2019 Valentine’s Day: Useful Gift Ideas for Him and Her

gift ideas for valentines

Every year there is an evident amount of negativity that circles Valentine’s Day and this year, I want it to be positive. I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way in which we can. Last year, in the chaos of having to find an apartment in less than a month, Valentine’s Day got overlooked. This year, I don’t want it to. I want it to be special.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your girl pals, or you aren’t sure what to get for your significant other, I’ve searched far and wide across the internet to find out what really are some of the best gifts to get for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Gone of the days where we head to the local card shop and pick up a novelty gift and a card. I just don’t see the point in it. We pick up a mass-produced card that has all of these mass-produced words and a picture of a bear on the front holding a bunch of flowers and a box of heart-shaped chocolates. It all heads to the dustbin less than a week later. What’s the point? It just seems a waste.

This year, I’ve compiled a list of useful products for him and her for Valentine’s Day. Products that will last and last. Products that they’ll love. Whether that’s something to brighten up the home, a new fragrance or something a little bit edgy, it’s certain to brighten up their Valentine’s Day. After all, they deserve it. (Or Alex certainly does for putting up with me year in-year out!)

must have gifts for valentines 6 products

Some of these products are expensive and luxurious, some are sentimental and lovely and others are affordable yet awesome. I’ve tried to vary the ideas to suit everybody’s budget, everybody’s needs and everybody’s likes. But, after all, we can’t please everybody!

So, without further ado: here are my recommended gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019.

The products mentioned below were gifted to me. I was not paid to post this. Some products that were gifted to me have not been included as I didn’t find them suitable.

Sentimental Gifts

A Mapiful Poster

mapiful valentines gift venice flatlay


Shop Mapiful

Imagine a way to capture your special place with a custom-made map or poster. A unique gift that you can put up in your home to remember the place where you fell in love, first met or even got engaged. With Mapiful, it’s possible. The world is at your fingertips.

Back in 2017, Alex got down on one knee on a secluded island just off of Venice. Out jumped a photographer ready to capture the entire thing. I had mentioned, a few years before, that when somebody proposes to me, they better have a photographer ready and waiting so that I have the entire moment to capture. Well, Alex delivered.

engagement in venice with san marco in the background

We had a photographer capture the entire day. We have photos of Alex on one knee and my initial reaction, plus we had a photo shoot with my family around San Marco and on the gondola. They definitely make for some lovely keepsake photos.

When I saw Mapiful, I knew I had to bring the magic of Venice to our home. You use their easy to use the online site to type the place you want to see, I nearly chose New York or the Magic Kingdom, they all look so beautiful and there are so many special places! Once you’re happy with the amount of zoom in and the design you’re after, there are plenty of choices, such as Pantone and night time mode too, so take a look to see which one suits your home the best, it’s then a case of waiting for it to arrive.


My Mapiful map for Alex arrived within 5 days, which was perfect. It comes well packaged so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in transit. It’s a stunning map and definitely the best quality and looking one I’ve come across on the internet!

Use the mapiful discount code imlaurenbate10 at the checkout for 10% off!

RRP: 50€

A Love Book

Create your Love Book online

Looking for a personalised gift book that says why you love them? You might not have been before, but you definitely should look at one now. One of the most romantic gifts you can give is one that you have personalised and highlighted so many different reasons why you love them and stick with them every day.

It’s one of those books that is so sentimental and thoughtful, that it may just bring a tear to their eye, it brought a tear to Alex’s eye! We love looking through ours – there’s a page that says “re-read this book if you’re ever mad at me so you forgive me quicker” and that’s a great one to add it! I also love the travel and kayak aspect of it – it feels so much more personal. Another page we love is the “you know every sports stat ever” because if you know Alex, you’ll know this is so true to him!

m reasons why love book

Love Book online just captures the whole meaning of Valentine’s Day. Sure, we tell each other we love each other regularly, but isn’t it nice to have a day dedicated to just rekindling why the love is there? Showing appreciation. Showing love.

Telling and showing someone why they are so special has never been easier than creating a love book. Each LoveBook is a custom made book of little reasons why you love someone. You can customise the book as little or as much as you like.

For Alex, I opted for the hardcover colour book, which allowed for a more in-depth customisation of the characters (us!). There are plenty of ready-made pages to add into your book, plus the option to add your own custom pages. No two LoveBooks are the same!

Add as many pages as you like with no alteration to the price!

