8 Reasons Why Cavaliers Are The Best Dogs

why cavaliers are the best breed

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If you follow me on any form of social media or look at my blog once in a blue moon, or live in the same area as us, I guarantee you have seen our dog, Rio. Before getting a dog, I’d have thought I was crazy. Dog birthdays, dog adventures, but now, it all makes sense.

He’s our family.

Now, maybe I’m saying this as the person who has two cavaliers. But, after spending time with lots of other different breeds, as much as I love them all as individuals, I’ve never found a steady medium across the entire breed. Cavaliers are all about morning cuddles, sticking by your side and just being the most well behaved dogs. No biting or chewing around here.

For Rio’s birthday, I wanted to share why I think Cavaliers are the best dogs around.

Cavaliers Love Other Animals

funny dog picture dog on right with his tongue hanging out dog on left laughing two cavalier king charles spanish

It’s so lovely when we head to a café in the morning and Rio wants to say hello to literally every other human, animal or inanimate object that looks real. Sure, it makes a five minute walk extend to five minutes walking and fifteen minutes sniffing, but he’s just so friendly. No matter who he wants to say hello to, I know that he’ll be the same happy go lucky friendly dog that he always is, it’s just the others I have to watch!

Cavaliers are Comforting


Cavaliers are no guard dogs, but will make you alert and bark if they need to. But, cavaliers are so comforting and loving. Back in the olden days, doctors used to prescribe cavaliers to people who needed support, they are known for being so kind and loving.

Cavaliers Love to Play

why cavaliers are the best breed

I don’t think I’ve ever known a breed that loves their toys as much as cavaliers. Their little tail wags as a new toy comes out the bag or they’re sniffing around the shopping to find toys that you might have brought back. Each toy gets played with and loved like it’s their favourite. Rio is obsessed with taking his toys out with him when we go for a walk.

Cavaliers are Funny

cavalier king charles with his tongue out in a cafe

Whatever it is they’re doing, they’re just so funny. Rio is super daft majority of the time and whether he’s pulling a different face, or running around laughing at himself or making me play chase to then mug me off, they’re just so amusing.

Cavaliers Love Food

why cavaliers are the best breed

You’ll never eat alone again with a cavalier. Those big glossy eyes will be looking up at you and you’ll feel nothing but guilt if you’re not giving them the last piece of bacon or a few of your crisps and biscuits. They love their food.

Cavaliers are Clever

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It’s like they know what you’re saying. They understand every word and there’s no fooling a cavalier. You can pretend to throw the ball but they won’t flinch, you can pretend you have something in your hand to lure them closer, but there’s no budging. They’re an easy to train dog who just love to please. They’re an intelligent breed.

Cavaliers Stick by your Side

august 2018 1se my year in review cavalier king charles spaniel travelling to sagrada familia barcelona

You’ll never find yourself alone with a cavalier. You’re going to the bathroom? Best believe they’re coming with you. Heading off on a walk? Not without your Cavalier. Rio loves to sit beside us no matter where we are. When we go to a café, he sits on the floor underneath our feet and looks up lovingly at us. If we go to the beach, he doesn’t venture far.

Cavaliers are Great With Children

Ultimately, children are just not that great with dogs. Majority of them anyway. Most of them think they’re doing great bashing them on the head or squeezing their faces against theirs, but most children just aren’t great with dogs, fact. Rio has such patience with children, he lays himself down so they can reach him, he licks their hands gently, and lets them touch noses. He’s just so good with kids.

Happy birthday to our very big, little cavalier, Rio x




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