Spring Cleaning Products for 2019

The spring cleaning products in this article were provided to me as press samples to test them out and check their suitability for recommending.

Now that Spring is starting to bloom, and gosh isn’t it welcomed after winter? it’s the perfect time to get in touch with nature and refresh. Outside, things are starting again, flowers are starting to burst, animals are being born and the general mood is being lifted, so let’s make use of this gorgeous, slightly bizarre, weather and get cleaning.

I used to absolutely loathe cleaning, it would be something so dismal and boring that I would let it build up and up and end up spending hours at the weekend getting things back in place again. Well, not anymore. I love cranking up the music and getting things organised, tidy and clean. It makes the apartment feel so much more welcoming to us and guests, it’s easier to maintain and with the right products, it doesn’t have to be a case of scrubbing and elbow grease, all the time.

After getting my life together on Pinterest, like everybody does on New Year’s Day, right… I had a realisation. I picked up some tips and pulled some of my own together. They shouldn’t have needed me to read them, but I did. I needed it in writing to push me to do it, so today I’m going to share with you my Spring Cleaning tips and products to make cleaning a breeze this 2019:


powerglide by aircraft review

I recently did a post reviewing the AirCraft PowerGlide Floor Cleaner and it has been the biggest game-changer in the house in terms of cleaning. If your house has hard floors, your house needs the PowerGlide.

Instead of scrubbing and mopping, you glide across the floor with the weightless PowerGlide which leaves floors glistening and sparkling. The cordless PowerGlide buffers and rotates at a high speed to leave the floors spotless, the best part is that it dries instantly. It’s time to throw away the mop and bucket and introduce the AirCraft PowerGlide to your cleaning regime.

Chom Chom Roller

cavalier king charles spaniel with chom chom roller

If you have a pet in the house, you need a Chom Chom Roller in the house. We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he malts so much. You cannot stop a healthy pet from normal shedding, it’s just part and parcel of having a pet, but you can do something to stop the fur being everywhere and anywhere it can possibly get.

The Chom Chom Roller doesn’t use batteries, you literally just push it backwards and forwards over the furniture and it lifts the fur and stores it in the back. Once you’ve finished, you pop open the container and put the fur in the bin. We’ve tried mini vacuums in the past, we’ve tried sticky tape and we’ve tried a wet glove but nothing has lifted and cleaned the furniture of pet hair as quickly, efficiently and as well as the Chom Chom Roller does.

chom chom roller dog

The Chom Chom Roller has made cleaning up Rio’s fur so easy, it was actually shocking to see how much of his hair we couldn’t even see, especially in the bed. Using it back and forward it picks up the hair and stores it in its compartment ready for you to dispose of it. Cleaning the hair automatically makes the air feel fresher and cleaner. It’s a must have purchase if you have a pet.

Tyroler Glider

flatlay the glider window cleaner review

The Tyroler Glider is an essential product if you have hard to reach windows, like an upstairs, a conservatory or live in a high-rise apartment like us. Simply attach the two pieces together which will join together through the window with its strong magnet and work it in vertical motions for beautifully clean windows. The Glider cleans the toughest of dirt on the windows and leaves them looking spotless. For the best results clean your windows on a cloudy day as the sunlight can dry the windows too quickly which can leave streaks.

Washing Up

I don’t know who needs to hear this – but wash up before you go to bed! If there’s one thing I always avoided doing for as long as possible, it was the washing up. I used to always try to do it in the morning, but the smell of the food from the night before was something I couldn’t stomach before lunch. For someone who goes to work shortly after lunch and the washing up being such a grind, it would usually get left until I got home from work – the next day. Grim, I know. 

Now, I make sure I wash up as soon as I have finished dinner. I’ve found sitting down is the worst thing to do. I’ll have my dinner and then go straight to the kitchen to rinse and start washing up. It makes the washing up so much quicker, so if you’re at university or just moved into your new home and you’re avoiding the washing up because it’s easier to do it in bulk because we don’t need five plates, trust me it’s much quicker just to do it straight the way. Plus, no scrubbing.

Mini Vacuums

Our mini vacuum investment has been a great 20€ expenditure. Whizzing around with the little vacuum picks up all of Rio’s hair that has found its way to settle in clusters around the floors. Instead of messing around with the big vacuum, we’ve ditched that out for a small handheld vacuum that makes vacuuming feel less of a chore. It’s handy at reach and sits in the corner of the living room on charge ready for when we whizz around again for the fifth time each day. I wish I was exaggerating.  Our handheld vacuum was from the Carrefour basics range, it’s bagless and the lowest power yet it still picks up all of the hair with no problems. Due to its small size, we usually have to empty it around 3 times per use. We might have to look at investing in a more powerful one soon now we know how handy they really are!

Declutter the Wardrobe


My wardrobe was bursting with clothes that I couldn’t actually see the nice clothes I had because of the clutter around it. But, did you know over 700,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away into landfill each year in the UK alone? Spring cleaning is a great time to clear out some clothes that you no longer wear, but instead of throwing them away, take them to your nearest charity shop, sell them online or recycle them. You’ll feel great when you see a tidy wardrobe and know you’ve done something good in the process too!

Work from the Top

I know normally you start from the bottom in life and work your way up, but with cleaning start from the top and work your way down. No use cleaning those light fittings after you’ve vacuumed only to find dust landing on the floor!

Happy Spring Cleaning,

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spring cleaning with a dog


4 responses to “Spring Cleaning Products for 2019”

  1. This is a great guide, thanks! I especially need a Chom Chom roller! We have our furniture cleaners clean the couches often as that’s the only thing that works to get all of the hair, so I’ll have to give the roller a try instead as that’s way easier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The roller is an absolute god send. I couldn’t live without it now! Xx


  2. I love some of these tips, it crazy what people invent to make our lives easier. We also do the cleaning as soon as we finish dinner. Usually there is two of us in the kitchen, so one of us will be cooking and the other will be cleaning the dishes we have finished using. Also top to bottom all the way! Nobody wants to be doing a job twice…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Gotta keep it efficient haha! Right? It really is. The power glide is so awesome makes things so easy. Have to love robots 😊 we do the same, one cooks one cleans! 😊

      Liked by 2 people

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