Get 15% off with the LoveBook discount code: lbatelbvday15

RRP: €33+

1 Second Everyday Pro Subscription

1 second everyday reflection 2018 post

Download 1SE 

I have shouted a lot about 1 Second Everyday and it’s for a very good reason. The video diary has been hands down the best app I ever paid for. You can read about my 2018 with 1SE by following this link: 2018: A Year in Review – 1 Second Everyday.

The priceless app mashes together second-long snippets of your life into a compelling movie. A movie that you’re the star of. With built-in reminders, simple editing tools and aesthetic design – it’s everything you need and more to build your own memorable narrative.

We all have subscriptions here and there, whether it’s Netflix or music. But, 1SE is one that will truly benefit you if you’re serious about your video diary.

There are some incredible features and I’d urge you to try the 14-day free trial to see what you think. My favourite features are definitely the longer snippets, the unlimited backup and the addition of royalty free music!


The Perfume Shop

black opium flatlay tulips

Shop Black Opium with EXCLUSIVE YSL BAG

One of the most anticipated fragrances right now is the Black Opium Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. Black Opium is a compelling fragrance with tones of black coffee, white florals and vanilla. It’s the ultimate glamorous woman’s fragrance.

The bottle is a bold black with decorated with sequins that give the impression of the ultimate rock girl.



I would recommend buying Black Opium for your loved one from The Perfume Shop this Valentine’s. We all love a little gift with our goods, well, with the purchase of any Black Opium fragrance over 50ml at The Perfume Shop, they are gifting an exclusive free YSL pouch and miniature mascara.

RRP: £72+

Indulge Beauty

cooking mens gift set

Shop Indulge Beauty

Perfect for the man on the go, Indulge Beauty, part of The Fragrance Shop umbrella have the ultimate starter kit that contains everything the man in your life will need to keep his grooming regime at the top of its game.

The Ecooking men’s starter kit is a little set of 5 essential products for men’s grooming. It is filled with everything they would need for daily skin and hair care. The products are all organic and free from parabens and dyes.

p1040377 2

The set contains:

Hair and Body Soap: A lightly refreshing soap that can be used for both hair and body. With uplifting citrus scents, it leaves skin, hair and the scalp well-groomed and nourished.

Cleaning gel: A deep cleansing face and body bursting with fresh citrus fragrances. It leaves the skin cleansed and moisturised.

cooking mens gift set

Beard and Body Oil: A little bottle of oil is the perfect essential in the house. A multifunctional oil can be used in so many different ways, not just the beard or the face. Suitable for footbaths, nail oil, body oil and even massage – it’s a handy little beauty essential.

Face Cream: Something Alex was in desperate need of! A deeply moisturising and nourishing facial cream suitable for all ages and skin types. The cream works quickly into the skin and is non-greasy. It’s suitable for daily use.

e cooking mens gift set

Wet Wipes: Women are almost known for being the ones stocked up with wet wipes, but these wet wipes draped with aloe vera extract will make the man in your life consider packing wet wipes! The soft wet wipes cleanse and moisturise the face. They’re also good for cleaning up after dinner, on the go!

The set is packed in a practical transparent bag that complies with airline regulations, so it’s perfect for taking in your hand luggage. Better still, the bag is produced with EVA material which is degradable, therefore ethically for the environment.

RRP: £43

Scent Addict Subscription

scent addict hq review valentine gift subscription perfume

Shop Scent Addict

Instead of one fragrance, why not treat them to a subscription of fragrances? Keep it fresh and keep it new by changing up which fragrance you have each month. The best part is you’ll continue sampling different fragrances so if you’re not keen on one, you haven’t spent out on a full-sized fragrance!

They are 8ml in size, which means they’re a perfect trip essential. For £12 a month, Scent Addict, brought to us by The Fragrance Shop, will deliver a beautiful atomiser bursting with your choice of fragrance, straight to your door.

They come in such gorgeous containers and they’re perfect for popping in your bag for on the go or putting in your hand luggage. I’ve been looking for ways to carry perfume around with me, as I didn’t want to carry my bulky fragrances, but also didn’t want just a boring smelling fragrance, so, the scent addict testers have been ideal.

scent addict hq review valentine gift subscription perfume


Scent Addict sent Armani Stronger With You for Alex and Giorgio Armani Sí For Her, Eau de Parfum. They’re both fragrances that I have loved for a while. I decided to go for the His and Hers for the first sample.

