The Best European Markets – That I Want to Visit

europe top 5 christmas markets

Have you ever been to a Christmas market? They are a treasure trove of Christmas. It’s like something took the essence, the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere of Christmas and tied it together in a little-hatched market and tied it together in the form of a market.

All over Europe, glittering Christmas Markets take centre stage of the towns and cities bringing a host of festive cheer. They’re a magical place to browse trinkets, look at knick-knacks, enjoy an evening with family and friends, get great street food and embrace the Christmas spirit.

It’s also the place where the best Christmas lights come to life. The lights twinkle above the market to create the ultimate Christmas experience.

Of course, no Christmas market is complete without scrumptious street market food. You’ll find German sausages, puffy pretzels, hearty soups and stews, treats like truffles and hot chocolate with marshmallows, plus the roasted chestnuts. Isn’t that just the epitome of Christmas? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

You can also get sentimental, unique gifts from markets, some which are handmade. Dolls, clothes, trinkets. There is always a great selection. Plus, you can always find beautiful pieces of Christmas decor. I mean, how perfect? Christmas decor from a Christmas market. I love being able to showcase travel, so the next time I go to a Christmas market, I’ll be sure to pick up a little Christmas Decor so it can be displayed year in, year out.

Most Christmas markets have a selection of kids rides too. Although I don’t ride them, obviously, it’s always nice to hear and see the children laughing. So nostalgic.

Then there’s my all-time favourite Christmas activity. Ice-Skating. At Christmas markets, there’s usually a pop-up ice rink. I love wrapping up warm and skating around. Even if I’m not that good. It’s a little tradition now leading up to Christmas. My favourite was Ice Skating at the London History Museum.

Which ones are on my future list though?

1. Vienna, Austria

Known as one of the best Christmas markets in the world, Vienna is somewhere that I’d love to visit. It has over 150 stalls which sell everything from Christmas drinks to Austrian delicacies. There’s also a huge ice rink and a classic nativity scene.

They also offer a game of curling on the ice rink which is something completely unique.

2. Prague, Czechia

After seeing so many updates from Prague, like Chloe in my A day in the life series, my desire to go to Prague grows and grows. The city has two main Christmas markets, the old town and the Wenceslas Square. They’re a short five minutes’ walk away from each other.

The market may look similar to many others across Europe, but they host a wide selection of Czech foods, like klobása. What’s so unique about Prague, is that they stay open every day over the festive period. They run all the way through until Epiphany and even open on Christmas Day!

3. Krakow, Poland

Poland is on my list of places to go and Krakow is the one that pulls me the most. Even better, they have a Christmas market that is known and appreciated across Europe. If you’re looking for a white Christmas, Krakow usually serves it.

They create beautiful hand-painted Christmas baubles which I’d love to add to my Christmas decor.

4. Berlin, Germany

Moving away from the original carols, Berlin hosts their Christmas market with top class nightly concerts which can include anything from traditional to jazz. Berlin is hugely popular for its whole host of Christmas markets, though due to the terrible attack in 2016 it had a rapid decline of seasonal appeal.

Since the heavy works to rebuild the views and safety of the Christmas markets, Berlin is back to its festive cheer. Wooden huts are filled with anything from wood carvings, paintings and Christmas treats that foodies will love.

5. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels have a huge event that spans more than 200 chalets filled with Belgian beers, waffles, chocolate and more. There’s an ice skating rink, a Ferris Wheel, light shows and a breathtaking Christmas tree.

I could definitely see myself drinking a mug of hot chocolate eating my body weight in waffles before heading on to the ice rink in Brussels. I’d make sure to meet up with a few friends whilst I’m over there and take a look at the EU building. Should I pack my bags now?

Are you off to a Christmas market this Winter?
I’ll be off to the one in Benidorm whilst dreaming of all of these.

Hasta luego,


christmas markets in europe that you must visit

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