The Magnetic Window Cleaner Glider by Tyroler Review

the glider window cleaner

I have suddenly found my blog slowly incorporating bits of cleaning and I must say, I’m rather okay with it. Since the cleaning revolution on New Year’s Eve, I have been dedicating more and more time to getting the apartment looking how I want it to. I mean, all of my blog posts are scheduled up until the end of May, what else am I supposed to do with my time? So, when Alex prompted that he wanted to give The Glider by Tyroler a go, I had to drop them a message and see if they’d be up for me reviewing it!

You can get your hands on a Glider by heading to their UK Amazon shop here: Amazon UK: GLIDER BY TYROLER

Living in a high-rise apartment perched upon a mountain has some spectacular perks, like being able to watch the dolphins swim near the island and seeing the fishing boats heading out in the morning. It gives you fantastic views of the sunset and the sunrise and nothing blocks your view. Well, nothing blocks your view if you can see out of the windows…

dirty windows the glider window cleaner review
our dirty windows before the glider!

Cleaning windows has always been Alex’s job. When we was at our old apartment, we were very close to the beach. A slight increase of wind and the sand would cover the apartment… and the windows. But, we had a balcony so it was no problem for Alex to nip out once a month with his spray bottle and microfibre cloth and get scrubbing. I say no problem, it used to take an entire day of his weekend. But, it was doable. 

Now that we’re up here, we have less troubles with the actual sand hitting the windows, but, it seems everything else seems to find its way to attack the windows. Bird muck, dust, smudges, smears and dirt carried by the wind and rain had absolutely battered our windows. We no longer have a balcony, just a windowed room and a very long drop down. So, you can imagine that cleaning them isn’t exactly easy to say the least. Well, unless you have the right equipment!

Introducing The Glider

This product was gifted in exchange for a blog review.

The Glider isn’t one of those products where you look at it and go “oh wow, how beautiful.”. It’s functional. It does a job, and it does it very well. It is effective for single and double glazed windows and clean both sides of the window at the same time, whilst staying in the room.

The Glider is an essential product for people like us who live in apartments or have hard to reach windows, like upstairs bedrooms. It is the only safe way to clean windows that are wider than your arms length.

flatlay the glider window cleaner review

The Glider is equipped with a powerful magnet that will never fade and EPDM rubber squeegees that will not wear out either. The Microfibre cloths can also be used to scrub very dirty windows. The good news is the cloth can be washed 300 times without losing its cleaning properties.

How to use The Glider


The advanced window cleaner is used by professionals to clean the exterior of windows, it is simple and effective to use. It took Alex around 7 minutes to clean each window, and they are huge windows!

using the glider window cleaner

Add a splash of window cleaner to both sides of the window and pop the larger part of The Glider on the inside window and place the smaller part on the outside window. Make sure you wrap the string around your finger, you’ll need it should you make some sharp turns and lose connection with the magnets! 

The magnets hold the two parts together tightly and now you can begin gliding the cleaner at the top of the window, horizontally. When you reach the bottom, the change will be exceptional. No streaks. No lines. Just visibly clean windows.

Overall Thoughts 


We cannot express enough how impressed we are with The Glider. We had heard conflicting opinions on magnetic window cleaners, but this one is exceptional. It really is a must-have cleaning tool if you have hard to reach windows. It makes cleaning the windows easy and effective. The noticeable change in the windows was exceptional, we went from barely being able to see out of the windows to having clear windows where we can really appreciate the view outside. We have noticed a huge change in the brightness of the room in the day, so much more light is able to make its way through.

A huge thanks to Tyroler for agreeing to work with me on this project. The Glider has made a massive change to our balcony room. Our hard to reach windows had never been cleaned for at least a year and it really showed. The water ran a dark mucky brown, and it was clear that some of the muck had worked its way in, yet The Glider still did it so effortlessly. We are so impressed with it. We now have the cleanest windows in the apartment block!

If you want to get your hands on a Glider, which I highly recommend you do if you have hard to reach windows that need cleaning, you can head to their website and pick one up here: They come in three different sizes, single glazed, double glazed and thicker double glazed so make sure you pick the right one! Also available on Amazon.

Hasta luego,

diary of a spanglish girl signature

This was a sponsored post in collaboration with Tyroler, I was not paid but was gifted the product in exchange for a review. All views remain my own.


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