Sí Passione is my daily go-to fragrance which sits on my bedside table,  so it made sense to go for Sí For Her. Although different fragrances, I knew it would be a scent I’d love. The highly feminine fragrance is suitable for both day and night wear and has a floral scent, that oozes sophistication. It isn’t too overpowering which I really like. It is a real classy fragrance with tones of vanilla, it’s soft, delicate and not too sweet. It is light and airy that sits delicately of the skin.

Alex, however, was sent Armani Stronger With You, not that he had any clue about it until it arrived! I am a big fan of the Armani brand and their fragrances and I’d recently smelt Stronger With You at the airport, so I thought it was a good bet to opt for that one, and what a good bet it was!

Armani Stronger With You has mixed reviews online so I was a little bit nervous before it arrived as I wasn’t sure if Alex would like it. It’s a woody outdoorsy fragrance that has evident sweet smells. There is a burst of pink pepper and cardamom balanced out by the sage and amber wood tones. It is paramount of an autumn walk, I think. It is a lovely fragrance!

£12 per month

The Fragrance Shop

agent provocateur perfume valentines

Shop The Fragrance Shop

Inspired by the curves of a woman, Pure Aphrodisiaque is a beautiful looking and equally pleasing perfume that is both seductive and sultry. With a sweet fragrance, it still retains the sensuality that is known and loved by the lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. If you’re into a light and floral scent, then Pure Aphrodisiaque is a splendid choice.

agent provocateur perfume valentines flatlay

Though light, the fragrance lasts on the skin throughout the day. It’s a really good fragrance for daily wear. I’m such a big fan of switching it up and changing my fragrances daily, so I’ve loved adding this one to the rounds. It isn’t my favourite fragrance, but it’s a great daily wear scent!

agent provocateur perfume valentines flatlay

agent provacteur perfume valentines gift

The scent itself is fresh and fruity with tones of amber, mandarin, pear and rum. It has a certain elegance surround it. The notes of wild orchid and jasmine harmoniously bring it together with the floral essences which just oozes Spring goodness.

RRP: £65

Philips OneBlade Face + Body

philips one blade hair and body review

Shop Philips

If there’s something the young man needs in your life, it’s a good shaver. We had been looking for a quality shaver for Alex that was both affordable and of high quality. It seems counterproductive to splash the cash on a shaver that doesn’t do the job or spend out on cheap shavers that constantly need replacing adding to more and more cost. Plus, we didn’t really want Alex’s face looking like he’d been dragged through a thorn bush either! We needed to find a quality, affordable yet efficient shaver. That’s when we found the Philips OneBlade Face + Body.

The Philips OneBlade is undoubtedly the best shaving experience Alex has had. He has really sensitive skin which usually poses a problem with harsh products and shaving. It wasn’t uncommon to see him with breakouts or red irritated skin with cuts. However, with the Philips OneBlade, it works excellently with the one blade, both wet and dry.

philips one blade hair and body review

Alex is one of those who doesn’t need to shave that regularly. He is able to leave it a few days (sometimes weeks!) and he still looks good. It must be love. He’s known to try different things quite often, whether that’s growing his hair long, or growing a bit of stubble – so the OneBlade is perfect for him as it comes with a three stubble body comb in 1, 3 and 5mm. It allows for precise trimming to exactly where he wants it.

The OneBlade shaver works at a fast-paced 200x per-second cutter which makes a smooth, gliding finish trimming face and body hair that grows in any direction. It makes shaving efficient and comfortable. Great for Alex who is always on the go!

The long-lasting battery is a definite highlight, the battery holds 45 minutes worth of styling and requires 8 hours of charging. The blades need replacing every four months, blade replacements retail at a very affordable £13.49!

The Philips OneBlade Face + Body comes with the shaver, 4 stubble combs, 1 body comb, 1 x blade for the face, 1 x blade for the body and the UK 2-pin bathroom plug.

RRP: £59.99

Slip Silk Pillowcase

slip pillowcase silk flatlay tiffany perfume

Shop Slip

Give the gift of the most luxurious beauty sleep they’ll have ever had before by switching out the cotton pillowcase and replacing it with a laboratory tested, dermatologically approved silk pillowcase. Since switching over to a silk pillowcase, it’s made me want to switch out the sheets and duvet for silk too.

