AirCraft PowerGlide Hard Floor Cleaner Review


It seems that in one way or another all of us have caught the cleaning bug – whether it’s from a certain Mrs over on Instagram, or just turning a leaf over on January 1st, either way, having a clean home has boosted my creativity and made me feel more at home, so when AirCraft Home got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Powerglide Hard Floor Cleaner, I leapt at the chance.

Some of you may know, but since New Year’s Eve, I have been on a mad cleaning spree. Having a cleaner, brighter home to work in has actually boosted my productivity and creativity on my blog and helped my time management. It’s also quite satisfactory to tick all of the jobs off on my list and get moving. Crossing them off and seeing results is such a quick fix. I never quite pictured myself as being obsessed with cleaning, but, here I am.

It’s weird growing up, isn’t it? I’m less craving for a pair of red-bottomed heels and more craving after robot vacuums and hard floor cleaners. If you’re younger and you’re reading this thinking “Nah that will never be me“, trust me. It will. Start saving now. 

Never underestimate the power of good cleaning equipment.

Introducing: The POWERGLIDE Hard Floor Cleaner. 

The PowerGlide is something you all need to know about. If your house has hard floors, your house needs the PowerGlide. It’s time to say goodbye to scrubbing and mopping and say hello to effortless gliding which leaves floors glistening. 

As you might know, Spain doesn’t do carpets. It’s just not a thing. I mean, can you imagine stepping foot on a woolly carpet in the height of summer in 40-degree heat? Which ultimately means, every floor is made of tiles. Now, if there’s one thing I’d love to rip up and do again in our apartment, it’s the floors. I’d love some white shiny tiles, but for now, we have to live with tiles that have a funky stone looking pattern on them, cosy. 

Our floor, since we have moved in, has always looked dirty. It’s not that it is dirty. It’s the pattern, I swear! We would scrub and scrub, mop and mop, but nothing seemed to make it shine. To be frank, we had given up on glistening floors and put it down to years of sand from the beach and general wear and tear.


However, when the PowerGlide buffed and cleaned the floors, with only water, the dirt just lifted. In all honesty, it was unbelievable. The lightweight PowerGlide skimmed across the floor lifting up dirt and leaving shimmering, clean hard floors. It made cleaning the floor an absolute dream. What did we do next? Throw away the mop and bucket. We won’t be needing that ever again! 

A lot of people on Instagram after watching my stories asked what happens with the pads. Were they recyclable? Did they get thrown away? Can we reuse them? Yes, you absolutely can! You pop them in the washing machine and the dirt lifts and you can use them again and again and again! So much so that they last for around 300 washes! Just be sure to not put softener in as microfibre doesn’t like softener! Don’t forget, the set comes with two sets of pads too, so that’s a lot of uses!

Delivery of the PowerGlide


AirCraft are based in the UK, so they shipped our PowerGlide there and it arrived with DPD the next day. Next day delivery is available when you order before 13:00. All of their products come with UK free delivery and they do ship worldwide! I had contemplated filling a case and flying the PowerGlide here to Spain, with it being just 5kg, it was light enough to fit into a checked-in suitcase. However, the dimensions were slightly too big. I’m talking literally cms!

So, for those of you in Spain, I sent the PowerGlide with DPD international tracked delivery and it was only £14 to ship! I added insurance to cover the entire cost of the PowerGlide which increased the price to £27.

Setting up the PowerGlide

I’m not going to lie to you, Alex and I were pretty excited about the PowerGlide coming. So much so that Alex already had the battery on charge whilst I was at work. We were keen to see it in action.

In just a few clicks the PowerGlide was set up. There was no need for us to refer to the instruction manual, but there’s one included if you do need it. The PowerGlide comes in a choice of two colours, white or jet black. I opted for black because I thought it would look cleaner and newer for much longer. The PowerGlide came packaged really well in an AirCraft home box.

Did it Work?


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When you see these magic pieces of equipment online, I must say I’m sometimes a little sceptical. But, the PowerGlide is everything you could ever want in a floor cleaner and more.

The fully-charged battery gives you 45 minutes of cleaning time, which is more than enough time for us to clean the floors of our apartment, probably three times over! We added just water to the tank, slid on the microfibre pads and off we went.

The gliding was actually quite addictive. It was like it was taking you for a walk. With some music playing you feel like you’re ballroom dancing around the house. It makes cleaning fun, and the best part is, there are instant visible results.

The twin rotating microfibre pads rotate at an impressive 250 rpm, which means they clean up to 20 square metres, per minute! They really do all the hard work, whilst you just guide it gently. You have complete control over the volume of floor cleaner or water dispensed too. With a push of the button on the handle, the spray is released. Perfect for adding more to those areas of built-up grime and dirt.

As the pads are incredibly absorbent the floors are streak-free and dry once you’re finished. No more waiting around for the floors to dry and tip-toeing around the house to dash to the fridge (just me?). One of my main gripes with mopping was that it always took forever to dry, you were constrained to one room and with a dog, it was much harder. Rio would leap off the sofa and head for some water or go and play. Next thing, there would be mucky paws on the floor and clumps of hair built up in the puddles. It never looked clean. However, because the PowerGlide dries instantly, we didn’t have to worry about wet paws. Rio was watching the PowerGlide go round and as the floor was already dry, it didn’t leave pawprints when he was following it! Result!

Key Features 

IMG_3803 2.JPG

There are a few key features that I really love about the PowerGlide so I just wanted to sum them up here:

  • Cordless – It makes it effortless to clean the floors without limitations of plugs. No more hard to reach places.
  • Instant Results – Our first go with the PowerGlide was the day we got it, we just used water to clean the floor just to see how it works and how it went. I videoed Alex using it and the results were instant. So many people messaged saying how the floors were glistening. The remnants left on the pads were incredible. You can literally see it working.
  • Aesthetic – It looks a nifty, cool piece of cleaning equipment. It doesn’t look bulky or ugly. It has a sleek appearance.
  • Lightweight – It’s easy to use and makes cleaning effortless. The PowerGlide does all the work so there’s no hard work or scrubbing. It’s just a case of gliding around.
  • Instant Drying – One of the worst things about mopping was always the drenched floors for hours on end. Especially with a dog, by the time the floor had started to dry there were clumps of hair built up in puddles. During the winter, it used to leave a really damp smell when you mopped. However, the PowerGlide has super absorbent pads so floors dry streak-free as soon as you’re finished!

Final Thoughts


I absolutely love the PowerGlide cleaner and I would highly recommend it. It comes with two sets of pads, which are machine washable. It’s exceptional for use on hard floors, especially those that don’t do well with steam – like real wood, laminate, Karndean and parquet. It is a handy piece of kit that I would definitely recommend getting your hands on. We have already thrown out our mop and bucket and I’ll be honest with you, I’ve cleaned our floors every day this week. It really is satisfying, fun and easy to use. Instant results. Instant satisfaction.

Now, to get my hands on a robot vacuum…

Say hello to a truly professional-grade finish every time, in no time or effort at all.

Find out more about the AirCraft PowerGlide here:

Hasta luego,

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This is a sponsored post with AirCraft Home. I was gifted the product but not paid. All views are my own as always!



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  2. I have always enjoyed using Aircraft floor cleaner, but found today that only one rotating part works.
    What can I do?


    1. sorry I don’t know I don’t work for aircraft, perhaps email them and they might be able to assist


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