How to Get to the Guadalest Lake

how to get to the guadalest lake

I posted a few photos on my Facebook page recently and it most certainly sparked some attention. Would you believe that it reached 30,000 people? That’s my biggest yet in terms of photos! A lot of people had the same question. How did you get there? How do you get down to the Guadalest lake that sits so beautifully at the bottom of the mountain? Well, it’s not easy. But, it’s possible.

Opening into a horizon of something completely different, a brand new perspective, a step into the fresh air. Who would believe that nestled in the mountains just a short drive away from Benidorm is the alluring village of Guadalest? But, the fun doesn’t stop at the village. The Embalse adorns Guadalest and boosts it to a whole new level of breathtaking beauty.

guadalest mountain and lake beautiful location near to benidorm mountains and lakes

When we saw it nestled at the bottom of the mountain and found out how easy it was for us to get there, we knew we had to go. The light was perfect. The colours were spectacular. The lake was beautiful. It isn’t Banff. It isn’t the Swiss Alps. But, instead, it’s the easily accessible village of Guadalest, holding its own instagrammable gems. Who said Benidorm wasn’t good for the travel gram? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Benidorm holds some beautiful locations, you just have to go out and get them.

The crystal blue waters of the Guadalest reservoir alone is enough to pull tourists from near and far to the wonderful location, but instead of viewing from afar, is it time to take a closer look? The dazzling colour, caused by tiny particles of silt suspended in the water, creates a picture-perfect photo and a marvel for the eyes. It’s one of those places where you stand there taking it all in. It’s one of those where you wonder how nature can be so beautiful.

beautiful lake in benidorm instagrammable locations in guadalest

The Guadalest Dam was built across the Guadalest River back in the late 1950s. With 73 meters high and 270 meters long, it supplies water to many local towns and villages, including the city of Benidorm. It’s a spectacular place to spend an hour or so.

If you’re into hiking, Guadalest is a superb option. There is a fairly light walk around the lake, on minor roads and paths. If a 10km walk sounds like your kind of holiday haven, then you’re in luck. If like me, wearing knee-high, high-heeled boots, hiking isn’t quite the desired route, you can drive down the main road and park in the public parking and wander down as far as you fancy.

alex walking from guadalest to the guadalest lake with kanken backpack lake and mountain views

Stumbling across cobbled streets might not have been my finest hour, but as they say, the show must go on. I had planned my outfit for a selection of photos for an upcoming collaboration and I knew Guadalest would be the perfect location for those jaw-dropping backdrops. Perhaps I should’ve thought about a change of shoes for getting to the top of the castle though! Alex had a much more sensible attire for the journey and made use of my Kanken backpack. He definitely rocked the Minnie Mouse pin, right?

Gohar took so many photos of us together in Guadalest and at the Embalse which I’m really excited to share when I get my hands on them. They will be featured in a few upcoming blog posts. I’m so excited for some new photos of Alex and I. I can feel a new Facebook display picture coming along!

There is conflicting data online regarding whether or not you should swim in the Embalse of Guadalest. If I would advise not to. I personally wouldn’t take a dip. There is a very obvious sign at the gate of the Embalse which states “Peligro de Baño” which means Dangerous to Bathe. That alone makes me think it’s not safe to do so. However, many websites show people bathing in the Embalse. I would stay clear and admire from afar. The Reservoir is deep. There’s sign forbidding it for a reason. Use your brains.

mountain and lake views in benidorm guadalest

The reservoir is filled with large fish swimming and splashing around. Which, I’m not sure why but it really surprised us. I just didn’t expect it. It all seems so structured and preserved that I just didn’t expect fish, huge fish, to be splashing around. If you do want to fish at the reservoir, tough luck, you’ll need an official fishing license!

You can reach the Guadalest village by Llorente bus, bus tours or by car. To access the reservoir, it will take a 10-minute car drive exiting Guadalest and heading down, or a fairly lengthy hike.

If you’re looking for somewhere different to see Guadalest, and Benidorm, from a whole new perspective, then perhaps it’s time to take a trip to the Embalse. Escape the hustle and bustle and get out in the open air. Nature awaits.

P.S: The Instagram shots will be insane. Your mates won’t believe you’re in Benidorm!

Hasta luego,

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instagrammable locations in benidorm guadalest lake



2 responses to “How to Get to the Guadalest Lake”

  1. This looks amazing!! I recently blogged my trip to Lac De Gaube in the Pyrenees and that was beautiful too, but this looks even better, I had no idea Benidorm could be so instagrammable hahaha!

    Alice x

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    1. Fab! I love the pyrenees. haha! i know right, not what people first think of when they think of Benidorm!

      Liked by 1 person

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