After spending the weekend in Edinburgh, four days and four flights were pretty intense. Let’s not forget the lack of worthy sleep. So, when Monday evening came around and I was able to switch the pillowcase to Slip and try out the face mask, it was very welcomed. With no exaggeration, it’s the most valuable sleep I’ve had for a long time, perhaps even ever.


A Slip silk pillowcase allows your skin to glide. The cotton scratches and tugs on your facial skin causing premature stretching and sleep stretches, whereas a silk pillowcase doesn’t. Whilst sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, it dries out your skin and hair and causes knots and twists which causes bed head, which is actually damaging your hair in the long term. When I woke up after using the silk pillowcase, there wasn’t any bed head, at all!

It’s perfect for tying together with your skincare regime too. Due to the reduced friction, it absorbs significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases, meaning the skincare regime your doing stays on your face, where you want it!

Backed by celebrity hairstylings, dermatologists, beauty experts and even some well-known supermodels and celebrities (take a close look in the back of a Kardashian bedroom shot and you’ll see slip!) and now little me. The Slip pure silk pillowcase is part of your beauty regime. It’s beauty, not bedding.

engagement ring and slip silk pillowcase

I’d definitely recommend pairing the pillowcase with an eye mask too. It was delicate on the skin and actually blocked out all of the light. The best part was when I woke up, it was still on my face, where it should be! So many times I’ve given eye masks a try and either the light is visible under my eyes where my nose is or it’s been lost somewhere in the bed. A silk eyemask and silk pillowcase are the key to the perfect sleep. Beauty sleep exists.

Slip pure silk sleep masks and pillowcases are 100% pure silk, inside and out. The original silk pillowcases, authentic is always best. Be aware of cheap imitations.

RRP: $50+


copyright: WUKA



WUKA wear is the world’s most comfortable, hygienic, luxurious and eco-friendly period underwear. Give the gift of a comfortable period that doesn’t stain the bed! Saving on bedding too. It is a complete tampon and pad replacement. You can wear it up to 8 hours on light days, 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. It holds at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks – around 4 tampons worth. Previous customers have run marathons in a heatwave, gone to school and slept peacefully in a pair of WUKA.

I have recently got my hands on a pair of WUKA’s with the matching bralette and they are so comfortable, flattering and functional. No more ruining Boux Avenue! When they arrived I was very pleasantly surprised with how flattering the bralette is. The underwear has a protective layer inside which sounds strange when you’re touching it, but when you wear them, they’re so comfy and you don’t hear the rustling sound!

The bralette is super comfortable and it’s been one that I’ve started wearing regularly. It has a flattering, comfortable feel and looks beautiful too. I’ve definitely been converted. They would make a fabulous gift.

RRP: £23.99+


I have raved about BIODERMA since trying them out before Christmas, which you can see here: Bioderma , and I’m absolutely sold that they’re the best for my highly sensitive skin. I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin and the little bumps on my forehead are now pretty much non-existent.

The BIODERMA Hydrabio H2O Reverse Pump (RRP: £19.50) is a gentle yet deeply cleansing cleanser that is dermatological micellar water – we all know how much I love micellar water now!

Hydrabio H2O PPE Invers.png

It is formulated to give a no-rinse cleanser that lifts dirt and makeup away from the face without upsetting our natural skin balance. I especially like that it takes away water-resistant makeup so easily too!

It works to combat tight and dry skin and performs a deep cleanse to leave skin fresh, calm and comfortable. I have been in love with BIODERMA since first trying it out and coming from somebody who had trouble finding products thanks to their super sensitive skin, I have found BIODERMA to be an absolute godsend.

Sensibio Eye (2).jpg

BIODERMA Sensibio Eye Contour Gel (RRP: £15) is a major gamechanger in the whole sleepy eyes, dark circles and sensitiveness. It provides daily decongesting, soothing and hydrating care for the eye contour area. It works to reduce puffiness and erase fine lines and works to increase your skins own tolerance threshold. Plus, with it being from BIODERMA it’s ideal for any skin type.

Whenever I wake up with sore or tired eyes, I apply a little of the gel after using the Sensibio H20 and massage gently until it’s absorbed and it gives instant relief from discomfort and irritation. It is suitable for contact lens users and it’s okay to use as a base layer under make-up!

Travel and Luxe

An American Tourister Suitcase


Shop American Tourister

For the well-travelled amongst us, a brand-new suitcase is always welcomed. The four-wheeled Herolite Spinner 75 is a perfect gift for the travel lovers who are heading off on a holiday. Weighing just 2.2kg, you’ll be shocked at just how light it is, meaning extra weight for them to pack what they want to take (and bring back!). 

