Spanish New Year’s Eve Traditions

Spanish new year's eve traditions cava

In Spain, the 31st of December is just as special as it is around the world. If you’re celebrating “Nochevieja” here in Benidorm or Spain, it’s a good idea to get yourself accustomed to some of the traditions that happen to welcome in the new year.

You may have already heard about “the lucky 12 grapes”, but love, luck and prosperity come with a whole host of traditions and superstitions.

Here are the Spanish New Year’s Eve traditions that could bring you some luck in 2019:

12 Lucky Grapes

green grapes lucky in spain

As the clock strikes midnight, one by one, as the bells chime in the clock tower of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, you’ll need to eat a grape on each stroke. It’s harder than it sounds. These grapes are typically seeded grapes too. Each grape represents a month of the year. The legend states that you should finish eating all 12 grapes before the bells finish chiming.

It usually ends with barrels of laughter as everybody tries to race each other and actually get the grapes down. I’ve not completed it yet!

Wear Red Underwear

If you’re looking to be lucky in love this year, then make sure you open 2019 wearing some bold, red underwear. Apparently, Cupid will notice your underwear and lead you to your other half in the new year.


A few days before the New Year’s Celebration it is the draw of El Gordo. Some people believe that rubbing their lottery ticket on a bald man’s head or on a pregnant woman’s belly might bring them some luck!

Toast with Cava

cava drinking on balcony for NYE

Now, isn’t this one we can all get on board with? I don’t even need a reason, I’m in.

Good fortune is one of the biggest wishes for most in a New Year, with many trying their luck at the lottery and the El Gordo, there’s always next year... In Spain, people drop a gold ring or coin into a glass of cava before their toasting. If you’re married, you usually drop your wedding ring into the cava glass before toasting.

Start on the Right Foot

The first step is to start the year on the right foot. Make sure you place your right foot in front of your left whilst you eat your 12 grapes this New Year’s Eve in order to maximise your chance of love, fortune and luck in 2019!

Will you be celebrating Nochevieja here this year?

Hasta luego,





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