Where to go for a Christmas Gala Menu in Benidorm


Christmas is a time to be spent with family and friends, enjoying the festivities. The run-up to Christmas and through to the New Year can be celebrated in Benidorm in just as special way as at home.

This Christmas, you could be celebrating at a Christmas Gala in Benidorm.

If you’ve chosen to ditch the cold and head out for some winter sun, you’re probably searching for where you can find a Christmas Dinner. After all, hotels don’t come with a kitchen!

Fortunately, with plenty of choices of hotels, restaurants and, of course, Benidorm palace, you’ll find a Christmas Gala menu perfect for you and your family.

There are plenty of hotels that are currently offering a Christmas Gala Menu. These include Hotel Presidente, Hotel Ambassador Playa I&II, Riviera Beachotel, Hotel Don Pancho and the Servigroup hotels. I will update this as more information is sent to me.

Gala menus are usually a succulent and extravagant menu filled with meats, fish, seafood, starters and more. The dinners are usually brought to life with live music to add to the party atmosphere.


The Gala menus in Benidorm are not just for Christmas though, if you’re here for New Year’s Eve, the same will happen. There will be a different, but equally as special, menu for the celebration of the last day of the year. You may also receive an open bar from the hotel and lucky grapes. There will be plenty of dancing and music too!

Please check with your hotel if they are offering the gala menu. Some hotels charge extra for their gala menus.

Your hotel isn’t offering a gala menu? Don’t worry! You can find gala menus across bars and restaurants, they will advertise that they are offering a gala menu either on social media or outside their business.

You can also celebrate and enjoy a quality gala menu at the Benidorm Palace. A gala dinner and show for 68€ for adults and 30€ for children, which is very reasonable.

Most gala menus will be around 50-80€ per person.

Feliz Navidad!



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