The design of the American Tourister Herolite Spinner 75 is innovative, sleek and fashionable with durable materials and plentiful space. It really is a fantastic travel companion.


No detail has been missed with good packing options, which includes an interior mesh pocket and cross-ribbons in the bottom compartment to keep everything in place. There are two roomy front pockets too.

Another key feature of the Herolite Spinner 75 is the TSA padlock which allows for worry-free travelling to the USA.

RRP: £105-£125

An Afternoon Tea at The Colonnades, Edinburgh

afternoon tea at the colonnades

Book An Afternoon Tea

For a taste of luxury and an afternoon tea that they’ll remember, a trip to The Signet Library is a perfect choice. With delicate sandwiches with seasonal goods and light and airy cakes to make your mouth water, they are sure to love the entire experience in the historical, beautiful setting. The ambience and atmosphere will be nothing short of luxurious and memorable.

RRP: £35pp

A Romantic Getaway with Flybe

flybe plane


Search for Flights with Flybe

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s than sneaking off on a romantic getaway? Alex and I loved to go away on Valentine’s Day when we used to have February half term. It was a perfect time for cheaper flights if you nip off a few days before and it really felt like a luxuriously romantic gift.

Flybe flies to gorgeous locations across Europe which would be perfect for a romantic getaway. You could be jetting off to Paris, Vienna, Prague Berlin, Geneva or Edinburgh to name just a few.

Whilst I was writing this, I took a look at some of the prices on the Flybe website, flying from Birmingham (BHX) to Paris (CDG) was only £118 per person for a four day getaway over Valentine’s!*

Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so you would only need to use two days of your annual leave to have a four-day romantic getaway!

*correct at time of writing [7.1.19]

Google Pixelbook

pixelbook hero 2

The Pixelbook is a perfect gift for those who love to travel and need a nifty premium Chromebook. The luxurious Pixelbook comes at a price, starting from £999 it’s a beautifully designed piece of equipment which is certainly well-suited for on the go. It’s super thin and light, which can be placed in your hand luggage – ready to go wherever you are – whether that’s for work or play, it’s sure to be the ideal travel companion. Due to its pressure sensitivity and tilt support, it’s great for pairing with the Google Pixelbook Pen to create high-quality pictures on various apps such as SketchBook. See the world. Paint the world.

RRP: £999+


book and flowers flatlay

Two Can Keep A Secret

I absolutely loved The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars was a gripping TV show, right until the last season of course, so I was excited to hear about Karen McManus’ books.

I have been really struggling to get back into reading recently, even though everyone will tell you I was such a Matilda when I was younger. I started by buying One of Us is Lying and it’s such a gripping novel that it got me wanting to read the second. A small town that keeps losing its homecoming queens? What exactly is happening in the picturesque town, nestled on the Canadian border? You’ll have to grab your copy of Two Can Keep a Secret to find out!


Mr Wonderful

mr wonderful planner pens and flowers flatlay

Shop Mr Wonderful

Organising is one of my all-time favourite things. I just love sticking stickers and highlighting tasks (and adding things to my todo list that I’ve already finished so I have more things to cross off!).

getting organised with a mr wonderful planner


Mr Wonderful is a well-known established brand out here in Spain and it’s one that I knew about very quickly working in a school. It seems everybody is in love with Mr Wonderful and it’s not difficult to see why.

The aesthetically pleasing stationary is perfect for those who like to organise. They certainly look quite instagrammable too!

img_2098 2

I have recently got my hands on a desk calendar, weekly planner and a travel photo album. The card is so thick and durable which reassures me that once I start sticking photos or using my Stabilo highlighters that they’re not going to get ruined. I am really enjoying my planning with Mr Wonderful and I can’t wait to get stuck in with adding photos from our America trip in summer! All of the products come with stickers – and let me tell you – they are gorgeous!

mr wonderful travel album scrapbook and flowers flatlay

If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s, these gifts would be perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or even Christmas too! They are products that I have absolutely loved using recently and for certain they will bring a smile to your loved one’s faces. I hope it has given you some great gift ideas for this forthcoming year and I look forward to looking out for more gift ideas for you all to consider later on in 2019!

Hasta luego,

diary of a spanglish girl signature



romantic valentines gift ideas for him and her

Products mentioned in this gift guide were given to me as product samples to try out and feature.





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