones in December are always my favourite. Christmas, or Navidad in Spanish, is a grand fiesta and Benidorm really does celebrate.

Benidorm warmly welcomes the spirit of Christmas and the town hall is the place to be.

The Christmas Square is located at the Town Hall, which is also the same place the Kings Day celebrations will be. Parades and fireworks aplenty it’s certainly the place to be during the celebrations.

king's day parade three kings christmas benidorm

The Christmas Square opened on Saturday 1st December at 18:00 with a traditional Christmas carol service. Young children and the general public join together to sing carol favourites with fun and laughter.

The Plaza de la Navidad, Christmas Square, is a place that aims to be the heart of Christmas in a city where Christmas isn’t so traditional. There is an endearing spirit where magic comes to life. Balloons, hot chocolate, stalls and markets. It’s definitely a lovely small piece of Christmas.

Over the course of the month, children’s characters will appear to take photos with the children and various Christmas activities will pop up.

Also, there is a children’s playground with a small selection of rides and my personal favourite, the ice rink. It is one of the best parts of Christmas Square and definitely worth having a go.

diary of a spanglish girl partner and brother at ice skating benidorm

Every day from morning until evening, Christmas Square will host activities and workshops for young children, like magic shows and puppet acts.

king's day parade in benidorm blue sky parade january

Don’t forget, on January 5th, it’s the largely anticipated King’s Day. At 18:00, they will begin the Parade from the Old Town, which then leads into Christmas Square. At the end of the procession, children will have the opportunity to meet and greet with the Magic Kings of the Orient before the fireworks commence and the party starts.

Are you in Benidorm for Christmas?

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2 responses to “When Do The Christmas Fiestas Start in Benidorm?”

  1. Ooh I’m going for Christmas with my kids, where is the town hall and the ice skating? We stay at aqua Delois but can get the bus into town. Thanks Lauren really didn’t know about this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not far from the pet shop and bingo. It’s in the old town – next to the julio iglesias park x


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