Christmas Chocolate​ Box Tradition

Christmas Eve boxes with chocolate traditions for children Thornton’s chocolate cheeky elf hotel chocolat

Christmas traditions are one of my favourite things about Christmas. With the growth of Christmas Eve Boxes and the popularity of them online, I thought it would be nice to share our own Christmas Box tradition that differs so greatly to the Christmas Eve Boxes.

Christmas traditions are some of the most loved parts about Christmas. Something that happens year in year out but it’s still just as magical as the previous. In Alex’s family, they have the chocolate coins and socks which I know his entire family cherish.

In our family, we have a chocolate box.

A few years back, my mum shared a tradition that they had whilst she was growing up: The Christmas Chocolate Box.

Each year, my Nan would fill a box with chocolates and treats to open on Christmas Day. Putting them inside a shoe box and wrapped up. If I remember correctly, there were 52 bars of chocolate, one to represent each week of the year. I’m sure my mum and nan will correct me if I’m wrong. I decided I wanted to start the same for my younger brother.

Needless to say, sentimental gifts are the best. Well, on par, I mean I love a camera and an iPad more than the next person! Each year, finding a shoe box to decorate and fill with my brother’s favourite treats is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. It’s easy Christmas shopping – I know exactly what I’m looking for!

A few years ago, we were broken into on Christmas Eve. Cameras, laptops, clothes, presents. Everything was gone. Yet, one of the things I was most upset about wasn’t my own presents going: I was upset about everybody else’s. I was upset about Oliver’s Christmas box going. We made sure, as soon as we were home, to create another Christmas chocolate box for him. Traditions are special.

When he was younger, I used to sign off the box from his favourite characters. Now, it’s simply from us. I like the crafty aspect of decorating the box, whilst the purpose stays the same. I won’t post photos of him when he was younger with them, but, it was cute!

Christmas Chocolate Boxes are so easy to make. From getting an old shoe box, or a crate, adding in a little tissue paper and stocking up on their favourite goodies, you have the best selection box there is. There aren’t any of the naff chocolates that they don’t like included. Mixing and Matching with sweets and chocolates keeps it interesting.

In reality, they’re more cost effective than selection boxes. Although they don’t come with Christmas wrapping, you get a lot more treats for your money. Multipacks of Haribo, bars of Cadbury fun-size treats and much more can be stuffed in. You create the selection. You create the decoration. It’s packed full of their favourites.

If you’re not into making your own Christmas Box, there is another alternative. Across the internet, there are pages and pages of building your own treat box. Many companies offer their own build your own selection box online.

What’s in the Christmas box?

This year, we have adapted and created a Christmas hamper for my brother. Filling a wicker basket, complete with rustic paper shavings and a cellophane exterior. A kit that we bought from Wilkinsons.

Thornton’s Cheeky Elf

This Christmas, Thornton’s have created a new addition to the Christmas models. The Cheeky Elf is a sweet yet mischevious little fella who would make a perfect stocking filler or addition to a chocolate box like ours.

christmas flatly with elf movie and chocolate stocking

The 200g Cheeky Elf is carefully made with intricate detail with delicious Thornton’s milk chocolate and a mouthwatering white chocolate collar. He wears the cutest red striped trousers which demonstrate the level of intricacy.


chocolate christmas box thorntons cheeky elf P1020253P1020257

We love adding Thornton’s to the chocolate box, it’s a staple chocolate brand that you know exactly what you’ll be getting. You know it’s going to be delicious, high-quality and very well priced. All chocolate figures from Thorton’s are suitable for vegetarians. The 200g Cheeky Elf retails at £5.00.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a brand that I haven’t really tried much, so I thought this year it would be nice to add it to the chocolate box… in hopes, Oliver might share a bit with me. We picked up the chocolate coins and a chocolate Santa lolly.

Full-size Bars

Instead of ‘fun-size’ that aren’t so fun, we picked up a few full-size bars. Galaxy, Kinder Bueno and Milkybar. My favourite three and I know Oliver loves them too. They’re always good for a Christmas movie night!

Supermarket Sweets

We picked up a batch of supermarket sweets that work well as the extra treats and fill the basket to make it look ‘fuller‘. They help to create a base layer of treats that boosts the appearance of the chocolate box. Creating a layer of supermarket treats aids in giving the hamper the “bursting with treats” look.

Filled with lollies, chews and little sweets, it’s a great way to add lots of treats without breaking the bank. We like to get some ‘staple’ pieces then top it up with a supermarket batch.

I always look forward to creating my brother’s Christmas box. Is it weird that I’m already thinking about what to put in next year’s box? It’s one of those sentimental gifts that I’m sure my brother doesn’t really appreciate the value of, but we love doing it.

Merry Christmas,

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chocolate christmas box tradition and how to build a christmas eve box

*A huge thank you to Thornton’s for their generous contribution of a Cheeky Elf for our Christmas box this year. 


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