The Ultimate Travellers Backpack – Kånken Backpack Review*

In 1978, Fjällräven, a company based in Sweden, launched the rectangular two strap alternative to the common over-the-shoulder school bags. Their goal? To prevent back problems from developing at an early age.

Now, Kånken has straightened backs across the world and has become one of Fjällräven’s most beloved products. It’s perfect for daily commutes and travelling.

Comfort is Key


Comfort is one of the key aspects to me and why Kånken just stands out as being the ultimate traveller’s backpack. A lot of us are carrying around heaps of things, day in, day out, unknowingly to us adding excess strain and long-term damage to our back, neck and shoulders. How often do we throw a backpack on and it’s filled with equipment, phones, snacks, money, keys and all the rest? It all adds to the weight. The backpack then sits in the incorrect position and without us even knowing, it’s causing damage.

Kånken’s feel so much more comfortable than previous backpacks I have had. I have already noticed a difference in not only reduced lower back pain but also better posture!

Mountains kanken backpack adventure girl lake

The straps of the Kånken backpack are thin, which removes that impression of a “child’s backpack”. But, what’s so great about them, is they really are suitable for the whole family. Back to School bag? Kånken is perfect. Going travelling? Kånken in perfect. They are so versatile which is what I prioritise with a bag.

kånken backpack in moraira

I had reservations in the past that Kånken backpacks may dig into my shoulders or cause pain due to the thinner straps, but, once I tried it on, all of those concerns disappeared. The weight is so evenly distributed and it just makes for an all-around great backpack.

Dimensions x Dimensions

Mountains kanken backpack adventure girl lake

A practically perfect size, the Kånken backpack easily holds an iPad, A4 writing pads, a water bottle, compact umbrella, purse, headphones, and lunch, which still leaves room to add in extras. Pieces from the Kånken Essentials pack also fit comfortably inside.

I was always concerned with backpacks, especially if I’m planning to travel in a busy metro or bus whilst travelling. However, the Kånken backpack has a slim, minute profile so whilst walking in crowded places or standing on a busy tram, there are fewer concerns about accidentally knocking somebody like you would with a big bulky backpack.

Depth: 13 cm
Height: 38 cm
Width: 27 cm
Volume: 16 L
Weight: 300 g
Material: Vinylon F

Colour the Rainbow

Colours don’t belong in just nature, neither are they reserved for rainbows, butterflies, and children. In fact, Kånken comes in 54 colours, six sizes, and three material versions. That’s right, you’re guaranteed to find a colour you love.

kånken backpack in moraira cavalier king charles spaniel cuddle

I chose my Kånken in Space Grey. I thought it would be a great colour that would just get better with age. The more worn it looks, the more Nordic and loved it will look.

In a Material World

Mountains kanken backpack adventure girl lake

I couldn’t think of anything punny that pulled the right threads for a material title, so I went for Madonna lyrics (see what I did there?). The material is hard-wearing and lightweight that has the ability to withstand dirt.  Concerned about your Kånken getting ruined in the rain? Worry no more. The Vinylon material is water resistant to the rain.

What’s the Kånken Essentials Kit?


I was thrilled when Kånken asked me if I’d like to give their Essentials Kit a whirl. When they say Essentials, they really do mean it! The products that are included are equally suited for days out, hikes and travelling long-term.

The Kånken Essentials purse was a great addition. I’ve been looking for ways to carry my own travel documents and money. I didn’t want to use my daily purse, I wanted one specifically for travelling, but the ones I were looking at were either too bulky, too small or not long-lasting. It seemed counteractive to purchase a purse that didn’t look very… me. Whereas the Kånken purse carries my travel documentation safely and keeps my money separate whilst still being a well-loved style that suits my personality and likes.

Another great addition to the Kånken essentials kit is the Kånken Cooler Bag, which I don’t yet have but intend to get. The inside comes with a zip pocket that can fit a soft ice pack (not included) that is ideal for long walks in the mountains. It’d be fantastic for packing up drinks and food for a picnic on the way. It’s a soft cooler bag that has the same well-loved design and features of the Kånken backpack so they would match well. I’ll be getting one of these on payday!


Kånken Toiletry Bag, this is one that I have been loving. There are several pockets both with zips and open that make organising toiletries easy. It fits well into the Kånken backpack and is ideal for keeping shampoos, conditioners, and makeup altogether instead of scattered across separate bags. Yep, I used to do that. It comes with a handle too which makes carrying and hanging easy. It’s perfect for travelling now the new policy allows you to pack liquids in your checked-in hand luggage suitcase. Känken were also kind enough to send me a rustic complimentary yellow keyring.


Why I Love the Kånken Backpack

Aesthetically pleasing yet functional, the Kånken backpack has a fantastic design. If you’re not familiar with how they are designed, it’s a squared-off style bag, which definitely captures the Nordic origin.

kånken backpack in moraira cavalier king charles spaniel

I am in love with the style and colour of my Kånken backpack and I adore the matching essential kit pieces. I have used the toiletry bag the most frequently. But, saying that, the purse is functional when it’s needed whilst travelling and the keyring is super cute!

Mountains kanken backpack adventure girl lake

I am really loving the name label that is located inside the Kånken products. They just make it feel more yours. Kånken allows you to express yourself and be yourself whilst making you feel part of something much bigger.

If you’re thinking about investing in a Kånken backpack, I would urge you to go for it. They’re practical yet beautiful. With a reflective logo on the front too, they provide that element of safety too.

Kånken: For those who love to explore. 


I was gifted all of the products mentioned above, however, this is no way alters my views. I reached out to Fjällräven due to loving their products.

2 responses to “The Ultimate Travellers Backpack – Kånken Backpack Review*”

  1. Lovely review! I love the look of these bags but they’re way too expensive on a student budget 😢

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    1. I was so grateful when I got offered the collaboration so I know exactly what you mean! I was always on the fence about whether to save up for one. I do think they’re a great investment for travelling (I’d love if they were completely water resistant as that’s the only downfall I’ve found!)

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