A dog-friendly Barcelona

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Who knew Barcelona was so dog-friendly? When we announced we were in Barcelona with our dog, so many people messaged to ask what we could even do with him there. Well, the answer is, pretty much anything!

If you’re looking what to do in Barcelona, then this should give you some information on some dog friendly bucket list ideas in Barcelona. We only had 22 hours in Barcelona but we got so much done.

Parc de Ciutadella

King Charles cavalier travelling to Barcelona Spain with a dog

The Parc de Ciutadella is an idyllic green oasis in the metropolitan Barcelona centre. It is a great place for long walks which dogs and humans will love.

Walking through, so many people are relaxing and chilling out, sitting and chatting with friends, sharing a picnic and rowing boats on the boating lake.

Our dog loved walking through, it was also shaded so it was a great place to take him first. There were plenty of dogs for him to get to know and get to know his new surroundings.

The park is also home to Barcelona Zoo.

Las Ramblas

We then took our dog to the famous Las Ramblas. You can walk your dog along the length of Las Ramblas finishing at the port.

For me, it felt eerie. You try not to let past events bother you and you try to carry on. But, when all you can think of is the people who were doing the same as us, walking along enjoying their trip for their life to be cut short, it’s hard to not let it consume you.

We decided to leave Las Ramblas.

There are plenty of bars and cafes lined along Las Ramblas that are more than happy for you to sit with your dog. As long as you’re outside, most places have no problem at all with a perro joining your table.

Magic Fountain of Montjüic

King Charles cavalier travelling to Barcelona Spain with a dog

The Barcelona thing I’ve wanted to see. Third time lucky, isn’t that what they say?

Who knew this light spectacular is completely dog-friendly? If your dog is anything like ours, he’ll be in complete awe of it.

The show started at 21:30 but we got there at 20:30 to get a good view. Our dog sat just in front of us and loved the attention that everybody gave him before the show. We were prepared to leave in case he didn’t like it. But instead, he loved the entire thing.

We sat just in front of the fountain but be aware because people will stand up and completely block your view, so getting as close to the front is best.

Our dog loved watching the lights dance on the water and it’s definitely something I’ll never forget. Sitting with your best friend watching the lights and soaking up the atmosphere makes Montjüic top of my dog-friendly bucket list experiences in Barcelona.

Park Güell

Here’s my top tip, enter Park Güell before 8:00am and you won’t have to pay. Yep, you heard it here. Did you know that because I certainly didn’t!

When we’ve been to Barcelona previously, we’ve paid the entrance to Park Güell and had to be at monument for a certain time. But this time, we had complete freedom of the park.

Better still, Park Güell is dog friendly. Even in monument. All around Gaudi’s art, our dog was able to enjoy it with us. I mean, I’m sure he didn’t appreciate where he actually was, but we definitely did. Plus, it makes for some pretty unique photos.

Watching sunrise from Park Güell was one of my favourite Barcelona moments. We loved walking around Park Güell with our dog.

La Sagrada Familia

Okay, so I’m not saying you can wander in to sagrada Familia with your pooch and climb the steeple. But, you can get some pretty cool photos from the outside and the park across the road.

This was our third time to Barcelona and we’d already been inside Sagrada Familia so we wasn’t too fussed about going in. However, if we were, one of us would have waited with our dog and then swapped dog duty.

The surroundings of Sagrada Familia are now pedestrianised. There is also a beautiful little park across the road where you can get great instagrammable photos with Sagrada Familia as the backdrop.

We ended our Barcelona trip at Sagrada Familia.

We had a great time walking around Barcelona with our dog. We stayed at Hostal Coldika in Barcelona which was a dog-friendly accommodation closest to the city centre within our budget. The place was clean, we had our own bathroom and a shared kitchen so we were able to pick up pasta from the nearby supermarket. It also meant we were able to have eggs for breakfast the next day.

The only complaint is not being told about the parking. We were told we had parking at an additional charge. But, we were told it was a public parking. It wasn’t until we’d already paid 25€ that we found out that staying at Hostal Coldika have a discount so you only pay 25€ for 24 hours with unlimited entry and exit to the car park. Instead, we had a 50€ for 24 hours parking charge. Not quite a budget car park so if you do stay, make sure you ask for the parking card as they didn’t mention it at all except to say it was public parking!

I guess you always have to get robbed somewhere, this time it was from our accommodation!

If you do want to book to stay at Hostal Coldika, or anywhere else in Barcelona, you can get a 10% discount after you stay by using this affiliate link: 10% discount code

Hasta luego,


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